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The Rocker

By Kevin Hughes

The rocker waited patiently. It had been through this before, although the last time was over fifty years ago. For more than a hundred years, it had rocked: men, women, and children, along with more than a few cats and the occasional dog. 1,009 more words

Short Stories

Roundup of August Writing Competitions

August seems to be the time for flash fiction and poetry, though there are a few short fiction competitions to be entered before the month is up. 1,068 more words


She Plays with Corpses (Short Story)

Ngam-Chit hummed Beyoncé’s Best Thing I Never Had as she worked. While she did not understand the lyrics, she had committed them, as well as some other hundred American melodies, to memory. 526 more words


The Horde (Short Story)

The horselords of the Ikh-Uul left behind the wastes of seven villages before they came upon any semblance of resistance. The first day of their incursion into the lands of the copper-skinned Karliks had left much of the horde in high spirits, if not overcome with disappointment at the seeming inability of the queer copper-skinned men and women to string bow or slash with sword. 371 more words


Other Stories: Sanity

I want to apologize because this could have been better, but I had to break half-way to do my school finals. Inspiration didn’t come back to me until tonight so the story itself sounds half-assed even though it’s moving where I kind of want it – more or less. 987 more words


Short Story Sunday: 2020

“How does it work?”

“I don’t know exactly. All time travel technology and equipment is stolen.”

“Well, that isn’t going to do us any good. Pray tell who stole it and whom did they steal it from?” 397 more words


Until Death Do Us Part (Short Story)

A riot of cheer and song followed the groom as he rode down the dusty streets of Ushbiik. The reigns were held tightly by his father, who wept bitterly with pride. 977 more words