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Where did you go to

why did you leave

what did you mean you need time to breathe

you left me alone a long time to grieve… 143 more words


Life of Lise Zai – Part 38 – Let’s Put This Seventeenth Century Ship in Reverse Gear

Reginald had a strict no-imprisoning-the-prisoners rule, meaning instead of locking captives up, he would just simply leave them at a designated spot on the main deck where he could see them. 1,373 more words


The Lost of Being Found

Finding myself, finding yourself. A journey of less than stellar intentions, I would think. Our journey through this life, being rather unobtrusive, and somewhat unknown to others, gives food for thought, to the hungry, and the starving looking  for truth in everything we do. 873 more words


The Good Luck Story

Mabel, Pablo and their little boy were walking on the beach. It was a sunny day but still not the season when the beach is full of people. 316 more words


Another Ordinary Night At The Opera.

Hi, birds. Turns out I got up and decided to chronicle this dream I had. When these episodes happen, I refer to them as “a trip to the opera.” 861 more words

Personal Chronicle

Heart's Desire Part 1 (Part of the Tangleroot Universe)

“It seems his blade was no sharper than his wits,” quipped Marcellus. He was holding the peasant’s knife in his gauntlet-gloved fist. The emeralds on the gauntlet glimmered, even in the dim light of the tavern. 14,045 more words

All City

My friends and I were drinking forties at a park by my house when we decided it was time for me to hit my first billboard burner. 1,508 more words