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Lights, Camera... - Friday Fictioneers 16 March 2018


Lights, Camera…

Stomping my feet, doing a jig and waving my arms about like a raging lunatic, I finally gave up. 89 more words


Double...Multiple...Compartmentalized Life.

Human entangled in multiple crisis,intermingling causes improper handling and lead to deepening of crisis,regardless of fact that one plays multiple roles or limited roles,one need to have command over the moment ,but many times one is not able to perform what needs must to be done at particular point ,may be because one is trapped in past or future or maze of uncertain confusion ,lack of will etc. 314 more words


Truth in Cake

Call it sibling rivalry but I hated having a sister. They start out taking toys, then clothes and even dare I say, boyfriends. Birthdays were always special for the youngest of us girls and I despised carrot cake just because it was… 86 more words

Short Stories -- Through Prompts

Chapter 12

Miles stood outside an abandoned water treatment plant. He had slept until morning to ensure his wits were about him. Upon entering, Miles felt as if eyes were staring upon him, but the place was completely devoid of life, even of squatters. 1,142 more words

The Calling

From The Dark, Comes the Light


I sit in my domain, alone, smoking a cigarette. Don’t ask me to quit smoking and tell me about how bad it is for my lungs. 4,754 more words

Business Meeting

“Today is going to be the day big fella”. I say to my Dick in the mirror. I should be worrying about my business presentation for this meeting today but all I can think about is that fine ass Sandy from the Downtown office. 1,916 more words

Short Story

DeVillian Deranged

Well, finally, the squeamish fuckwit decides to go for six.

I looked at the demon, with it’s glowing red eyes and snarling, salivating mouth. The sharp, pointy teeth were yellow and a greenish slime dripped from them. 1,244 more words