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Reflection: Smokelong Quarterly Submission

To my dismay, I almost bowed out of my own 2-week writing challenge at the first task! I had had a busy weekend staring at the computer screen, studying and completing tasks for a course that I am currently undertaking for my (real) career. 633 more words

Writing Competition


The sudden downpour of a glass of milk turned ominous for Anti of Ant Land. After the Chief ant shifted his territory to the garden a week ago, it was just yesterday when Anti constructed his home at the most beautiful spot of the garden but also the ‘most dangerous’ as considered by the others. 50 more words

Creative Writing

Tría Adérfia

Three Brothers

The bells rang far and wide throughout the city in a slow, somber movement. Their ringing echoed in the alleys and in the minds of the people as they — real or feigned — showed their sorrow for the death of the Basileus. 3,263 more words

A Stranger or An Angel


In response to Weekend Writing Prompt #158 : found here

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The Realms - Chapter 16 - Email Conversation

Eh Jullian, I have a question for you! I have just acquired a unique key; let’s just say it is not a key that would open any doors in the physical realm. 306 more words

Adult Story


She found that she was walking through the dirt without shoes. It was night time and there was a bright moon hanging over desert ground it had decided to illuminate. 618 more words

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