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Short Story: Aubrey Gets Sacrificed

Aubrey Selden stared in disbelief at the stone monument and the accompanying map nestled on the manicured lawn: Afterlife Multinational Partners. A perky red dot showed You Are Here. 3,624 more words


Day 141 - Sleep - 50 Word Story Expanded

“It’s not fucking rocket science Timmy, you either play ball, or we find someone else who’ll do the job. This fucker needs to be found and put in the ground. 682 more words

365 Challenge

Interdimensional Getaway 

“Drive!” Assaulted the getaway driver’s ears as his accomplice dove in through the recently opened door and slammed it shut. “Go! Go! Go!”

The driver was prepared and sped forward before the other guy even got his seat belt on. 82 more words

Writing Prompt

a r f - pt1 : l


We finally spoke after months. I know it wasn’t face to face and it was instead just over text, but we’re friends again, that’s all that matters to me.  1,273 more words


The Next Four Days

Thanks for following the next four days of my life…

Beginning tomorrow, I have four solid days off.  I’m determined to write a short story or an outline or an idea… 350 more words



​”Aha! Success! This is the final step in my plan to invade Europe!” Cried a balding man wearing an old military suit. He stood on his balcony, overlooking his backyard. 71 more words

Writing Prompt

Past Imperfect - #424

In what subsequently proved to be an ill-advised inspiration, Ben and Jean tried spicing up their romantic life by reenacting the German invasion of France. Sadly, Ben arrived home from work early the next afternoon, intent on another incursion, only to find that France was in the midst of being liberated by the mailman, apparently playing the role of the United States…