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The Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming

I used to hate gardening, but that was before. Now I find it gives me a sense of peace. I remember that he liked gardening. He found it relaxing, even in the heat of the day, which used to drive me crazy. 351 more words

Short Story

my restless soul

I did love him once, I swear. My love is like a hurricane- it destroys many things in it’s wake. I loved him once and I have proof… me and him, windows down in my car, blasting music as trees waved hello and goodbye from the edge of the highway. 90 more words


An Incomprehensible Future

“I’d like to propose the notion that our future is actually very well explored.” He stated dramatically. “The mystification of outcomes is what causes our pursuit and drive for perfection, more so than the nature of the unknown.” He continues. 1,005 more words

Short Stories

Wir werden haben was wir geben..

He : i wanna making love with u..with one terms. we both should using protector. the most safest things in this world. would you do it with me ?

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The Girl Who Isn't Me

It all started when I was too bored with my life. I was mildly fascinated looking at all the new faces in the crowd.As I kept scanning, my eyes saw a girl I’d never seen before. 386 more words


Heartless Butcher

Heartless Butcher

Bills piled over our heads, and kids must eat. I sold out.

After Aaron left for work and the kids for school, I arranged the deed. 183 more words



“So you love him, huh?” she asked her, a coy smile flirting with her lips.
Her own smile would leave the question well answered- would be enough to ward off the doubts; the suspicion.

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