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Double Trouble 

I had an idea the other day. You see, I started the blog around 18 months ago with the idea of writing every day for a year, because every time I heard anyone talk about writing it basically boiled down to this: do it. 951 more words


Monday Writing Prompts-Emotion

This week’s prompt focuses on emotion.

What is your character feeling and why?

It could be that they’re sad, happy, angry…lots you can do with this one.

Have fun and happy writing.


Love's Love Lost

Once, in the gloomy and perpetually rainy City of Alphabet, there was born a girl who was said to be the living embodiment of love. From the doctor’s first slap, the girl giggled instead of crying and flushed the neighborhood of all its gray. 1,915 more words


Joey Mac and the Pearlescent Unicorn Uniform Part 1

His job made Joseph MacDonal II, Joey to his pals, the enemy of the world and a target for assassination. He was one of the few people on the planet trained and licensed to butcher unicorns and prepare their meat for consumption. 1,421 more words


India Arie sings, “I am not my hair… I am not your expectations no no, I am not my hair… I am a soul that lives within… 1,329 more words

Independent Publisher

The truth of our souls

We spin yarns and tales, we tell stories, stories that are of the past and not of the present. Stories that reek of human weakness in all its forms. 197 more words

Independent Publisher

Time To Write: Random Words 3

Write a story using all these of these words: Clock, Combine, Haunt.

Happy Writing!

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