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A cute photo of a puppy, then my week in review.

Here’s the puppy, a corgi I met at Petco last weekend:

Now, the week. It’s part of a two week stretch with no Leaf to write, and it went well, despite the… 380 more words


The New Neighbour by Emily Deaton

Graceville, South Carolina was a quiet little city, unaffected by the heave and hubbub of
progress that went on in many of the cities around it. 2,408 more words

Short Stories

That Feeling

Was someone following her? She looked up. Nobody was there.

Photo by Alina Fedorchenko on Unsplash

Week 190 Three Line Tales


A Love Story from a Miseducated Girl pt.1

I use to tell myself that the only man that I would ever love would be my soulmate.  I mean, we’re all destined for one right?  574 more words

Bow and Arrow

How should we start?

Oh yeah, once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of flying.

She dreamed of taking over the sky. 347 more words

Short Stories

Early Shift

The knock at the door came just as Alec had put the toast to his mouth. It sounded tentative at first and for a moment he thought it likely a kid had played a prank, but it was followed by a succession of hammer blows so thunderous he began to worry someone was breaking in. 3,681 more words

Short Stories