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The Farm

Henry stared at the sun as it boiled red, slowly slipping behind the roof of the old barn. He knew he wasn’t supposed to stare right at it, but just now he couldn’t think of a single reason that being blind would be any worse than seeing what he’d seen. 556 more words

Short Story


“Mack, go help that guy.”

“He looks fine, Pearl.  There’s no need to get involved.”

“How is he fine?”

“Well, he’s not screaming in agony, is he?” 79 more words


A Realization [Almost]

For a moment, much too short

I discovered the truth that can’t be told

Then as I woke

It was all forgotten once more


Introspection (December 2016)

This is based in the world of a larger work that I’ve been writing, focusing on one of its side characters. 

_ _ _ _ _… 1,166 more words

Urban Street Literature Chronicles (Calvin Brewster)

Series One: Part 4
Copyright 2017 Drako Sullivan

“All Rise. This court is now in session. Now presiding is the Honorable Judge Henry B. Middleton.” said the bailiff as the bridle, razor thin judge entered from his chambers. 1,735 more words

Street Lit

Distraction (October 2016)

Lena crouches down and brushes back spiraling leaves to uncover a tiny pumpkin sitting in the dirt. She cups it in just one hand, dusting off flecks of dirt with the other. 562 more words

The Trail (February 2015)

The moon is impossible to see above me. Trees barricade nearly every move I make, and I grow disoriented each time I weave through their towering trunks. 857 more words