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"An Upheaval," a short story by Anton Chekhov

“An Upheaval”


Anton Chekhov

English translation by Constance Garnett

MASHENKA PAVLETSKY, a young girl who had only just finished her studies at a boarding school, returning from a walk to the house of the Kushkins, with whom she was living as a governess, found the household in a terrible turmoil. 2,722 more words


Heartbeat: a short story


Outside, the iron sky was a colourless canopy, crossed only by the trails of planes. The womblike interior of the room was situated so that the outside world seemed inconsequential. 2,348 more words


Black Friday: What's at the End of the Line?

In Black Friday, the Clay family is waiting on line, talking about what they’re going to buy. But what the reader will soon discover is they are not waiting on line to receive, but rather to give. 1,305 more words


Friday Fiction: Huntress

Title: Stress-less Huntress

Words count: 158

Theme: Hunter

She kicked the door in. Half height. Orange hair. A freckled face scrunched up in disgust.

“Alright, alright maggots, one of you is going to die. 137 more words


Pins and Needles

Jack sat down, curling one leg under the other, and grabbed his computer. He opened the screen and waited for it to load.

He looked around the room as the computer booted. 371 more words

Short Story

Tail Gunner

My first installment of short stories has a lot of history behind it, if you’ll pardon the pun. This story’s journey started way back in late 2009… 2,592 more words


Community of Demons

I haven’t smiled in a while. It’s not my fault. I’ve tried to enjoy to life, but that isn’t exactly easy to do when everyone you know wants you dead. 1,261 more words

Short Story