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Beans, thought Adam. Nothing but beans. A poor choice for a date night meal. Every conceivable type of bean sat before him: Cannellini Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Kidney Beans, Lima Beans, Navy Beans and Pinto Beans. 1,006 more words

Short Story Collection

Fenian Fetish

It’s an addiction, I can’t stop. I get an itch, a scratch, a feeling deep in my bowels. I just can’t help it and I don’t know why. 1,120 more words

Short Story Collection

#BlogTour: CWA Anthology of Short Stories edited by @medwardsbooks @the_cwa @OrendaBooks

“Crime spreads across the globe in this new collection of short stories from the Crime Writer’s Association, as a conspiracy of prominent crime authors take you on a world mystery tour.

973 more words

London Stories: Islington by Irma Kurtz

Islington is an essay taken from Irma Kurtz’s book; Dear London: Notes from the Big City. Irma Kurtz is an internationally renowned agony aunt, who worked for Nova in the mid-1960s, a UK magazine which touched on ‘taboo subjects’ for its day. 256 more words


Instagram Book Photo Contest Update!

Hey guys! I’ve decided to extend my Instagram Book Photo Contest that I am hosting to November 27th, 2017. This will allow for everyone to have more time to purchase one of my books, take their creative picture, and post it on Instagram for a chance to win a free Microsoft Word copy of whichever one of my books they do not already own. 152 more words

Time Wasters Excerpt

The liquid in my glass peeks up me with it’s rank whiskey scent and it’s tempting golden bronze shimmer. The time is creeping up on midnight and I’m slightly drunker than the norm for this hour. 1,065 more words

Short Story Anthology Launch

Here is a blog post about short story writer Paul Toolan. I was drawn to his anthology because of the subject matter, ageing and dementia. We all grow old and with it subjected to illnesses and lapses in memory. 917 more words