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Snail Mail

After six days had elapsed, Esther Noh received a letter from her beloved Arthur Treacherous. Everyday since his departure, Esther would sit on the stoop, drink coffee, smoke a Cuban cigar and groom her fabulous mustache, waiting for the mailman, appropriately named Marple Postman, Marp for short. 356 more words



Bill was talking and pacing. He expressed, “when they are able to understand that the inhumane processes that surround humanity or lack thereof, we will have a revolution of mankind. 570 more words



We live in a world where men assert their interpretations of a good life on the lives of women. We live in a world where women are afraid to walk alone, where they have those terrible irrepressible thoughts of what happens when the men they walk so quickly from at night are able to get their dicks out of their pant for… 449 more words

Ripped Off Twice

I love playing in the dirt. I love planting things and watching them grow. I love harvesting my vegetables, eating them and preserving the surplus. The first year we moved here, we designed a large garden and built raised beds to grow a myriad of vegetables and fruits for the next year. 559 more words

Short Story

You are MARKED.

We are all marked by God- and it looks different to how God has marked everybody else. Which can cause people to fall into comparison, and question the calling God’s given them. 523 more words

After The Take Off I lost A Friend

I wrote this story based on my school life 2 years back but couldn’t get it published. Today I am posting this story on my blog for my readers to read and leave their comments. 1,712 more words

From The Heart

Kids and Culture

Instead of birthday gifts for our grandchildren we purchase tickets for an event and take them on an outing at some point in the year. It is not usually close to their birthday and is sometimes one event for any of them over the age of 3. 518 more words

Short Story