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Sarah Selecky #2: This Cake is For the Party

While I was reading Radiant Shimmering Light, which I wrote about last week, I was also reading Sarah Selecky’s short story collection, This Cake is For the Party… 1,000 more words

Canadian Lit


The moving mountains fly through skies of elysium;

the overture of might.

The infinite eyes, each a star. Bit-sized, heavy with the tears of light. 106 more words


The Twins and the Scales

You and I come from two very different worlds.  Though both air signs, we see the world very differently. My world is based on emotion. All I see interpreted through my binary rose-coloured glass. 446 more words


Short Story/Serial Monday - First Impressions - Part 4

This week, I bring in a familiar character from both my Frank Rozzani and Brad Rafferty series. He is a genius hacker/attorney and sometime drummer that has a reputation that is well-deserved that makes him much sought after. 2,043 more words

Don Massenzio


I am Doctor Faust’s girlfriend Margaret, famous among the university scholars. You there! You think it was the string of pearls he gave me that persuaded me to be his love, leading to a tragedy which almost outshone the Greek ones he was giving his lectures about. 115 more words

Flash Fiction

Book Talk...6/15/18

Book Talk…6/15/18

Traci Kenworth


This week, I’m reading: The Yak Guy by C.S. Boyack, The Freelance Survival Guide by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Jewel in the Mud… 204 more words

Writing And Poetry

An Open and Honest Dialogue

My new story ‘An Open and Honest Dialogue’ is published today. A modern relationship in 100 words. Massive thanks to The Drabble.


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