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Never Forget

“I’ll never forget…” she murmured, eyes glazed over as she stared ahead. “You can’t make me forget.” Hands tied her down, rough and unwavering, moving with bleak efficiency. 591 more words

Original Fiction

Where Did All My Friends Go?

I couldn’t breathe.

As I sat in the front seat of Jamison’s car, the view of a green field of grass stretched out beyond the windshield in front of me, I couldn’t believe I was having an anxiety attack over something so stupid. 2,506 more words



-4 degrees. Seoul today, and it is the lowest temperature in this month. December 2023, exactly two years since my first arrival here. I remember it was also winter, my first time ever seeing snowflakes fell upon my hands, my shoes, my jacket; my first time ever inhaling oxygen in my dream city. 739 more words


Humbug-A Short Story

A Brief Introduction

The following story is a work of Christmas Carol fanfiction. It sees a preteen Scrooge in the twenty-first century trying to get a class of students to understand his logic about death and “decreasing the surplus population.” It also shows how, just because of an age difference, Scrooge is much less confident about the words that come out of his mouth. 991 more words



Looking back, I begin to understand the horrors that were perpetrated. At the time, back when I was in the thick of it, that was not something that I could allow myself to think about. 1,743 more words

Creative non-fiction: Happy Endings

Foreword: As part of my creative writing course, I had to write creative non-fiction with narrative elements: characters, setting, plot, etc. It was extremely challenging, even scary. 657 more words


From Across the Counter

Mr. José Niagara hasn’t always been the typical gentleman who wastes his afternoons after work, hanging around the Old Jukebox Diner in the middle of Orlando, Florida, listening to 50’s jazz. 1,189 more words