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"Boy Scout, Spelunking."

When I was a Boy Scout, I loved camping, hiking and everything associated with being a Boy Scout and I was exposed to the word “spelunking,” which is the exploration of caves. 327 more words

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A Mole


“Come in, Garth.”

“Ma’am, I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Mia took off her glasses and set them on the desk in front of her. 237 more words

Short Story

Demon Drinks

“Having another?” Bexhor hitched himself onto the bar stool next to Cardoom’s.  Cardoom drained the suds from the bottom of his glass.

“Don’t mind if I do!”  He wiped a clawed hand over his pointed chin.  542 more words

William Stafford

Bronze lions

The lights of the street flickered in yellow and red, Maisie pulled her jumper down over her hands and looked at the red lights above the buildings. 709 more words

Body Snatcher

Among other things, I have an addiction to bodies next to mine. Not in a serial killer way, mind you. But in that way that assures you there is another soul out there. 935 more words

Genna Rivieccio


“Hey Margaret, what’s up?”

“No-No-Not much,” Margaret said, wincing as she did.

“Still stuttering, huh?” said Kenna.

“Yeah, j-j-j-j-just a bit. You kn-kn-know.”

“Yeah, totally. Hey, isn’t it the worst that the word for it is stuttering? 62 more words

Short Story