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Monday Writing Prompts-Blue Monday

Did you know that today is rumored to be the most depressing day of the year? Maybe it’s the after Christmas let down or the dark nights, whatever it is, it’s a great idea for a story. 41 more words



When I was mainly writing poetry I didn’t write every day. An idea might come to me, I’d draft something, put it aside for a few days, come back to it, edit it, put it away for a little bit longer, dig it out again, revise or polish and so on. 354 more words

The Tribulations of James the Second

Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived with his parents and two sisters in a midsize town by a muddy river. He was his parents’ second child, and his name was James. 1,320 more words

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The excitement is growing!

Here is an absolute fresh take on a classic folk tale, Cinderella, excellently written by Liz, and is set to capture the hearts of many readers. This Cinderella cannot be more perfect!

Thank you so much once again, Liz. I'm so glad that Theresa dragged you in here. :)

To my lovely WP community, if you haven't heard, we are inviting you all to re-look at the classic folk tale, Cinderella, and give it a face-lift or re-modelling. :) Below is the link to the guidelines.


We have tentatively set the deadline for 28 February 2017. Valentine's Day should give us all enough inspiration and then there's a week or so to fine-tune our masterpieces.

Borrowed Bounces — Binx Thinx

Outside on a stranger’s trampoline, Cindy wondered how she let herself be dragged to yet another party that she did not want to attend. Izelle and Stacia were to blame of course.

29 more words

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If you haven't still, I hope you all enjoy this fresh take on a favorite classic by a talented young woman. This is one of the short stories for our exciting Cinderella Anthology Project.

Thank you, Bianca, for also posting your Cinderella story here so I can re-blog. Binx Thinx is slightly more complex for me.

Monday Writing Prompts-Snow

Snow and freezing cold temperatures are making the news around the world.

For this prompt, your character sets out to clear the driveway and path to their house but they find something buried in the snow. 23 more words


Friday Night

My weather app rarely lies, Cassandra thought. She then proceeded to get comfortable on her couch with her best snuggle blanket.

To warm up, she had a cup of hot chocolate. 159 more words


The Musings Behind "An Envelope's Edge"

You guys might have heard that I wrote a short story the other day. But I didn’t just write one–I also posted it so that anyone in the world who wanted to read it, could (and still can). 1,089 more words