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The Estranged

Dedicated to Wind Øyvin

Waking from a dream, the boy lifted his face from where he had been using his arms as a pillow. There was movement all around, the world rocking to-and-fro. 557 more words


Punch Day

Drew walked along the sidewalk, and as he neared another person, he raised his hand. He clenched his hand. He brought it forward, and punched the man in the face. 65 more words

Short Story

Shadows in the forest

If you would have asked Henry what being caught between two women felt like; he would have told you, “like Samson, standing in the Philistine temple.” 248 more words

Short Story

Generational Divide

In the early 1990s, novelty children’s books were a thing. The kind you could personalize to make the story about yourself. By this, what is meant is that parents could send a specifically sized 5″ x 8″ photo into All-Star Kids Publishing and, in six to eight weeks, receive a fifteen-page book narrating the story of little Jenny or Corey or Kelly or . 1,290 more words

Genna Rivieccio

Talk Like...

Wilber stood before the gathered people.

“I will not,” he began, “talk as you think I should. This is not my day, despite my eyepatch.” 103 more words

Short Story