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Power of Flight

Auria charged ahead with the others behind her and she looked ahead, shielding her eyes with her hand as the sun glared down on her. Overhead, she saw burning areas of land and many clashes of Princess Magnolia’s soldiers and Lady Floris’s soldiers on the battlefield. 778 more words

Short Stories

Enchanted Cottage

A fellow blogger Riley J Froud recently posted her story of fairies being trapped in wooden logs. This inspired me to write my own version which ended up going in a totally different direction. 966 more words

Short Stories

The Basket Of Flowers...Friday Fiction In Five Sentences.

His palms got sweaty and his heart rate increased as he approached the door.

He has no idea what kind of reception he would receive, but he was willing to try. 105 more words

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Between The Assassinations - Aravind Adiga

What’s it all about?:

Welcome to Kittur, India. Of its 193,432 residents, only 89 declare themselves to be without religion or caste. And if the characters in… 720 more words

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3. Red Riding Hood

Scarlett had never thought that when she found herself falling in love with someone, she never expected it to be this wolf man. 2,419 more words

Short Stories

Dragonfly - Friday Fictioneers

Listen my son. Can you hear them? Can you see them?

Lurking. Waiting.

What’s that you say? There’s nothing there. Oh but there is. Little creatures, call them fairies if you wish. 111 more words