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Finding Inspiration in Odd Places. In This Case, A JCPenny Dinner Plate.

The Kirkland Arts Center and Hugo House recently hosted an “ekphrastic” writing workshop, which is all about using visual art to inspire different forms of art, in this case, creative writing. 1,309 more words


The Sounds Of The City

I turned off the airconditioning to really listen to the sounds of the city. In the far distance I hear a car honk, closer by there is laughter. 187 more words


The Universe

The universe sat down for a cup of tea one day. She looked around at all that she was and wondered about herself. There were so many things still unknown, still a mystery. 251 more words

Short Story


​I am not yet extinct
Just not in front of you
Or probably I am right here
But you don’t want to recognize me.

Sweetheart, I had been always so close to you… 119 more words


A mind too free to be fettered - A short story

Here, goes another short story. I hope you’ll like it.

A mind too free to be fettered

Liberty. A word bearing a profound meaning, however, no one could ever emphasize its connotations. 887 more words


The Bench

The bench located in the middle of Corner Park was now a greenish-grey tint. It had survived many winters, placed in memory of an old upstanding citizen that died years before Denis ever sat on it for the first time. 619 more words

Taking a donkey to the market

Short story

A man and his young son were taking a donkey to the market in the hope of selling it. 209 more words

Treating Oneself With Respect And Kindness