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The Performance

A heady cocktail of past lives and a vivid imagination …

“… I AM hearing a voice from above me. I turn my attention towards it and see a host of other people, not doctors, not nurses, begging me to come with them … The walls and ceiling dissolve into the sky and everywhere is infused with light.

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Short Stories

Upcoming Anthology Alert! At Hell's Gates: Bound By Blood

At Hell’s Gates: Bound By Blood will feature horror stories focusing on the relationship between parents and their children, and is set to release on July 31, 2015. 115 more words



Lucy, Shae, Vickie and Dona gathered their essentials before they walked out for the night’s work. The strip club always required them to come with their basics: coloured lace bra and matching panties for their main dances, a small cashbox for their night’s earnings, a change of clothes, makeup kit, 6 inch platforms, pepper spray and condoms because – as much their safety was the bosses priority, he could only do so much. 163 more words

African Writer

Short Story Sunday: Dead or Alive (a Vampire Romance)

“What a bunch of idiots,” Jamie said to himself as he watched a mob of men run down the road brandishing knives and guns they didn’t even know how to use. 651 more words


Failing Dreams



A young woman asked, “I pray Sheikha Nasheva enlighten me. What if I am unable to reach my dream? It is a shame, is it not? 144 more words


Apollo XI By Julie Hayman

July 1969. Everyone’s making rockets. Kev’s made one, Bobby’s made one, Nick Cruikshank has made one. Kev’s is a Fairy Liquid bottle covered with white sticky-back plastic and the words… 2,504 more words

Short Story Sunday

Mondays Finish the Story: What Will the Neighbors Think?

“The neighbors were not happy about my choice of yard art.”

“So you’ve said.”

“I’m afraid you don’t understand the gravity of the situation, dear.  Having one’s yard suddenly… 229 more words

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