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Shorty 36

I was in a cafe writing; Well, forcing myself to write because honestly I’m not here to write. I am here hoping to see even a glimpse of you. 173 more words


Comrade Bose

Ranadeb stood with stoic patience at the ghat. The ferry was due any moment now. The consignment was supposed to be special, the gora sahib Mr. 598 more words

"What Jesus was doing" by Julia in her bed

Tuesday January 22, 2019
5 minutes
Love Thy Neighbour
Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Oh this again. He was trying to welcome me home, I believe. And sell me to church. 104 more words

The Will to Kill


Jerry drops off his kids at school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The rest is taken care of by Mary. It’s been four days. He has been looking at other kids with a longing for action. 214 more words


Taking the Bus to...

All I wanted to do was to “take” the bus to Healy to visit my folks. That’s all. No other intentions than that, but not everything is as easy as it looks in Alaska! 1,154 more words


The Will to Kill


‘Stop it, stop it. I said stop it right now,’ Mary said. Jerry has put on hard rock music again in two nights. The children are asleep and their father wants to bang his head to Rock ‘n’ Roll. 182 more words


Floating In a Blue Dream

“photography of smoke” by Paul Wong on Unsplash

By J. Lender

The life of a working musician is nothing to be revered. Forget what you see on the Grammys. 940 more words