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Eva leaned against the bar and listened half-heatedly to the rock that played from the speakers. The rain beat against the mullioned windows and the fire spat in the grate. 1,118 more words

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Mountains From Mole Hills - Mondays Finish the Story

Mountains From Mole Hills

The barista shook his head. That hedge couldn’t have moved closer overnight. Could it?

“You noticed that too, eh?” said Becka. The scientist had been a customer for years. 281 more words

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Only if you love mine

“I got an old nose,” he said as he stood before the mirror. Half listening as she washed her face three feet away she turned off the water, picked up a towel, patted her forehead dry and added, “ Your ass looks pretty old too, if one is doing an inventory! 242 more words



All of the eight grade boys were stuffed into the auditorium. Once everyone was seated, the mass of two hundred thirteen-year-old boys evolved into a perpetually squirming and giggling amoeba. 1,108 more words



“…and so just as one dozen means twelve of something, one mole means six-hundred-and-two-hexillion of something. It’s difficult to understand the sheer enormity of that number alone, let alone its applications! 1,900 more words


An arm and a leg.

For no reason- suddenly felt like doing some short stories….

He had been in love with her since the 1st grade.

Now they were both attending high school and he still was crazy about her. 342 more words

Continuing Conversations With a Cat (4)


The loud noise startled me and I jumped up from my desk and ran into the living room. Autumn was standing on a shelf and a large picture frame was on the floor. 579 more words

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