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Donald Trump & the end of love in London

In her 1983 novel Heartburn, Nora Ephron explained her compulsion to turn aspects of her life into a repertoire of jokes.

She made everything into a story, she wrote: 477 more words

Bad Romance


“Get involved or ignore that is the real question” mumbled a handsome man while watching a woman desperately trying to escape a five-meter tall tower. 526 more words

Short Stories

Celine, Queen of Cats

Celine was queen of the cats. She held her head high wherever she went — be it the dark alleyways of the city, the lighted sidewalks that the humans traveled, or through the secret roads only known by cats. 1,675 more words


The Wolf Moon

It was the Mid-winter month of January. The fires celebrating the Winter Solstice were just a memory.

As were the feasts where food was piled so high it threatened to topple over and cover the revellers with juices for the tasty roast meats. 1,041 more words

Short Stories

On the Cliff

Nakia sat on a cliff overlooking the lush beauty of Wakanda’s untouched countryside. Her eyes were closed in meditation and her unhurried breaths were deep. 387 more words

Fan Fiction

51. Empathy

‘What’s got into you, Jeffrey?’
Pam was waving her hands in exasperation. ‘I feel I don’t know you any longer. You’re becoming impossible to live with.’ 496 more words

Short Stories

Book Review: Six Scary Stories by Stephen King et al

Six Scary Stories by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stephen King would know exactly which stories would make the reader absolutely chilled to the bone, and these six are no exception. 430 more words