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Part 5

From that day onwards, you visit every day. You bring me food and sweets. Your hands are soft when they touch mine, and they take me to places I’ve never been in. 437 more words

Creative Writing

May You Be Rich & Blessed

(​Submitted as an assignment for a course on writing.)

‘Being poor is something that I would have never wished upon anyone, not even my worst enemies!’ 909 more words


And The Rain Came Tumbling Down

The rain was still tumbling down. Having been cooped up for so long, and with so little else of note occurring naturally the conversation turned to other torrential rainstorms. 96 more words


It was in her eyes that I first saw death,

saw feelings of the eternal breath.
It was me in disguise,
hiding a mirror reflection of who I wished to be. 420 more words


The Dancing Man

The man across me glided his legs from the side to the other side. He looked thrilled as if he had the time of his life. 347 more words

Writings Through My Mind


The exchange had always been flawless, for ages. One leaves and the other enters to rule, simultaneously. The first time there occured a slight friction, was the first time he had noticed her. 93 more words

Short Story

Halfway To Capernaum


*waves hand frantically*

*realizes that she has the cheesiest ever introductions to her posts*

Last week, Light4TheLord and I agreed to each write a 5k short story this week and post it on our blogs. 5,087 more words

Short Story