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I've Opened a Bookstore!

One of my goals for 2019 was to start selling books directly to my readers, mainly to provide myself a tiny bit of independence from ebook distributors. 682 more words


Walking: A Story in Pictures

Nocturnal Spectre on the Beach (1935)

Paranoiac-Astral Image (1934)

Book Transforming Itself into a Nude Woman (1940)

Shades of Night Descending (1931)

Fisherman of Port Lligat Mending His Net (1968) 7 more words


Sunday Wordle-Silent World

Silence now. After the fires died out.

Three years of destruction ending in torrential rain.

Search for life with our sonar. The hopeful wave dances over the planet. 55 more words

Short Story

DARK LAGOS by Peter Akpejeluh

The sun had just sat perfectly on the morning sky that day. The woman had opened up the shops with wares displayed. The children who at their age could have fathered three were engrossed in the game of football while the men were busied with beers in hand discussing, scratch that, arguing politics. 437 more words


Life is a Growth Process

Jesus talked a lot about forgiveness.

No wonder.

Forgiveness is essential to being a whole person and can be remarkably difficult to do. 

Most people who try to follow the teachings of Jesus have gotten the message that God is forgiving just because God is, well, God. 569 more words

Short Story


It was a grim business, everyone agreed. The way he died,
stabbed right in the groin. Well. It was enough to make anyone wince. One, 3,779 more words


Joke House Hunter Made Zebra and Zoe (Part 2)

 It had been two weeks since Brian went on his road trip adventure. He hadn’t updated his whereabouts anywhere and I just assumed he didn’t want to be disturbed. 3,208 more words

Short Story