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Vengeful Noodles – Flash Fiction

Noodles lived in a decent part of the city.  His wife left him five years ago for a circus clown named Rickety Randy the Rolling Roundhouse.  224 more words


Dreams of her that flame me.

We are walking on the street. It’s a sober afternoon. I am bored and she looks at me and says, make me cum. We plan to go to my room. 210 more words

Short Story: Not panicking

I turned away from the open door of my room, I just woke up but I did not have the intention to get up from bed. 232 more words



Why do they think of me as a tortured soul?
A ghost?
All I want is to feel connected.

“Hailey.. Hailey..”

“Let me be with you…” 146 more words


You are not alone.

I followed the line on the side of the road, careful to not miss a sign of warning. My feet staggered one in front of the other keeping in that order so not to fall left or right of the path set before me. 195 more words

Short Story

The Haunted Barn (Short Story)

This story is a part of Aldrich Stories. You can find the other stories here.

The Haunted Barn:

“Oh, I wouldn’t go in there.” Moey’s father said. 1,040 more words


Nothing but a Nuisance. Short Story.

Gemma walked through the crowd, weaving her way through, that one always one of the things she hated about the weekends, so many people just milling around. 1,143 more words

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