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Alphabet Soup Stories: G is for George

“What’s with the dog?” asked James, settling into the folding chair near his brother.

Stuart brushed the lapel of his Brooks Brothers coat before answering. “I haven’t a clue. 256 more words

My Fiction

The Lantern of Souls: Part 3

Ravanah had once again made it to the top of a tree where she could scout out the rest of the land but she still had seen no sign of Lann or any of the others, so she decided it was time for her to start covering some ground before the wolves soon found her and not knowing what special powers they held terrified her to the point she was shaking but she had to try and stay calm moving for branch to branch this high up was not a time to be all out of sorts. 2,305 more words

Creative Writing

Book review: Baby Powder and other Terrifying Substances - John C. Foster

Not since John F.D. Taff’s short story collection have I enjoyed a coming together of short tales such as this. Though I have read some of these before, I was only too pleased to revisit the dark landscapes that Foster has crafted here with his imagination. 710 more words

Book Review

Daily. 24/03.

Robot. Shipping Container. Sunrise.


It is a little known fact that nearly half of the world’s shipping containers contain robots. Or at least this is what Luke had told her. 249 more words

Flash Fiction

Honoring Your Creative Voice...and A Short Story

Still working on Visitor to Blue Lake but haven’t spent much time on it. Had time last Sunday, but critical voice won.

Critical voice: 1, Writer: 0… 595 more words

Writing Process

Train Violation

It was a long train journey, late at night, and I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open. I had the whole carriage to myself, so I lay down on the seat and pulled my coat around my shoulders to keep warm. 249 more words

Adult Fiction

Everything That Rises Must Converge

With only a couple of weeks left in the semester, we’re almost finished with our readings for American Lit. For my post this week I’ve decided to write about some short stories by Flannery O’Connor which we looked at last week. 457 more words

American Literature