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The Object

Its highly polished surface was what drew Polly’s attention to it in the first place. She’d been not-so-carefully sliding down the scree slope of the mountain and using her hands as brakes. 1,885 more words

Short Story

He Didn't Know What He'd Done, But Soon He Would!

Four putts from six metres on the first green was an unwelcome entry onto the scorecard.

Maureen McKenzie had always been a more than capable sportswoman. 1,202 more words

Short Story

And I Fell For You

A few months ago, I wrote a short story inspired by my best friend  and her boyfriend. Hope you like it :) here it is: 555 more words

Goodbye Florence

A woman lays in bed surrounded by nurses and one doctor in a sterile white hospital room, while giving birth to a baby girl she is having complications.The doctor puts his hand on her arm and says gently, “You or the baby will survive. 873 more words


Cerpen Pilihan Kompas 2012 'Laki-Laki Pemanggul Goni': Wajah Indonesia

Kumpulan cerpen terbaik Kompas yang mungkin dapat menjadi ‘wajah’ kehidupan sastra sosial dan budaya Indonesia. Perkenalan saya dengan cerpen-cerpen Kompas bukanlah dari koran, maklum saya tidak pernah berlangganan koran, melainkan dari beberapa blog yang cukup rajin untuk meng-kliping karya-karya yang terbit tiap Minggu itu. 269 more words

Indonesian Literature

The Delilah 100, 90/100: Interest

I laughed as her tone changed from condemning to approving with that thought. “Oh, so it’s okay if it’s drug money, but not okay if it’s credit cards?” 71 more words

The Delilah 100

Coffee, A Wetsuit - and not much else // Short Story

I had been driving all night. My only thought was of coffee. I needed it and I needed it fast, or I was going to fall asleep at the wheel. 892 more words