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Dusk - Trent P. McDonald #writephoto

I hated to do it, but I had to get up and stretch. After sitting for hours I was getting pretty stiff. I was afraid, though I knew he’d forgive me if I missed him. 117 more words


The Dead Rose Dilemma - Friday Fictioneers 23 February 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Marie Gail Stratford

The Dead Rose Dilemma

Another week, another image.

This time a dead rose?

Sometimes I cringe.

“What the hell can I write about… 87 more words


N E O N - A Short Story

Violet Suzanne Thompson was nervous, and she hadn’t heard a single note of Music City yet.

Although she had put up with getting there for several hours now. 2,983 more words

Short Story

Odious Idiots

I awake gratified that the sleeting rain outside reflects my distaste for the world, my workplace and especially my colleagues. Those odious idiots who believe they are both… 90 more words

Daily Post

The Tree Of Infinite Time

For the fifth time that day it began to rain. With a sigh, Rine shoved his aching fingers in his armpits again. The sword on his hip bounced mercilessly, slowly exasperating the blister that was forming there. 3,738 more words

Short Story

Vuli Ndlela

                Life never chooses when to start nor stop. It goes on and halts just when no one is watching. It tells you there is a solid ground beneath your feet and the next minute, you are sinking in your own carelessness. 323 more words


Blind Love 2

Without thinking I slapped Becky with all my might which had her on the floor, how can she betray me like that we practically grew up together. 159 more words