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Week 20: Duty

Your dark blue eyes were full of calm as you stared down at the pools of water right below you. Your hands leaned on the white marble of the reflection pools as you watched the humans going on with their daily lives on the planet known as Earth. 497 more words

Short Stories

Week 19: Theatre

She peered out of the curtains, her bright eyes filled with fear yet curiosity. The seats of the theatre were slowly filling up, one by one, as everyone filed in line to reach their designated seats, and the murmurs of the audience could be heard ringing in her ears, no matter how quietly they were talking behind the curtains. 228 more words

Short Stories


“I miss the 80s sometimes, Johnny.”



Day 24 - A Book that I Wish More People Would've Read

The first title that came to mind was of a short story called “The Sniper”, by Liam O’Flaherty. This short story, alongside “The Lottery”, by Shirley Jackson, is e reason why I started writing short stories. 92 more words


Awkward situations - Chapter 2

Chapter one

Chapter two

I did not see this coming. After what happened, I thought he had moved to another part of the city.
“Funny running into you here” he said.

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The Hatching Van...

For weeks, the boys kept disappearing into the backyard to the old truck, surreptitiously sneaking stuff out of the kitchen with them.

Julie didn’t pay them much mind. 238 more words