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The Flag: A Short Story

Caskets draped in white, blue and red shined like neon signs in the sea of black cloth and solemn faces.
Grover Clemons and his wife watched the funeral procession glow across the television screen on this cold November morning. 811 more words

Short Story

He looked through the window while in the car. Having a chauffeur had its perks, especially that he didn’t had to focus on the road and can think about anything. 421 more words

Short Stories

Breaking Thin Ice - Chapter 7: Last Wish

Chapter 7: Last Wish

When Taeyeon realized that her friend Sooyeon had a fatal sickness, she cried for what she felt to be so long onto the doctor’s chest. 3,117 more words

Breaking Thin Ice

Breaking Thin Ice - Chapter 6: Stay Strong

Chapter 6: Stay Strong

Taeyeon rode the bus to the railway station early that morning. Walking around on her own, she had to keep looking for signs because she had never been there before. 3,330 more words

Breaking Thin Ice

Women Marshals of the Old West

Marshal Larissa Seaton is a character who appears in my novel The Brazen Shark from the Clockwork Legion steampunk series. She also appears in some of my short stories set in the same universe, including the story “Fountains of Blood” which will be in the upcoming… 454 more words



A man lies unconscious in the shallows of a breezy beach. His body rocks along with the waves like a drowned aquarium ornament and his wispy hair hangs lifelessly over his brine-encrusted face. 503 more words

Short Stories

Forks in the Road

“Okay…how are you? What’ve you been up to recently? I haven’t been doing much. Do you want to go and see a movie?” I’m sitting on a nearly-empty train and rehearsing lines for when I see her. 1,555 more words

Short Stories