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Something Exciting to Share!

Hey everyone! I’ve got something really fun to share with you… so, ya know, I just finished If We Had No Winter by the amazing D. 79 more words



Why the ice? Why the tundra? Why the middle of nowhere you ask? Because it’s barren. Because I don’t want to look for Beauty in an obvious place.  892 more words


"Better than vacation"

”Is there anything better than a vacation?” He asked sitting with his family on the porch outside of their rented house.

”I mean look at this” He put his hands in the air ”this is al ours, and we don’t have to lift a finger to maintain it.” 161 more words

Flash Fiction

Blindly seeing the encroaching darkness

Hanging from the ledge and this time I don’t know if there’s another beneath it. My fingers are straining with a familiar stretch, as they dig into the rock and claw me back up to relative safety. 45 more words


Snow Day

It was gonna be a good day to ride, chumming around with Keith and Tommy. It was really just Keith and me who were good friends, but Tommy had the best truck for doing ice donuts in deserted parking lots. 559 more words

All the wrong choices - (Ch 36 It's Christmas/Epilogue)

He was surrounded by heat. Blistering, sweating, scorching heat. He was trapped and burning. He tried to escape but was pulled right back in. He had a glimpse of milky pink eyes and claws. 5,164 more words


Show Me The Way To Go Home

Down, down, down Landon fell into the seemingly bottomless pit. The light from above got smaller and further way until he was totally in the dark and still falling, screaming at the top of his lungs. 5,200 more words

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