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The day I will never forget

Hello friends at home! *waves dramatically and enthusiastically* How are you all doing? Good? Great? I know I shouldn’t just hop in here like everything’s alright or like we never left but really, can we pretend we didn’t give ourselves too much of a break.?? 548 more words


The Folly and the Fear

And out of the tides that be, you are but a thread grasped for the taking.

But the insane, and inept are they that fall into themselves, like a shadow- 533 more words


Short Stories Challenge 2017 - The Light Through The Window by Kevin Brockmeier from the collection Things That Fall From The Sky.

What’s The Light Through The Window all about?:

The Light Through The Window is about a lonely window cleaner who watches people behind the windows of a high rise building and mourns the loss of his own family. 492 more words

Book Reviews

The Cashier

The cashier sits behind the desk and watches the world go by. Every now and then someone buys a Twinkie or comes in to pay for gas or asks for the keys to the washroom, and the cashier will smile and nod and say yes of course and thank you very much and the transaction completed the person leaves, and the semblance of life behind that dead-eyed glaze fades away. 654 more words


Writing 101: Sacred and Simple

The more I write, the more I am taken with it, the magic of the word. Turn the wrist and your word is a clear brook. 1,002 more words


Running Empty...

The sparse cupboard with the solitary pack of Batchelor soup and canned beans stared back at him as if in mockery. His posh apartment was a sorry mess. 167 more words


Shower Scene

His wife screams, audible over the television.

Can someone get rid of this spider please she yells. 89 more words

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