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Story ideas for next week posted!

Hello, Write Edge readers! I’ve posted the writing prompts for next week’s short story. They include an outfit with macabre origins and a prompt brimming with dystopian promise (and if that isn’t an oxymoron, I don’t know what is!)  19 more words

Short Fiction


I have been here for years. As if I had get trapped in a beautiful amber cell, someday, and remained like this from immemorial times now. 335 more words


The Perfect Shot

Rain pounded like drumbeats onto the thatched roof of the bamboo observation tower. It must have been the seventh or eighth rainfall Sid Francis had seen over the first two days of his safari. 3,779 more words



The peoples’ will is very unpopular.




Tom’s heart was a bloody organ.



Chapsticks: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Story


     The tall, dark-haired man watched in quiet amusement as his young wife frantically dug through boxes and suitcases. Finally, she looked up in annoyance at him sitting quietly, watching her. 1,395 more words


The Day He Just Stopped.

By Lina Kilani

There he was, standing in the corner of this crowded, peach colored room, staring at the open casket where his mother lied still looking like an angel. 693 more words

Short Stories