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Making Memories

When my wife, died loneliness set in and the days stretched endlessly before me. It was  not easy getting old, but I decided to write my memoirs before it was too late.  876 more words

Short Stories

Your Mind Wages War

The skies frolic in the skies entirely;

the day our bodies and minds, engage in make-believe-

We will sail like goobers, freely!

Freely into ourselves, we embrace! 85 more words


Watchdogs of Peace

Living in a society that starves their own government.

To userp ambition, userps power.

Because their want for change, is stronger than

their value for the lives of others. 118 more words


Advocates and Overseers

You can either advance beyond your station;

Or advance within your station.

But remember.

One can take over much more of the world in secret, hidden among the pawns. 150 more words


Mirror Overlords

Armor, worn by you.

You are the armor.

Your armor is armor worn by armor.

Underneath of armor. And always armor, out from underneath of that very same armor. 151 more words


The Listening War

Listening, listening, listening, listening.

And hearing nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Because nowhere is all around you, and you are all around your own mind. 97 more words


~Part 5: What Really Happened...~

Hi all!! I’m so sorry this post is a little late! My schedule all week has been nothing but chaos. Between work and writing…I had to rewrite my paperback manuscript for my last book because it got deleted when I tried to upload it for publishing. 1,838 more words

Short Stories