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A Witch's Life

Gwenda’s life of witchcraft was not all she had hoped.

It was a glamorous enough life. You could make yourself into anything you wanted: beautiful or ugly, kindly or evil. 371 more words

Short Story

Wedding day

Lucy looked beautiful and sad. Smile!


Flash Fiction

of travel and dragon house training

“Ellie, I am not traveling with someone as prickly as you.”

Ellie stopped so abruptly that Connor ran into her back. This caused Ellie to trip forward. 439 more words

Short Story


When I discovered the tiny dragon in my closet one day, I stood in shock as the lizard scrambled underneath the pile of unfolded clothes I have yet to arrange. 2,174 more words


Morning Coffee

Ilona stood on the balcony overlooking her backyard. She picked up a piece of cake, dipped it into her coffee, and quickly brought to her mouth before it could dissolve. 441 more words

Short Story

Endless Journey #BamiMide 16



Today’s post is about a blissful love story, Vincent AyobamiOlukoya and his heartrob Temitope Olamide Oshin. Filled with rejection, dreams, longing and love, here the love story of the soon to wed lovebirds and it has been amazing since they started… 559 more words

Short Story

FFfAW – Power Untold

Shining it sat amongst the rocks, waiting. It was patient as the earth itself. The gears ticked slowly away, never running down. They ticked on and on, ready for the day when they would be needed again. 140 more words