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Don't Exercise Your Demons, Kill Them! - SHORT STORY

THE FRONT DOOR swung open, battering against the outside wall in the fury of the maelstrom beyond. Standing there, caked in mud, he stood motionless, staring beyond me, a yellow handled axe an extension of his being, as if cut, dripping blood onto the linoleum. 296 more words


D6: Chip on the shoulder

“It’s your birthday, next week. Who do you wanna call for your party?”

“Um, I’m not sure.”

“How about N? She should be here,¬†next weekend.” 494 more words

Random Ramblings


Available at the end of the month is Driver. The next Pine Bluff Mysteries installment.

Tommy Waters is a down on his luck ex-con when his cousin convinces him to drive the getaway car in a bank robbery, but this easy job turns deadly when his partners are murdered and their stolen money disappears. 34 more words


Silent Birth

Selena woke up that summer morning with a start. Rob, her husband of sixty months slept not so quietly beside her. She turned to stare at him for a while, as if wishing they could trade places. 1,633 more words


Friday Fiction #3: In Transit - Gender / Bender


Gender Reversal

Take the main character of one of your novels or shorts and rewrite it switching the gender.


She saw the boy walk back towards the chairs at the nearby gate, looking far more despondent this time compared to the first few times. 884 more words


Triple Friday Fiction #2: October


He shoved his hands into the pockets of his blood red hoodie, the moonlight dragging his shadow beside him, though the black silhouette barely followed its master’s footsteps. 648 more words


Triple Friday Fiction #1: Greyscale

I don’t know what happened to my weekends but these last two Fridays flew by before I could even lift my head. Both¬†Fridays were exceptionally well spent so no regrets, but to make up for it, here is a triple whammy Friday Fiction, and the first post prompts are: 779 more words