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Love Thy Antagonist?

One of my students asked me recently if, in my story collection Delicate Men, I hated any of my characters. It’s a great question, and I didn’t have an immediate answer. 503 more words

R Dean Johnson

Hearing Voices

An early version of my story “No Better,” which appears in Delicate Men, was published on the Liars’ League NYC website back in 2013. One of the great things about Liars’ League NYC is that after they accept your story they then have a show at KGB Bar in New York City where actors read your work and people you don’t know get to hear it and, hopefully, clap widely when it’s over. 107 more words

R Dean Johnson

Book Review: Get in Trouble by Kelly Link (ARC)

Kelly Link’s short story collection, Get In Trouble, is a bit of a mixed bag of interesting, strange, amazing, not-so-amazing, and whimsical stories that I both liked and didn’t like. 926 more words


Across the Wall (Abhorsen #3.5) - Garth Nix


Thoughts of Lirael and Sam haunt his dreams, and he has come to realize that his destiny lies with them, in the Old Kingdom. But here in Ancelstierre, Nick faces an obstacle that is not entirely human, with a strange power that seems to come from Nicholas himself.

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Sunday Short Story Recommendation

One of my favorite authors is Sherman Alexie.  He’s a master of the short story form, his writing typically features Native American characters (Alexie is of Spokane and Coeur D’alene heritage), and he’s generally hilarious.  263 more words

Upcoming Release - Insomniac Nightmares

As those following this blog have probably noticed, I’ve been churning out short stories of late. It seems to be my mood, and it suits my available time fairly well, plus gives me a sick sense of accomplishment (though I did describe it earlier to someone as the aftereffects of ipecac of the word processor; I sit down and *blarp* there’s a story, *barf* there’s another one, *gag* one more, which is probably not a very pleasing image to contemplate for long). 754 more words


Stephen King Publishes New Short Story For The New Yorker

As further evidence of Stephen King of being not just one of the world’s greatest storytellers but also one of the hardest working, the acclaimed author has just published a new short story for The New Yorker. 432 more words