Week 21: Stories: Nonsense Word

This week’s prompt was a little more challenging than others, more strict in some ways. Reading around an unknown word, divining its meaning or simply accepting your ignorance, is something that we usually advance out of as readers. 3,458 more words

Flash Fiction

Finally Friday and Why is There Always a Snag?

Dear Readers, Fellow Writers, and Good Friends,

As you know from yesterday’s post, I have a short story coming out in the anthology Florida’s Emerging Writers… 210 more words


The Island of the Day Before by Zuni Chopra


The Island of the Day Before


Zuni Chopra


A diverse collection that traverses the everyday and the extraordinary, the fantastical and the mundane… 180 more words


Cat Stories: Ming’s Biggest Prey by Patricia Highsmith

Eons ago I read Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley which I quite enjoyed it, and Ming’s Biggest Prey reminded me of it – for it sort of a cat thriller! 252 more words


Writing in a Different Direction

After a whirlwind seven weeks following the release of Cusp of Night, life has been falling into a steadier writing pattern for me. Anyone with a book release knows the amount of work that goes into promotion, something authors have to juggle on top of a regular writing routine. 451 more words

Mae Clair

Four Years of The Space Between Houses

So, this coming September will mark the four-year anniversary of my first book, The Space Between Houses. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this book, and like having it available in my back catalogue…but, it is currently out of print. 187 more words

Christian Laforet

New release- Through These Eyes

I have put together a collection of short stories called, Through These Eyes. It is a collection of magic realism and fantasy stories that span my whole publishing career. 201 more words