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Vertigo, Part 1

Introduction: There are evils in this world that are unseen. Only a handful of people can actually interact with them, and those who can have a choice to join or fight. 312 more words


Michael, You're Screwed

So, do you remember me mentioning Melanie’s Writing Games? Well, here is the result. The first game consisted of this: a character of yours being abducted by the guys from survival program “Dude, You’re Screwed.” Unfortunately I’ve never seen the program and had no way of seeing it, so I’ve pretty much guessed. 521 more words


tao, the gods and love

i don’t know why suddenly, after such a long time, the girl who used to write in another blog some years ago found me. she showed up in my world for two days now.  407 more words



  To darkness,

  I opened my eyes and you were there, greeted me with your big evil smile because you, finally, woke me up. You made my brain worked when it supposed to rest. 996 more words


Pound Cake

“A pound of pound cake, one pound!” the barker called from his little street stall.

“How much for two pounds of pound cake?” Louise asked. 361 more words

Short Story

CinderSpectaRella Part 4 of 4

The next day, the prince disguised himself as the herald and personally went about the town to ask who owned the glasses. “The prince will invite whoever owns these glasses to a dinner at the castle!” He announced. 263 more words

Short Story

Compromised (#4)

Everyone at the office still talked about it some. In a flash, the two of them had gone from unbearable awkwardness back to almost normal, save some very obvious caution. 626 more words