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New Release: The Quantum Soul

The Quantum Soul is a  brilliant scifi anthology that released on October 20th.

I’ve read a couple of these stories so far, and I’m really enjoying them! 124 more words


Revolt in Motion | Uniform 16

As he spoke the last words, Matthew removed his tie and was met with a deafening roar as everyone in the crowd removed their ties as well.   387 more words


Short Story: Wine-colored Nail Polish

Thought I’d share this awesome little short story from Cari Jehlik. Cari asked in our writers group for someone to give her a topic for a short story – so I did!  38 more words


The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) explained badly. — Savior Gaming

Earlier in the week my daughter that is way younger than this movie said for at least the 100th time “lets watch The Nightmare Before Christmas” and I said sure.

36 more words

By The Graveside — Eric Nash

As Ophelia waved her tail in farewell and our very own Brian approached with all the stormy power its name suggests, our Tales From The Graveyard, the proposed tour of Arnos Vale with accompanying fiction, was limited to the Anglican chapel that crowns the cemetery’s hill.

15 more words

Short story (?): "Insufficient Funds, But Plenty of Tooth and Feather"

“Insufficient Funds, But Plenty of Tooth and Feather,” by Kate Barss

Appeared in Catapult, October 20th, 2017

215 words

A cool dream.

Twenty-first Century

just doing some shameless authoring...

You are making your winter reads list right?  You know, the books to cuddle on the couch with… the books you will be reading during Thanksgiving break… 6 more words