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Picked From A Jar

Casus, sat at her painfully bare kitchen table, her bags packed next to her on the floor. On the table was a large, glass jar with hundreds of small pieces of white paper folded up inside. 173 more words

Tiny Fiction

Dancer in the Starlight

She is a shadow in the corner of their eye, a noise in the dead of a moonlit night, a whisper on their lips. Once a child saw her, dancing on the very edge of a building, perfectly balanced, her eyes like fireflies, her laugh like birdsong. 35 more words

Creative Writing

In Charge

Looking around, the dog nodded. Wilmer sighed, and started forward.

He didn’t like this, having to walk someone else’s dog. Especially a dog so demanding, so clearly used to control. 101 more words

Short Story

Imperfect Flowers in Buckshot Magazine

I had a great surprise today :D

My story, Imperfect Flowers, can now be read on buckshotmagazine.com here.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 11 more words

RL Update

Andy Warhol's Gallbladder

They asked me: “If you could go back in history to affect change in one major way, what would you do?” I said: “Force Andy Warhol to get gallbladder surgery sooner.” Everyone in the room looks at me like I’m some sort of monster as I bite gleefully into a tortilla chip I’ve saddled with a healthy portion of guacamole. 1,197 more words

Short Story

“Super Zebra in the Jungle” by Zaiden (aged 6)

A long, long time ago, in the jungle, there was a flying zebra called Super Zebra. He was always very nice to people and Santa heard about him from the reindeers who were flying over and saw him rescuing a baby possum from the swamp. 52 more words

Creative Writing

Wishing for Far Away Things

Seeds scatter on the breeze, a storm of white. All that is left is the stem, clutched between her fingers.

She wonders how far the seeds will go. 97 more words

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