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Planes, Trains and Tricks

The homie Sam is a hoe’s hoe. She’s one of dem hoes you high five every now and then because you’re both amazed and shocked at her hoeing capabilities and conquests. 491 more words

Short Stories

The Painting

Wendy entered the Art Gallery in the city with excitement and apprehension. Sam Jones the artist was holding an exhibition in the Green Room. At one time, another lifetime ago, Wendy had been a model for one of his paintings, simply titled; Dreaming. 641 more words

Short Stories

Dragon Hunter

After a two month hiatus, I thought it time to again post a piece of flash fiction. Below is my latest submission for the Friday Fictioneers… 263 more words

Flash Fiction


By Raji Singh

I am James Thaddeus Fiction, the Fifth – a true Fiction. Typhoon tears me from my mother and father on board a sinking ferry near the Lindian coast. 802 more words

Fiction House Publishing

The Town of Verandan

Once upon a time in a town of Verandan there lived a king and queen. The king was a large frugal man who would stay in the castle and never leave, rarely would he ever come out to do his kingly duties, but would do just enough to be considered a good king. 764 more words

Short Stories

Tuesday ’Tec! The Affair at the Bungalow by Agatha Christie

Never trust a woman…

Goodness! I realised that the surely undisputed Queen of Golden Age Crime hadn’t made an appearance in this little classic detective series yet – what an omission! 954 more words

Book Review

Woe: A Second Excerpt

Things had to change after we met Jeff. This was at a time when something was stirring itself to occupy the power vacuum left by the disaffected angels and docile locusts. 1,956 more words

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