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Poem, October 2, 2015

You see, my father weeps when he sleeps,

His alarm clock beeps and he’s out of his bedroom door,

Paving floors with new paint called family, 103 more words


The Waiting Game

WORDS | Raelee Lancaster

She lay at the bottom of the giant container, stiff and horizontal, unsure of whether she was rocking back and forth from fear or shaking violently from the cold. 548 more words


Turbo Slut: Skull Fucked

Turbo Slut: Skull Fucked

Alexis stared at her reflection on the elevator door as if searching for the slightest imperfection. Her face a canvas for a cosmetic obsession. 4,956 more words


Nancy’s Faith- Short Story#5

Sister Nancy believed in God, but she was unsure about being a women of the cloth. Of all things, only one thing did question her faith, Father O’Hurley. 195 more words

September Issue

This month, we have a story from Anna O’Brien. Her story tells the tale of a centaur who comes to town and is quite literally the talk of the town. 179 more words

Short Story

Short Story Exercise: The Discovery of an Artist

(pulled four random cards from The Storymatic, wrote short story)

The others didn’t understand. Some tried. Some would come to his place in the woods and look at the preserved squirrels in their silly poses, the stuffed beavers and rabbits frozen in bizarre angles as if dancing, and they would pat his shoulder politely or grunt with feigned interest. 279 more words

Short Story