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Chalice Option B: Down

Readers voted to head down the stairs. Shall we see what’s at the bottom?

Chalice Option B: Down

Without anything more to guide you, you shrug and decide to head down the stairs. 764 more words


User Experience

It was only 8:05 in the morning and they were already arguing.

“No, it should be a rectangle.”

“But the edges are so sharp! Can’t we not have corners?” 61 more words

Flash Fiction

Past Imperfect - #423

Charley, middle: “Now, look here, Buford. This is what we call a ‘woman’. They can be quite nice to have around if you know what to do with them.” 269 more words


The Street

In the years between the Wars, those golden years, each August my family would visit my grandmother in Rye; a little town on the south coast of England. 389 more words

Short Story

[Short Story] Monster

She’ll admit the tests they did on her weren’t the least painful ones around. Nor were they the most enjoyable ones. Still, with both hands and feet fastened to the wall 24/7, she didn’t really have much of a choice. 1,065 more words

The Night Sky (An original short story)

This is a one-shot story I wrote many years ago I figured I would post it here. Enjoy.

“So what stage is that star in?” Anna pointed to one of the many bright stars that were visible that night. 976 more words