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“He’s here girl.” My best friend Amy nudges my arm with hers.

I turn in my chair to see the guy in question. He’s walking towards me, something he always does when he comes into the office every morning. 821 more words


Normon the Witch's Cat

Read Chapter 14 here

Chapter 15

Meanwhile Normon was travelling the roads with the pedlar-woman, tied up in a velvet bag.

“After all, who am I to grumble at my fate?” he said to himself. 3,866 more words


Ghoul Boy - A Vampire Vignette

Ghoul Boy
By J. Lynne Moore

Marvin cowered behind the dumpster; he held his breath, tears streamed down his face. Silently he prayed, “Please don’t let them find me.” 185 more words

Back Into It

Well, i’ve discovered that when i stop writing, even if only for a few days, stuff piles up in my brain.  I see, in my mind’s eye, stacks of paper, a foot tall each, lined up on my desk. 244 more words


Mansfield With Monsters by K. Mansfield with Matt & Debbie Cowens

Mansfield with Monsters is a post-modernist interpretation of classic Victorian literature, introducing gothic and supernatural elements to pre-existing stories. This transformative subgenre has become increasingly popular since the early 2000’s withnumerous best selling books and film adaptations proving hits in theaters. 254 more words

Science Fiction

The Water Beyond The Leap

A salmon in the river swam steadily upstream and regressed, then again, swam steady then regressed. The water resisted as he swam against it,but propelled him effortlessly as he regressed back downstream. 431 more words


[PI] The Strangers - A transcript​ from the Topland Chronicles.

The legend of the veil.

“I want to tell you a story.”

The old Goblin in a wicker hat wiggled his saggy bottom on the log, a generation of storytelling had made a permanent groove in the wood, the smooth surface now hugged his rear like a lovers hand. 1,880 more words