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The Proud Quileute

A bright light flashes with the sound of thunder rolling across the great Quileute valley …

As this wolf lays on the cool forest floor, he ponders his life. 214 more words

Short Story

The Dead Show

by Hope Doherty

Everyone I know in the world is impatient. It comes with the territory, I suppose. Being alive makes you want things with an urgency that comes out of the pores of the skin like the dampness of an early morning after too many dreams. 1,612 more words

Short Story

Memorial Day

“We aren’t even there yet and I’m already starting to panic.”

It’s true. My hands are trembling at the steering wheel like someone in the beginning stages of hypothermia. 859 more words

Creative Writing

The Longest Red Light

A Love Story.

She stands across the street, her heart pounding in her ears. The traffic must be loud–there’s a construction site nearby. Another sky scraper. 273 more words

A Tin of Sherbet Lemons

Everything looks like it’s been dropped in a bucketful of colour; red, green and everything in between. Behind the shifting reflections in the panes I can see a pile of beribboned presents teetering beside a sparkling tree. 1,290 more words


A particularly chilling take on enhancement: Kurt Vonnegut's story "Harrison Bergeron"

One tricky question that often comes up in debates about enhancement has to do with justice or fairness. Is it fair that some people get to enhance themselves in some way – improve their looks, health, intelligence, musical talent, etc. 231 more words



I can still remember the first time I said it. The rush I felt, the fear. There was a hidden surge of power that would plunge into me every time I said it. 431 more words