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The Chronicles of Underrealm

So, it being Sunday (here in Australia, anyway), my plan originally was to try and stream me and a friend of mine playing Diablo 3 together, but I’ve gone and managed to re-injure the shoulder of my clicking arm recently. 287 more words


Word counts

There are a lot of short story competitions out there, and most of them are very different. Some are niche, and some are broad. One thing they all share is they have a word limit in the competition rules. 327 more words

The life of the short story is always escaping the short story. Or, the door to the short story is always open. There is the structure, but you know that there’s a life somewhere in it, around it, free from it. 21 more words


The Sea Beast Takes a Lover by Michael Andreasen. Book review

Having read this incredible collection I would love to take a wander round Michael Andreasen’s mind…Or maybe not. In doing so I might run the risk of getting drawn into a vortex of wonders and nightmares which merge and separate in such an unimaginable number of alarming, bizarre and mesmerising combinations that I might eventually lose myself. 222 more words

Book Review

Late Summer Reading: Fight or Flight by Izzy Gacusan

Izzy Gacusan’s short story ‘Fight or Flight’ was Highly Commended in the 2016 Marjorie Graber-McInnis Short Story Award. Here it is for your late-summer reading pleasure. 2,591 more words

ACTWC Awards

Wednesday Writing Blog-The Wrong Pants

This week’s prompt is all about the wrong pants…or the wrong piece of any clothing.

Here’s the scenario-

Your character picks up their dry cleaning but when they get home they discover they have the wrong item. 69 more words


My Very First Rejection!

I can’t say I was disappointed to receive my first rejection email five weeks after submission. Five weeks is pretty fast turnaround, especially considering I haven’t heard back from the other magazine about the story I submitted in November. 267 more words