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Symphony: The Symphony [three]

Dear reader,

It is now three in the morning and the world seems so much calmer than it has ever been. I am taking the time to write this now because I don’t know if I will ever get a chance to do so again. 2,612 more words

Short Story

Symphony: The Conductor [two]

Dear Diary, 

I was late for rehearsal for the first time in my entire life today!

It was only ten minutes, but for someone who has never been late for a single practice in his entire life, I consider it a full-fledged disaster. 2,508 more words

Short Story

Symphony: The Violinist [one]

I don’t know when everything began to change.

Did it start from the text messages that would arrive in the middle of the night? Did it start from the secret meetings that he wouldn’t tell me about? 2,602 more words

Short Story

Rain of Chickens

The chickens rained down like hail. Fifty of them, all feathers and fat and clucking, tumbling out of their cages as Eli inspected their eggs. Like a biblical apocalypse, he was terrified as shells landed on his shoulders, yolks dripping down his clean white coat. 125 more words

Short Story

Bound To the Past

   The bruises left by the chains were still visible after so many years. I looked at my wrists, and all I wanted to do was somehow erase that part of my life forever. 698 more words

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She walked among the dead with soft footsteps.  The moon shone bright, half swollen, with white petals blown from dogwoods fluttering in the breeze like her white gown.  458 more words

Short Story

Getting Lost - Part 4

I just wanted someone to comfort me. I wanted to get out of the rainforest and back to the car. I wanted my husband to come walking towards me, wrap me in a warm embrace, and rescue me like a knight of old. 446 more words

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