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Entry to Cracked Flash Fiction on the 24th of June 2017.
Prompt: “Why aren’t you obeying the laws of physics?”
(261 words)


“Why aren’t you obeying the laws of physics?” he demanded, finally addressing me.

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Saigon desires the Savannah

A host of hooves claps and raises dust in the horizon… dry blades of grass stuck between their teeth, seated on a hot black rock whiling away the time, two friends cool off under an umbrella tree. 352 more words


Monday Writing Prompts-Three Word Challenge

I thought we’d try something different this week. I’m calling it the three word challenge.  Using your main character’s dialogue, he or she has to say the following three words somewhere in your story. 20 more words


Ghost Story

Dead Justice


 Dead Justice by u. C. Success

The story tells of a dead boy who came back to life through the dead. He disappeared and no one  knows what took him. 262 more words

Fiction Book

Fragments, A short fiction prompt

By Vicki Roberts (452 words)

The man directly behind us kept his head down, and I thought it was to hide his face from me. 433 more words


Check Out My New Author's Website

Before I start, I would like to thank you all for the constant support. My writing journey has been winding and arduous, but your encouragement made it all worthwhile. 442 more words


Daily Divulge: Catching-Up (Again)

I fell behind again yesterday, but with good reason! I spent my time editing the mermaid piece, and when I was done that, I had no creative juice left. 324 more words