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The Cure

It had nearly been an hour. I was still laying on the wooden floor of my penthouse. The grandfather clock ticking down the time I may have left. 1,008 more words

Short Stories

The ‘Yellow Babies’ Day

Jaundice affects about 50% of term babies and 80% of preterm babies. Globally over 100,000 late-preterm and term babies die each year from jaundice. To achieve the targets of the second goal of the SDGs widespread public education must be undertaken on neonatal jaundice. 1,052 more words

Short Stories

Short Story - Michael, Emily, Claire.

Michael woke up groggy from the night before. The heavy rain meant his Sunday League football match was cancelled and reading the message from his manager through blurry eyes he couldn’t pretend he wasn’t actually a little relieved. 1,040 more words


Church Grim

They ran the red light, knowing that if they stopped, they’d be stopped for a while. As they skidded through the intersection, tires trying and failing to properly grip the rain-soaked concrete, they were weightless, uninhibited by gravity. 2,805 more words



The garter snake wraps around my ankle as I wade through the weeds with my hatchet. I’ve come to call her Sibley. She keeps me company as I fight the sun from my eyes and cut at the overgrown grain tickling my shoulders. 355 more words

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Reviews, May 28, 2020

Up this week, reviews of Stella by Josh Dygert, Dead Inside by Chandler Morrison, Clint Clusterfuk by Lucas Pederson,  More Than Evil by Bill Richardson, and… 1,539 more words

Short Stories

Platform Relay

Crazy dangerous and complicated rock-climbing, paragliding competition with an element of diving.
That’s the best way I can describe it!

Really, it was like anything I had ever seen before . 1,100 more words

Short Stories