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The Lady in the Looking Glass - Virginia Woolf

Rating: ★★★★

What could be more charming than a boy before he has begun to cultivate his intellect? He is beautiful to look at; he gives himself no airs; he understand the meaning of art and literature instinctively; he goes about enjoying his life and making other people enjoy theirs.

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Asya - Ivan Turgenev

Rating: ★★★★

The Peach Blossom Spring is a Chinese tale written by Tao Yuanming (c. 365–427). It tells the story of a fisherman who, by chance, discovers a beautiful place where its community and the natural surroundings were in perfect harmony. 649 more words


First Love - Ivan Turgenev, Constance Garnett (Translator)

Rating: ★★★

‘That’s love,’ I said to myself again, as I sat at night before my writing-table, on which books and papers had begun to make their appearance; ‘that’s passion!

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A Lodging for the Night - Robert Louis Stevenson

Rating: ★★★★

The ill-fated adventure that was the life of the poet François Villon (1431-1463?) inspired this short story. Stevenson imagines a bleak and snowy night in Paris and then discusses the concepts of honor, social status and the human instinct to survive. 66 more words


The String Quartet - Virginia Woolf

Rating: ★★★★

It’s all a matter of flats and hats and sea gulls, or so it seems to be for a hundred people sitting here well dressed, walled in, furred, replete.

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Villon's wife - Osamu Dazai

Rating: ★★★★

[…] There’s something strange and frightening, like God, which won’t let me die.”
“That’s because you have your work.”
“My work doesn’t mean a thing.

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The Idol

The muffled screams echoed from crumbling stone walls. This may have been place of Christian worship once, but those days were long gone. The roof had held fast against the encroachment of nature which had all but reclaimed this land in the countless years since it was last occupied by the likes of men. 4,116 more words