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014 - Tram Trip

“I thought analogs were supposed to be good at everything,” said Rice as Zee raised her hand to scratch her neck and flipped herself onto her back. 546 more words



A Pain Artist
By Leland Neville

Before YouTube and reality television there was a brief but passionate interest in pain artists. I performed in the cutthroat Rust Belt. 11,195 more words


013 - Helioset

The shuttle stopped at a mining settlement first. Ships darted like flies in and around a massive ECO, which trailed a dust of particles that glowed in the sunlight’s reflection. 871 more words


The Family History Writing Challenge - It's Nearly Here!

Anyone care to join me in the Family History Writing Challenge??  I do hope so.  There is so much you can do with the things you will learn by joining in the challenge.  581 more words

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012 - Rusted Night

Zee immediately unbuckled her harness and straightened her skirt, feeling the heat rise to her cheeks. Too busy puking, Rice hardly noticed, but Zee glanced at Ben and noticed he studiously avoided looking at her, a flush rising from his collar. 1,094 more words


Monday Writing Prompts-Photo

This week it’s a photo writing prompt. Your character is looking through some suitcases and pulls out this photo. Maybe it’s him as a young boy, maybe it’s his father or grandfather. 15 more words


Slogging through the Slush - Your Route to Rejection Pt. 1


Yesterday I did a post about a filter words, which I’ve labelled as the Worst Offender in my slush pile. This is true at the prose/sentence level, but what about some of the other issues that I’m seeing that pertain more to story structure, etc? 1,148 more words