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He had put the coffee pot on the stove when she_


Beauty and the Beast

She was a book, which he never gave more than a look.
She was a flute, that he wished he could mute.
She was a mix of wonderful ingredients, and he was a mix of… 120 more words

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Stepping out of his shining space-craft the colonist surveys his new planet.

Barren rock under a purple sky.

Not a sign of life.

Crashing to his knees in despair he shakes his fists at the clouds. 43 more words


A Bubbly Holiday is Go!!!

My anthology of sweet but a smidgen sexy short stories is up on sale – 99 cents!

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If you light a cigarette in a dark room, with only a single shaft of light coming through the curtains, the spark from the flame is the brightest orange you’ll ever see. 475 more words

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It was the day after her 43rd birthday that she first told me the news. Stage-three breast cancer. It didn’t really register right away. She texted me the results and I texted her back, “Are you okay?” As if she could even answer that. 997 more words

Short Stories


“Flip a coin,” they say. “Leave him.”

HEADS: I leave.

TAILS: I stay.

HEADS, I’m 23 years old and I’m single for the first time in almost eight years. 674 more words

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