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Old Man Withers

Old man Withers was a choleric man. He lived by himself in an old derelict house with an also neglected garden. His grass was overgrown, the weeds ravaging the lawn, hedges invading the neighbors fence and wildflowers where blooming everywhere. 581 more words


The Girl Who Sang in the Woods

When she was twelve years old her older brother recorded her singing in the shower and played it back for her to hear.

“You sound awful,” he said simply, and to be entirely fair she really did.   896 more words


FINALLY!!! IT'S HERE!!! Chapter 1 to my newest novel


Chapter 1 of my newest novel Hopes and Destinies. I hope all my readers enjoy this sneak peak and please don’t be afraid to leave comments. 5,111 more words

Short Stories

My Unrequited Love

How long has it been? She asked, palming the coffee cup with her beautiful slender fingers.

Three years, I smiled.

She sheepishly frowned. So long…hmm, time flies. 861 more words

Short Stories

A Stolen Kiss...

Watching the parade of bikers from the window, the vibrating, heavy drone of the machines gave Maggie a thrill.

Though her dad warned her severally to keep away from the loud bunch, there was something about them that excited her and she simply couldn’t resist wanting to be around them, especially that handsome rascal Rafael. 110 more words

Short Stories

The Price

It was about 1, maybe 2 AM when I saw the commercial.

I was on hiatus from work, and found myself falling into my old student routine of waking up way too late, and staying up way too early in the morning. 391 more words