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Maiden Bright

In the lands by the ocean’s edge, they tell that once the jellyfish was a maiden, beautiful as the light dancing on the waters, who had a lover, sworn to fight in the queen’s service. 82 more words

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The Moon

Roberta stared at the moon.

“You shouldn’t look so long, you’ll hurt your eyes,” Portia said, lowering herself down beside Roberta.

“That’s the sun. During the day.” Roberta said. 145 more words

Short Story

Small Talks #FlashFiction #6

Small Talks 

500 words

The mall was scrambling with people as always. So many faces, so many shops.

So what were the odds of me running into her in that very shop, in that very moment? 565 more words


And Still I Prefer to Shit in Public

Having roommates at a certain age in New York is a lot with having sex with someone you’ll never see again: you don’t really know anything about them and you just want to avoid them. 1,099 more words

Genna Rivieccio

An Impossible Accident

Emergency surfaces buzzed around the car like flies around carrion. Police officers with notebooks out shouted at road safety workers, arguing about the importance of preserving the scene versus reopening the motorway. 91 more words

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