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From left to right, and from top to bottom, the badges on Samantha’s sash will represent: Athletics, Bugling, Camping, Canoeing, Citizenship in the Community, Communications, Crime Prevention, Cycling, Family Life, Farm Mechanics, Hiking, Indian Lore, Journalism, Life Saving, Oceanography, Small-Boat Sailing, Swimming, and Woodwork. 730 more words

In The Shadows of Skyscrapers by Kyle V.

In The Shadows of Skyscrapers

By Kyle Vavasour

Chapter 1, A Brave New World

Buildings reached towards the sky like giants of concrete and steel, the dull colours only contrasted by the bright pinks and reds of the neon shopfronts. 3,650 more words

Flash Fiction

Monsters in the Closet

A recent story from this blog has made its way over to The Drabble

You can read it here -> https://thedrabble.wordpress.com/2017/12/09/monsters-in-the-closet/

#drabble – Monsters in the Closet' …

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Moany days of Christmas

I was delighted to contribute as a guest on Portobello Book blog for a series covering the Twelve days of Christmas.
The third day of gifts, Three French Hens, is believed to represent Faith, Hope and Love.   565 more words

Short Stories

The Gift

Since everyone is doing a Christmas story, I thought I’d do the same. Enjoy.

Marcus Tillman smiled as he observed Kathryn opening her locker from afar. 950 more words

Short Stories


So much of business, in relations.

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Excerpt from my Story The Trials of Cascadia~~ A Cold Fire

“Dear reader,
If you’re reading this letter, then it means you are clumsy.
but it also means you are lucky… Because any sooner, and I would have killed you.
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