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Laurel Radzieski

Let Me Tell You a Story
Laurel Radzieski

It is all about six people
who fall in love,
all with each other
and at the same time. 439 more words

Literary Magazine

A Child Labour

   -: A Child Labour :-

                मल्ली पल्ले

       ( Hindi short story )

( भाषा की क्लिष्टता के कारण सम्पूर्ण प्रकथन खङी बोली में प्रस्तुत किया गया है ) 91 more words

Hindi Story

Under The Sky

Entah sudah berapa lama Awan tak melihat Langi. Tidak di Perpustakaan, tidak juga di kantin. Bahkan tidak di tempat mereka biasa bercerita. Awan ingin berpikiran positif bahwa Langi hanya sedang sibuk, hingga ia ak melihatnya sesering biasa. 760 more words

Stock Pribadi

When I Was Very Young as a Child

My father taught me that anything I wanted in this life, all right just about anything, could be had by hard work and a bag filled with dreams. 896 more words


Elope Plan

Nobody knows except me (taking photos) and girl in yellow dress…!whose engagement is going on. She loves a man but her parents don’t allow her to marry him. 146 more words

CD Stories


I tested the ripeness of Mr. Skelly’s soul more than thirty times this evening, all at the insistence of his wife, Tamara, who never left my side for an instant. 1,200 more words

Creative Writing

Rodney: Part 1

Rodney didn’t even need a folding board anymore, at least that’s what the others thought. Rodney thought otherwise.

He clutched a clear plastic rectangle around like everyone else. 559 more words