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My Life is a Story; I've lived shy in my Confidence

Hey guys,

I did say you were going to see me again soon, well “I’m backkk”

For anyone who hasn’t read any of the “My life is a Story” series, well, let me explain what it is about before I go into this episode… 575 more words


Long Caged Wild Heart (Short Story)

She had waited a long time. So long in fact that she had grown tired and started to believe that maybe it was not in her cards. 1,652 more words


Alien Rain

The clouds begin to gather, unremorsefully wiping the colors of limpid-blue scattered by the atmospheric particles across the sky. Suddenly, the sky becomes bitumen-black, and in a moment, turns into shades of gray, and pillows of cloud race athwart it maliciously, obliterating the now peeping sun as if it wasn’t few minutes ago that none could look up at the sky without sun glasses. 483 more words

Godwin Uche Uwadilachi

A Knight's Loyalty

She was alone in the pub. Even after all this time, she still wore her armour and carried her sword. True, the armour wasn’t as polished as it had once been nor the sword as sharp. 757 more words


মাঝরাতে হাইওয়ে

হাতটা হঠাৎ বিছানার পাশে পরতেই ঘুম ভেঙে গেল রায়ানের। পাশের মানুষটা কই? আলো জ্বালতেই দেখল, আনমনা হয়ে পাশের ছোট্ট সোফায় বসে আছে মেয়েটা। পাগল নাকি? রাত ০১.২০ বাজে। উঠে গিয়ে পাশে বসল রায়ান। 367 more words


"Feathered embrace" (poetry)

Sitting and guessing, mulling it over
past midnight in terms of exhaustion.

The sun set a while ago, the rain is a grey drizzle.
Just understood that I’ve not listened to music for quite a while. 292 more words

Short Sketches

800 Ordinary Beliefs

a short

Tomas took a bus across town to see Dr. Mendoza. His sister had
told him that Dr. M would know what to do. 3,265 more words

Short Story