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The puppy looked left, then right, then sat.

“Come on, Leroy,” Dave said. “We’re walking!”

Leroy just sat, staring at him. Why, he thought to himself, would I go away from the comfort of home? 264 more words

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Quick Review: The Legacy Device by Rachel Amphlett (@RachelAmphlett)

The Official Book Blurb

The British Army left Iraq in 2009 after a six-year campaign alongside coalition forces. What they left behind has remained a closely guarded secret – until now. 356 more words

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Crayons crumble into a messy dust. Others think it is quite a nuisance to clean. To me, however, it is an odd beauty. An array of colors are spread about as fine dust mix together – dancing. 1,840 more words


A Hunchback?

Thank you for being here, especially friends from the US, Canada, New Zealand, n Philippines ;)

I read this story, while browsing online, and I would love to share it with all of you. 548 more words


Here To Help

The best thing about small humans — sticky fingers.

Sure, they are likely to poke you in the eye or pull on an ear, but it is a small price to pay. 81 more words


Reflection by Hugh Cron

It’s strange how a summer’s day can be unsettling. Especially amongst the shadows of the trees. The bird song is sweet but I don’t like it. 565 more words

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The Adventure Of Loic Monerat and the Lizard-Brain Spice Syndicate

 The Adventure of Loic Monerat and the Lizard Brain Spice Syndicate.

A short story C.T Herron & Greg Provan

Loic took a turbo lift right down to the poor sectors, down to the bottom where the buildings met the ground, as with most planets on the rim the higher you were situated the better the conditions, the poor sectors, however, had there uses. 11,496 more words

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