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The Saint Who Went to Hades Speaking Truth

The above comic pages were created by cartoonist Ethan Wenberg.



This was a freelance illustration job commissioned for use with spiritual training lessons featured in Self Realization Fellowship classes on meditation. 1,268 more words



AN ONLINE LITERARY PUBLICATION upon which my stories have been posted is called CommuterLit. It is run by a sharp editor – meaning she is clever and does not miss much, not that she is angular or drawn by Picasso. 300 more words


​You rised up so suddenly, it sent a jolt through my body.
I’ve underestimated the power in you, I’ve made a mistake, indeed.
But here is my message, do listen carefully, dear. 33 more words

Short Stories

Knock Knock:

It was a Saturday morning, around 11:30am on a chilly but sunny day, I was home alone and taking a shower, wasn’t in very long, just a quick one to start the day. 1,357 more words



Jerry liked to make plans to do things he enjoyed. He especially enjoyed the planning part. Perhaps a little too much. He planned plans. Then he would plan the plan of a plan. 348 more words

Short Stories

I is for Ida

Ida sat at her kitchen table and scanned the morning newspaper. She sipped her coffee and took a bite of her honey-slathered toast. As usual the news was all depressing.   888 more words

Short Stories

Murdo Girl...On the road..day 12..Hoover Dam

We had to catch up with ourselves today, so we decided to wait until tomorrow to go to the Skywalk over the Grand Canyon. Hoover Dam was scary enough for me. 588 more words

Short Stories