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"A detonated heart mourns and grieves with tears of, sorrow, and despair for a lost love."

Over the centuries the village of Paliseul Belgium survived the horrors of the thirty-year war, several bouts with the ravages of the plague, and cholera. 121 more words

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Strangers on a Tram

The mountain tram slid gracefully from the turntable, coming to a stop by the station. Jasmine followed the surging crowd inside, looking up the steep slope, every inch of it covered with the steel and stone of industry. 141 more words

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Tom eventually realized he couldn’t lead.



Grey Sky

Tom’s sky is shockingly grey today.



The Middle Age

Jamie showed up to work in full chain mail, a shield on one arm, a sword at his hip.

His workmates watched as he walked in, clinking heavily. 184 more words

Short Story

"Radiating calm and coolness."

Many years ago during my childhood, I was always my mother’s accompanier. If she went to a funeral, of a friend, I went. Evening events at the church, I went, and to pick up parts for my father’s gas station before auto parts stores delivered, I always went. 778 more words

A Pre-published Author