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The Last Wish

The person who ruined his life was standing right in front of him, but he could do nothing now. It was too late for action. He was the cause of all his miseries and misfortunes. 99 more words


Tuesday's Tiny Tale #6 - A Not Quite Love Story

Here’s your weekly fix of teeny tiny stories for super busy bodies. This week, I’m powering on through my dialogue struggles and I’ve also challenged myself with an ickle bit of romance. 104 more words


Bright Darkness 3

The brightness returned, yet this time I saw legs. A man in a suit perhaps, however, the light was so hard on my eyes that his whole figure was blurred. 313 more words


Beyond senses

The blazing sun fiercely cast down its light on our tiny front yard. From the porch, I couldn’t even look outside without sunglasses. I certainly wouldn’t be there that afternoon, if not because of my son. 132 more words

Short Stories

How Iron Came to Rust (a fairy tale of desire and blood)

Once upon a time there was a village called Little Addle, and Little Addle lay at the crossroads between three great realms.

The great wilderness to the north of Little Addle called itself Ysenlond and was a land of dark, deep woods and tumbling streams in narrow gorges and ice-covered mountains, and there was no king in that northern land, but every man had to look to himself for his welfare. 4,085 more words


Welcome to the Short Story Sunday Library

Short Story Sunday is a library site showcasing a range of original, innovative and beautifully written short stories sent in from published and unpublished authors around the globe. 96 more words

Short Story Sunday

The Border: Part 6


Here is Part 6 of The Border for your enjoyment – the battle lines clash and our allies find themselves in a tough spot! If you like what you’ve read, please look into supporting my Kickstarter for Iron Tribune’s illustrations! 780 more words

Alternate History