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Real stuff first: Employers actively working to mistreat and abuse labor do not deserve a place in the marketplace. I do not use Shipt, but any action taken by laborers in the app-based employment or gig economy will have ramifications for years to come.  552 more words


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‘The Last Resort’ by Michael Nashoni

“The secret had been kept from the eyes of the public and there are some few individuals who had it figured out by themselves. 88 more words

The Mozart of the English Ghost Story

How does William Wymark Jacobs earn the title “The Mozart of the English Short Story”? Because his prose is exquisite and translucent, and his plots – like Mozart/Da Ponte operas – are full of fun and mischief, as anti-romantic as they are romantic. 1,649 more words


Andy Appleby's Fireworks

“I wonder if God ever just feels sorry for you,” I thought as I sat there soaking in the sweltering courtroom of the Migdon County Juvenile Justice Center during the summer of 1948. 1,152 more words

Short Story


She grimaced, then handed me a glass of red.

So dramatic. Jesus, she’s picky when it comes to wine. It tasted… Metallic. She didn’t strip the foil back anymore, just jammed the worm straight through into the stopper. 63 more words

Flash Fiction


“So I had this weird dream last night,” Lara was telling her colleague, Nina, during their lunch break.
“Really? What was it about?” Nina asked looking very interested. 648 more words


Need To Write

Hey everyone, how are you?

I must write today, as I did not do any yesterday, but there is something stopping me.


I have writing to do today, but the thing that is stopping me is myself. 326 more words