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CHARVI +MANEK Life travel journey -170

“There are lot of trees, with, medicinal value. Just look at the landscapes and awesome backdrop. Misty mountains, gorgeous fountain, evenings, must make this place look lovely. 135 more words



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They said the darkest of nights would pass

They said the pain would cease

They said that I could rebuild again… 65 more words


Despair of the Rain

It was beautiful— the clear and soft blue sky with the golden ball of light in the middle. Brilliantly gleaming from below are the peridot-like tree tops. 709 more words


An Excerpt From The Novel, She Was A Fly In The Wrong Soup

Salter’s Point Regional

Wednesday, January 9th

Rachel didn’t get much sleep, so she called out sick to take time to get herself together. She wasn’t in any emotional shape to see patients, especially mentally ill ones. 2,135 more words

Short Stories

Despondent, Worthless and Hidden

This story was written in answer to Fandango’s One Word Challenge. The word I had to use was ‘Despondent’

Despondent means: Being in low spirits from loss of hope or courage. 1,167 more words

Short Stories


A Renaissance reborn: 2020s problems, 1520s style

A Small Town in Italy, 1520:

20 y.o. Isabetta Bartoli’s friends were all posing for influencer Renaissance masters. Pia, the hottest slice of the piazza, swore she was the face model for an angel in the Sistine Chapel, though never had a cherub been so filled by cupidity. 683 more words