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Timothy Dickson Chronicles: Medical Research

It was zombies. They were spilling out of the John Curtin School. Timothy noted that these were the fast kind of zombies, mostly in full control of their motor skills. 1,688 more words

Short Stories

Roundup of October Writing Competitions

October offers a swathe of mixed writing opportunities, from smaller contests run by writing groups to one of the biggest poetry prizes. All are good. I just wish I was prolific enough to enter them each one. 1,441 more words


Flash Fiction: Empty is the Sea, like the October Night

By Franz

There I stood, in the darkness of the room, staring into the darkness of the outside world where a young boy was standing, without moving a muscle. 571 more words

Short Stories

The Unknown

  Benatrice was an eighteen-year-old farm girl on the island of Galma. She was a pretty girl at average height with back-length light brown hair, blue-green eyes, and tan skin. 1,632 more words


James Holden: Some thoughts on the 2015 National Short Story Award

Like last year, I thought I’d post my thoughts about the BBC’s Short Story of the Year competition. If you’re not familiar with it, this award is open stories that have previously been published or authors who have a track record of publication. 794 more words


Timothy Dickson Chronicles: The Hidden Tunnels

This was bad. With the RSHA destroyed, Timothy now needed technological help in identifying the evil  afflicting canvas. He absolutely could not afford to lose whatever knowledge and materials might be found in the Physics department. 845 more words

Short Stories

A careful fort.


She crawled between the spaces in the blanket. Moving to the center of her carefully made fort. She listened to the quiet that could only be found under a pile of her favorite blankets. 148 more words

Becoming. 365 Days.