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Colorful Evening Encounter

Water drops pop, water drops pop

Pop drop high low many pops drop

Look out the window to investigate while

Late afternoon sun shines in my eyes but I see… 61 more words

Short story: 2 am Conversations

“I don’t want that,” “I don’t want it,” she says again. The second time, it is only a whisper. “Don’t want what?” I ask, sitting up straight and looking towards her direction. 415 more words


Rust: Intro


Right there.

I see him. Dull, worn gray hoodie with athletic sweats. His shaggy, copper hair is pushed back as the harsh storm blows into him. 107 more words


Lemon Tree Enlightenment

Boom! Before I could exhale a golden lemon lay flat. In tune and in shape with the countours of my worldly hands.

Wafts compiling of heavenly orders sept as I began to slowly peel away the skin. 51 more words



Mulit-coloured strands tactile in my hand. I tease the threads as you talk. Words fall in the void between us. I throw the koosh ball, toss it higher and higher. 60 more words


When did Heroes Become the Villains?

When little Timmy was a child, the teacher asked his class what they wanted to be when they grew up. Little Timmy thought and he thought and he thought and finally he decided. 540 more words

And So It Begins

Hellen's Spam Adventures (short story)

Hellen’s Spam Adventures

Finding humor in a day filled with Internet misadventures can be daunting.  Hellen looked once again at the screen and tried to make sense out of the strange verbiage from a… 358 more words

Steven S. Walsky