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The Dagger of Durin: A Hobbit Fan-Fiction Story


     Disclaimer: This is a fan work meant only to celebrate the genius of J.R.R. Tolkien

     Prince Thorin II of Erebor woke from a true nightmare. A shadow haunted the marble halls of his mountain city, extinguishing its golden lights and filling the hearts of his folk with sickness. 1,253 more words


Cold Love

Tom’s mathematical warmth was never enough.


Flash Fiction

To be a boy - Friday Fiction In Five Sentences.

Anu’s perfectly arranged facial features gave nothing away, but her eyes bore a glazed faraway look in them as she watched the young boys play cricket. 218 more words


Confessions of a Mad Man: The story of an addict

“Here’s a question for you: What is an “addict”?

According to Cambridge Dictionary an addict is “a person who cannot stop doing or using something, … 3,363 more words


C.H.I. CALEUCHE S1E1.1: The descent

A few flashes of vivid and squeaky light bursting from nothingness, a disturbing smell of flesh and hair scorched, followed by four bodies falling down in cramps and groans of intense pain. 732 more words


Jorges Luis Borges Was Born on This Date

Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator, and  key figure in Spanish-language literature Jorge Luis Borges was born on this date in 1899.