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Bhushan Baba’s Ticket to Fame – Chapter 1

This is a tell-all. Of course, I will tell you everything.

This of course is one of many parts of my story, so I’m going to leave little something-somethings out sometimes… you know how it works. 1,207 more words

Short Stories


“Before I start going crazy, run to me…”, said Rachel to herself. She was flowing with overwhelming emotions and couldn’t help but say it out loud what she felt. 718 more words


Death on a Yacht

Don Eduardo decided to kidnap Death.

When he first got the idea, he nearly smacked his forehead in delight. It was so fucking simple! And as he sat back and tried to steady himself, he wondered in amazement why nobody ever thought of it until now. 3,259 more words

Death On A Yacht

Little Brother

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers.

Why didn’t you tell me Ma? Were you ashamed?

I’m ninety-two and I’m  sitting here looking at your grave trying my best to understand what was going through your head. 78 more words

Flash Fiction

Begraben mich in deinem Herzen, Schatzi..

the nite was fine, the moonlight perfectly pretty.

he meet that girl right in the avenue line stright to Seine, she sureprised because she have no appointment to pick up or being pick up by.

753 more words

Walking with Demons (Pt. 0)

This is an introduction to what I hope will become a series. Like many of my previous projects, there is a damn good chance this will end up a one post thing that I leave for four months until I try to pick it up once more, before dropping it entirely. 527 more words


October 45th

This morning, i awoke at 5:30 to find my bedroom filled with a hyacinth scented pink haze. I breathed it in with relish. I moved over to the still lovely, warm right side of the bed, buried my face in the pillow and let the scent of Time fill me with youth and happiness. 578 more words