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She sat at her favorite spot in the library. She had the desk all to herself, although four people can actually fit on the rectangular table. 2,003 more words



He stood at the front of one of his bookshelves eyeing the collection of books that had accumulated throughout the years. He worked for many prestigious private corporations and he believed that by displaying variations of books in his office bookshelf, those who he came in contact with would be highly impressed. 1,104 more words


A Trembling Trail

My voice seldom trembles. But it did, last night. The lump in my throat was so hard to swallow that my voice trailed off for a few long seconds. 290 more words


A whisper - to Her. . .

I love the way kohl, intensifies your deep brown eyes; whose looks pierces right through my eyes and searches into the deepest corners of my heart. 302 more words


Our Personal Insights

by: Miss Majelia Rose Dato-on


The Idea of Order at Key West


            The Idea of Order at Key West is a poem that challenges the minds of the readers, written by an American modernist poet, Wallace Stevens (October 2, 1879 – August 2, 1955). 2,208 more words

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Short Stories

Eric Arthur Blair (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950),better known by his pen name George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist, and critic. 9,497 more words

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What it means to be a friend . . .

Have you ever had a friend you always admired ? I have had the privilege of knowing some such wonderful people who amaze me with their love and kindness. 628 more words

Decoding Happiness