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No Future In Arguing

Because of the argument with her mother, Lakshmi wasn’t able to sleep. It happened ten days ago to this very minute and her hatred for her mother hadn’t abated one iota. 1,326 more words


The Sale of Work

The sun of my youth is complimented by my nostalgia; it has blurred edges and exaggerated warmth. That was the sun that woke me from my dreamless sleep one Sunday morning.   1,982 more words

Cultural Appropriation: When the Chicken Doesn't Hatch from the Egg

I recently wrote a short story for a creative writing class that had a heavy emphasis on feminism, equality, and the removal of appropriative stereotypes (not the story; the class). 1,429 more words


The Math of the Moment

There were two things that Evan knew:

  1. Mathematics
  2. He lived the wrong kind of life

The first he had known nearly all his life, from age four, if a proud mother’s braggadocio was to be believed. 791 more words


Crazy to stay sane

Warning: Work-in-progress – unfinished not-flash-fiction-anymore


Oh, everyone just thought you were crazy, I can hear one of them say. No one utters a word but I hear the voices. 389 more words


Things Kept Precious

My mother warned me to guard the things I held precious by keeping them hidden inside me. The only thing I held precious was her and I found it impossible to place her inside my body. 583 more words


Off the shelves!

In my chosen life role as a doll photo storyteller I am sometimes asked by curious people how I came up with my idea to create and share photo stories which are inspired and populated by my doll collection as the characters in my stories. 816 more words

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