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Writing The Mystery Short Story [Mystery Month]

Writing a mystery is hard, but writing a mystery short story is even harder. Mysteries can take a lot out of you – between the crime taking place, the long investigation process, and so on. 388 more words


Arranging Short Story Collections

Hello Dreamers,

I’ve been knocked out with the flu for the last week so forgive me if this post is a little incoherent.

Last month I… 359 more words


Now Available - Boxes of Blood

If you love reading horror, you’ll want to place an order with Red Cape Publishing! They have a large selection of anthologies, novellas, and full length novels. 23 more words


Short Story: The Scammer

The metal knocker was heavier in Luke’s hand than it had been at the other houses. Cold black iron, thick as rope, with a square block at the bottom where it contacted with the palm-sized plate on the door. 1,671 more words


Vesna Main on the challenges of "Temptation".

Temptation. A User’s Guide, is a collection of short stories which unsettles and challenges a reader. The content and writing intrigued me, so I decided to interview Vesna Main to consider the collection from the writer’s perspective. 1,881 more words


Temptation. A User's Guide by Vesna Main

Temptation. A User’s Guide, is a collection of short stories of great intensity, sometimes because the character is in a very difficult situation, or because of their attention to minutiae, often delivered in blocks of relentless observational prose. 281 more words

Book Review

Why You Should Just Omit Needless Words

Recently I tweeted the following writing tip:

This tweet goes beyond the advice that a single word should be deleted from your manuscript. Yes, the word “just” is almost always useless, a placeholder in a way for an otherwise solid sentence. 773 more words