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The Absence of Hamish

I suppose that I had simply taken it for granted that there would always be a Hamish. It was a deeply ingrained and unconscious belief that I had probably inherited from my parents – kind people who trusted in the goodness of everything. 707 more words

Short Stories


We pull him away from the shelling. The guns still rumble outside as we journey deeper and deeper underground. The way down is supported. Strong. Beyond the thick concrete the earth turns to bedrock. 1,202 more words

The Birthday Cake

“The newcomer approached our party from the west, a kamikaze presence coming out of the setting sun.”

Penny Walker 1,232 more words

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He was a good man but the rumors that surrounded him blew away that goodness from the eyes of most of his friends. Most never did know the real truth, and most always believed the worst… 89 more words

Short Stories

The Return

I am reposting this in the hopes that it will inspire Mr. Cake to write a sequel. With my editorial input, of course… I just love this story. 2,421 more words


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Hello Everyone!

As I predicted I have not kept up this blog at all! Life has been both cruel and kind since the last time I opened this website. 287 more words

Death too must be earned

I have always wondered what immortals feel in the fantasy books I read. How do they perceive life and what is their purpose? Are they lonely when all their friends and family pass away? 734 more words