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Valentines Day

“I don’t know much about love,” his friend said, pressing the elevator button. “But this I know for sure: a girl either likes you or doesn’t like you. 415 more words

Short Story

The Frequency of Silence

I: The Frequency of Silence

Soft particles pirouetted. Sightless jigsaw atoms mingled across a silver divide emanating from an acute slither of his curtain’s frayed corner. 3,891 more words


QuickBits #16

The rewrite of Liquid State has begun – no lines has passed under the inspection glass.


Innocence Invaded


The herons stalk the water on the far side, picking their steps carefully through the lilies and swards of weed. Cocking heads in preparation to strike for frogs, whilst on the other shore children splash, hunting the same frogs and hoping for newts. 76 more words

Country Girl: Chapters 1+2

I started writing this short story over three years ago, but poems and song lyrics took over and I completely forgot about it. So I decided to go back and try to finish it. 4,034 more words



Dudley stood at the back of the room, unnoticed.

In front of him, seven people – five men, two women – posed for a picture, smiling and happy. 381 more words

Short Story


Late that night, Robinson went out to buy milk. He drove home past the reservoir where the Fourth of July concert would be the next day. 27 more words