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shimpaku tree by edword t. sorey

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.”
– Maximus

during that summer on the beach after Steven died he spent every day laying on his back on the sand by himself intrigued with the fact that if he was very patient he could watch the sun make its whole way up and over around him on the sky, not sure how many days or weeks he did that for, but except for a few fun moments here and there with the people he was with who werent talking to him very much he felt very alienated because he was just sent there and he didnt know why he was there he couldnt relate at all to his cousin and his cousins mother who he was with his cousin and his cousins mother were the best of friends and seemed so happy together so mostly he just felt left out he would have like to go back to the camp he always went to but it was not a lucky summer for him and he was 15 and the way the camp used to be back then was that he could be a camper until he was 14 and then he had to wait a year and come back again as a counselor when he was 16 so it was the summer he was 15 that his brother died and so he couldnt go to camp and see people he felt comfortable with and instead he was sent to California to be with his cousin and his aunt who he really didnt know that well and they drove together down the coast from San Francisco and stayed in Newport Beach in a condo and that was where he fell in love with the sun that summer he had been planning to be an exchange student in madrid and he was going to become fluent in Spanish but for some reason after Steven died he wasnt allowed to do that anymore and that trip was cancelled so he was sent to California where his cousin watched nonstop television and did not want to talk to him and his aunt was an adult and felt the kids should be with the kids or seemed to anyway and so his aunt didnt talk to him either so he really wasnt sure why he was there and as he clutched Stevens boombox in the backseat of his aunts car listening softly to the blue mask by Lou Reed on a tape that Steven made he nevver felt so lonely in his life as they made their way down the California coast his cousin listening to Depeche Mode over and over and over and over again but then his aunt asked him if he would like to play a song in the car so he got walk on the wild side ready and he passed the tape up to his aunt to play in the car as his cousin complained and they listened to Lou Reed sing Walk on the Wild Side together as they drove then when the song was over it was more depeche mode and it was depeche mode the entire rest of that trip on the beach as he withdrew further and further into himself… 2,765 more words

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Short Stories

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Van, my installment is counted for over 5 installments. I will get it in as soon as possible!!

Short Stories

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