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The Window

(based of a writing prompt on @awriterslifeforme on Instagram!)

The first thing that caught their attention was the window at the end of the room. It had broken blinds and a plastic seal, but that wasn’t what made it interesting. 1,015 more words

Short Stories

Narrowing the Gap

I’ve been working on a new story, in the hopes of adding to my Fifty by Fifty list. It’s an idea that’s been rattling around in my  head for awhile now, involving a… 392 more words






Micheal had abit of a restless sleep, for no apparent reason he tossed and turned all night, by morning he was yawning as though he hadn’t slept a wink, and he had a 9am class. 7,423 more words

Short Stories

Look Up

I’m still here.

Yes. Here.

And here.

In my turret, looking out over the crumbly beauty of this sleepy little place. Only today, things aren’t as clear as when I wrote to you from my crystal harbor view. 219 more words

The Greeting Tower -Friday Fictioneers

All day long she sat in her small tower and watched the horizon. She had the harbor log, knew the names and the origins of the ships that arrived that day. 145 more words

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He was not sure whether he was the hero or the villain. Somewhere along the quest all lines, characters had blurred and now all that he cared for was to reach that pool. 864 more words

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