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Writer's Challenge: Taboo Pt II

Between the traffic and her thoughts, Kini struggled to maintain her composure. She was edgy. But through her stereo she let her personality flow- hip hop. 2,440 more words

Short Stories

Who Is In The Boat

There is a story told in the bible when the followers of Jesus, having obeyed him to cross over to the other side of the lake in a boat, fell victims to bad weather and dangerous waters. 237 more words

Short Stories

6 Word Short Story in a Play: Bon Appetit

SHARON: Dad! Is something burning?

DAD: Dinner’s ready!

Short Stories

Tied With Bayknot (Part III)

First, check out Part I & Part II


First fake meat, and now this. My disgust was occupying my immediate surroundings until a bird zoomed just over my head. 1,353 more words


As Powerful As Paper

Her deep eyes scared the depths of the ocean. She carried herself like its waves, fluid yet powerful, serene but destructive. Her hair was dark as space but her skin glowed like the stars. 624 more words


Coulda, Shoulda

“Hey, Mom. These yeast rolls are so good. Thanks for letting me help make them. Squeezing the dough. Watching it rise. Eating some out of the bowl. 554 more words

Short Stories