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Space Nuptials

Boruba Meinfarb adjusted her veil and gazed at her reflection, now hazy, in the full-length mirror of her dressing room.  To her, the veil seemed redundant, a sentimental throwback to her intended’s heritage on Old Earth, when, in more barbaric times, men would wed their brides unseen.  491 more words

William Stafford


Amal was a survivor, and no one was going to stop him.

He had fought his way to the top of the pack, hundreds of battles, a slew of mud slung at him, physically and metaphorically. 27 more words

Short Story

The lonely woods

He lives in a green tent at night that looks like a perfect vacation home, with a magical aura,surrounded by green and red lights and matching little bottles. 94 more words


Short Story: The Game

I know the ending is weak but I had no idea what else to do. Hope you like it.


“Ah, you’re awake then. Let’s play the game shall we?” I heard the voice in my head. 2,536 more words

Short Story

His one sentence which affected deep inside of my heart is…

I went to mall to meet my friend. We bought coffee from costa coffee and decide to seat in open food court. When we reach open food court it’s odd time around 4:30pm and food court doesn’t have much rush and we found their full silence (Even better than coffee shop). 539 more words


Self Reflection

It is when you realize that you have to be quiet that you have an inexplicable urgency to speak up. So, you speak standing in front of the bathroom mirror. 80 more words

Short Story

Read Chimamanda Adichie's new short story-- How did you feel about it?

A relationship, a seemingly heterogeneous union, a strange character, mildly alien to your person, walking into you, to be part of you– how do you feel about it? 358 more words