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West Africa

Every week I am going to publish an instalment of a book I have been writing. I hope you enjoy and comments are appreciated.

It was one of those nights you get in West Africa where the air is thick with heat, just on the bearable side of suffocation. 2,078 more words



Daily Word Prompt – Orderly

Ron was about as orderly as they come, slightly over the top some might say. He put it down to his time in the forces, whatever it was he liked everything to be spick and span. 595 more words

5 Words-5/29/2016

5 Words-Yesterday

Today’s words are:

  • Journey
  • Steeper
  • Geology
  • Whither
  • Phenomenon

The goal is to exercise your brain and split writer’s block. You can write anything! A story, a poem, a paragraph, a sentence, anything! 43 more words


Confessions of an Avid Author (or Artist) #8


I like to be


And doing things

When most people



Not because I’m


But because

I just can’t handle

All of the… 17 more words


King of Rhins Isle

What happens when an intrepid group of filmmakers and sailors explore a mysterious and uncharted island in the middle of Scottish waters?  What gargantuan horrors lurk within its dense forests and thick fog?  2,277 more words

Flash Fiction

The Durutti Column

Sci-fi Short Story

He was there waiting for the moment, lights on and he was just standing with his hands over his head trying to put everything straight to be the first man in history to achieve this goal. 358 more words


Sunday Scribble - "Underestimated"


The day had been successful. The bandit group that had been terrorizing the border town between Perion and Gronn had been all but vanquished. The few members of that group of thugs that had still lived would hopefully have enough sense to not show their faces again.

1,181 more words