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Crimson Peak Review - Geeked Gods

It’s been very slow on here lately. If you are one of my three readers, I apologize. I’ve been getting swamped by my workload lately and don’t have much time to work on this site, but I’m going to make a bigger effort from here on in. 83 more words



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Suspension (memories from my youth)

Flushed faces and cheeks sore from smiling. The neighborhood kids laugh and scream as they run up and down the block. 170 more words

Short Stories

Fortress. Short Story.

Helen pulled back the curtain and peered out onto the street. There was no one out there. At least, no one that she could see. She let the curtain fall back into place and opened her fridge. 1,034 more words

Creative Writing

(Surreal) Flash Fiction: Je T'aime

By Franz

Man sitting by the dock, out on the country with his old bike resting somewhere near him, somewhere in the field next to the sea. 518 more words

Short Stories

Minivan Vigilante

This is not a Thanksgiving story– not exactly anyway. It’s a story about junior high, and mothers and minivans, and other things. We think you’ll conclude after reading it that Laura Herrin’s “ 55 more words


Lay it down

Lay it all down, just lay it down on me. Fill this empty soul with the hurt you hold. Send it all to me, go on, lay down your hurt on me. 312 more words


orange bundt cake

Note to self: don’t drink fancy local trade coffee at 8pm and binge-watch Jessica Jones. You’ll stay up until four in the morning, flipping through episodes on Netflix while reading through… 820 more words