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How to create compelling storylines Part 1.

Most stories that are written pass through various stages known as the story arc. It’s not too dissimilar to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey which mainly looks at similar psychological journeys different societies go through on their way to becoming more human. 388 more words

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How to develop a character in your stories

Every story needs characters and memorable ones at that but not all characters will be as memorable as others. When starting out with your story you may think of a plotline first, or setting the scene on that first page, or sketching a highly dubious or vulnerable character for the reader to be drawn towards. 445 more words

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A short philosophical story

The clock tick-tocked around the clock face as Michael lay on his bed watching the thin black arm jump rigidly past the numbers. One. Two. Three. 762 more words

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Pills and Thrills on the Early Nineties Rave Scene

I am quite puritanical by nature but I suppose there are two types in this world. Those likely to try drugs and those who will never touch them. 469 more words

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Man On Yacht

It was another day. They all are. They all seamlessly roll from one into another. Some days it’s hot others days it’s cold but today is sunny early on and I like that. 616 more words

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Free short-stories

My short-stories are taken from my first period when I had just started to write and when I was studying for my BA Hon’s in Creative and Professional Writing. 682 more words

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