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The beach was emptying, the
gleeful yells of kids little more than an echo on the waves as the sun fell. It
was fast becoming the picturesque calm I’d seen on many postcards stacked in… 1,072 more words


“There’s a hierarchy, kid,” I remember my dad telling me as he cleaned the blood from my face. “You’re the new blood.”

I didn’t understand what he meant. 168 more words

Short Story

#SwiftFicFriday - Week 2 Winner

Happy Monday!

#SwiftFicFriday saw another round of great stories this past week. The vote ended in a tie, though, which means I turned to my fiance for the tie breaker. 333 more words

Flash Fiction

Escape Room

The goal; to get out. Taste that fresh air, taste that freedom. I strain to hear the brilliant sounds of birdsong, but the steel walls prohibited that; they didn’t want us to feel temptation, and sound would be temptation. 1,081 more words

Short Story

Train Journey

Shankar could hear his mother
calling his name loud and clear. It was about eight in the morning, and he
could see the beautiful reflection of sunlight on his glass window. 538 more words

Short Story

The Writing Journal #43

This time last year I was living it up in Florida at both Disney
World and Universal – my dream of a holiday in places that I absolutely adore. 653 more words


Ransom Note (Short Story)

“Yeah, she alright, scared obviously.” Jason says, closing the door behind him as Patrick agrees.

“Who wouldn’t be.” Jason walks over to his desk and spot that it is far tidier than when he left it. 454 more words