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Joey has been living his life as a kept man, and a gigolo on the side, for a few years now. It’s not something he planned on. 824 more words

I’m not a fan of downloading files from websites. Neither, I guess, are you. However, until May 2017, that’s how I’m offering my short stories to the world. 53 more words

Short Story

Guilty until proven innocent

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You suddenly get a lot more freedom when turnin’ eighteen: you’re free to live on your own, drive a car, marry someone, quit school and get a job, or – if you’re completely out of your mind – go to college or university. 1,235 more words

Short Story

Flash Fiction: Coincidence

“My son is missing”

Within minutes, Parkland Forest was thronged by Law enforcement officials- tents were set up and search parties, dispatched. D.I Lucy and her partner D.S Fenworthy were seated in one of the tents, across a woman with dishevelled brown hair and tear stained cheeks. 468 more words


“Are you following me?”

I swallowed, leaning away from her accusatory tone. I hadn’t expected this, I wasn’t prepared. “I… uh…”

Lana huffed. “It’s a simple question, Andrew. 744 more words



“Look at all them owls in that tree,” said Lowell. His jowls wobbled as he wiped sweat from his face with an already soaked and disgusting orange sleeve. 237 more words

Short Story