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Zuleikha and the Pekinese Dog

Zuleikha was again late to work. It had become her routine for the past week. To drop her daughter to school, taking her  tantrums  over a new dress that she wanted to buy which was way too expensive and out of their budget for now. 491 more words


December 2015

Some weeks ago, Derek Thompson invited me to do a Q&A for the Strictly Writing blog. It’s about The Lost of Syros, my short story collection, and how I found my publisher, … 9 more words


The Watcher Part 2

My first job interview: a country school needing a music teacher. I studied the map carefully and wrote down some directions for myself. I left plenty of time to get there and I remember exhilarating in the freedom of being twenty-two and able to drive and the thought of my beckoning future. 356 more words



A short story: part one

Every day the woman comes, her face turned towards the ocean, her back poker straight to fight the wind. All day she whispers, her lips fluttering sounds no one can understand. 783 more words

Short Story

An Adventure, Short Lived (Short Story)

“Why should I?”

Aksel opened his eyes, meeting his son’s unfaltering glare. He was not sure if he had heard Emil correctly.

“W-What was that?” Aksel’s voice was strained as he broke prayer, bringing a hand over Emil’s head to ruffle his hair. 2,920 more words


What a Twist!

Chances are none are awake to read this, but I felt the need to make this post after sorting through some older posts.

There was a short story I particularly enjoyed writing that was… 88 more words