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My short-stories are taken from my first period when I had just started to write and when I was studying for my BA Hon’s in Creative and Professional Writing. 682 more words

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How To Start A Story

So you’re thinking of writing a book or a story or a novel or just writing anything and wonder what the first thing to do is. 498 more words

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A Story in so Many Words: Innocent

They looked at him, these strangers, as if they had known him all his life. He wanted to laugh in their faces, to stand up and wave his shackled wrists at them. 20 more words

Short Stories

A Story in so Many Words: Neglect

“The baby was remarkably well-behaved. She stayed on her back, content with the spinning animals that made infinite revolutions above her head. She waved her baby hands and laughed silently, happily ignoring the two most important people in her life and unintentionally already picking up on her parents’ bad habits.


A Story in so Many Words: Guilt

The village was attacked in the darkest hour before dawn. It happened quickly—the shadows merged together with the night, silent and unimposing. The little girl knew not to move; she stayed, hidden, as they took her mother and brothers away. 9 more words


Perfect for him

Far far away near the mountains lived a man with his dog.

The dog was big, white as snow with a million black spots all over his body. 595 more words