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Dias de los Muertos: Lunes pt 1

Carter punched his younger brother in the side hard. The younger boy cried out in pain and squealed. “Hey grasshopper, we are here” Carter said while grinning like a loon. 448 more words


Konza podcast

A few weeks ago, I sat down with the lovely ladies of the Konza podcast. Mukuka and Muntanga run Konza Consult, a business consultancy that is taking off in leaps and bounds. 85 more words

Week 32 - Weekly Horror Short Story Reviews: Lovecraft, Russ, Barker, and Schweitzer

Welcome to Week 32 of my horror short fiction review project. There were several good stories this week but my favorite is Lovecraft’s very short “The Terrible Old Man.” Nothing to do really with the Cthulhu Mythos, but very good nevertheless. 758 more words

Book Reviews


Would you like to know what the hell this is? Because Id love to know too please.

I was rummaging through some of my old files the other day as you do – and then I found this. 361 more words

Short Stories


It was a cold Monday morning and Mr. Kumah, the Chief Production officer at K&A plastics was seated in his fully air-conditioned office. He looked at the stacks of documents and work papers scattered all over his table. 1,020 more words

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Weekend Journey - no.1

Join me on a weekly CREATIVE WRITING WEEKEND JOURNEYS. #assignment #no1

Make a list of three events. They can be events that happened to you, or something you heard. 196 more words