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Life through an Answer

My latest accomplishments have been only finding answers to questions I had about my life and my life only. No, I wasn’t trying to make everything better. 510 more words


Keep on Swimming, Swimming, Swimming...

Ok, I had a Dory moment on Friday evening and ended up with a Dory! LOL! Yes, it is a tattoo. Yes, it is real and permanent. 168 more words

Short Story

No More

In hope and horror he stood there awaiting her poisonous whisper.

As she told him her eccentric tales of the red wind, the iron mountain, and the pocket full of mania he caused in her denim, he knew he had walked too far. 177 more words

Creative Writing

The Blink, Chapter Two, continued

The Blink

Chapter Two, Continued

By L. Stewart Marsden

Kyle Wyndham Adams awoke in early morning, the time of day when everything is cast in a soft sepia light, and the sun is still well below the trees. 1,113 more words

L. Stewart Marsden

Old Flame

Dale pressed the button for the twenty-second floor. The doors were just closing when someone called out, “Hold the door!” He reached out and pressed the Open Door button, sighing as they slid open again. 296 more words

Short Story

Mucking Around

Trudy stood in the middle of the square, black jeans and dark blue blouse comfortable, yet stylish. Her shoes were practical, as one would need. 502 more words

Short Story

Love and the Maiden

Before Catharsis passed through his Breaking Point against the Wahrlog of Darkness, there were many days his mind would wander.

One thing he thought about was  673 more words