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With each shriek of the window frame she paused and listened. The shower water sprayed over the noise. A section of the first story roof peaked about three feet to the right of window.

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Tyson's Tale

The Legacy of A Shelter Dog

This is Tyson’s tale, one of the many shelter dogs to have changed my life. Tyson’s story ended to soon and it should have been written much differently than it will be today. 2,383 more words

The Lady and the Tattoo'd Brute

Whenever I sit to write something I hope others will feel or identify with, the following quote tends to guide my thought processes.

"My function in life was to render clear what was already blindingly conspicuous."  -Quentin Crisp…

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Short Story: White dress

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the blue sky. I was laying down on the grass with flowers of all kind, surrounding me. It was morning. 284 more words


Introducing a New Short Story Series

New Short Story Series

Recently, when I was supposed to be writing a paper, I wrote a short story instead (oops). As a whole, it is untitled as of yet, but each part will have its own title/chapter name. 565 more words

Creative Writing

Murdo Girl...The gang..Their own town?

It’s been a few days since we raced the Pioneer Auto Museum’s cars at the NASCAR race in Mt. Vernon, South Dakota. By the way…We found out that none of our Presidents were born there. 746 more words

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