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Read Regional: Woodlands Community Library, 11 May 2016

I’m looking forward to next Wednesday, when I’ll be doing a reading and Q&A from my book of short stories The Weather in Kansas at Woodlands Community Library, Doncaster. 76 more words


Will you walk the Path in Reverie?

Cover image by Anthony Nicholas. See the Contributors page for details.

This is just an update to remind you good folks in the wide world of your wondrous webs that there are currently two stories available to read at the Forge as well as content related to gaming, filmmakers, musings and inspirations and the chronicles of the Pug we call Pog and his adventures. 103 more words



Dear you,

Today we come together to celebrate our freedom. Since 1945, just after the capitulation of Nazi Germany the Dutch celebrate this on the 5th of May. 481 more words

Short Stories

mischievous gust

Pale pink nipples fronted her chest, like lazy wide eyes reflecting each drunk patron’s stare, the dozen glazed expressions fixed between beery gulps. I imagined the girl in a yellow and white sundress, walking through the small park down the hill. 36 more words


Devoured by the Living Room Pt. 2 | Short Story

“Did you say something?” Victor screamed.

“It barely finished cleaning. The cabinet should have some.”

“Before that, what did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything.” 575 more words


lit windows

Ian relaxed slightly as he reached the end of the street, looking up instinctively to check the road before he left the sidewalk for frozen asphalt. 85 more words


no reason

Rob and I had met for lunch at Riggo’s at twelve regularly, twice a week more often than not over the last seven years. There was nothing strange about the way he called, nothing unusual about the way he spoke. 38 more words