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Read, But Don't Reply

When I saw him, leaning against the railing. He had a meeting he said before he left this morning.

For a man who wears a snapback because he doesn’t want to fix his shaggy dark hair in the morning, and usually leaves his scruff for a couple days, with a t-shirt and jeans, he cleaned up so well. 450 more words

The Fox's Word.

If you are not with us, you are against us

The Controller flipped the intercom. “Send him in”.

The psychic entered the room glancing at the file on the Controller’s desk. The Controller gestured at it. 436 more words

Fiction - Tales Of Unwise Paths

Ship of the Desert #FlashFridayFic

‘Come One, Come all! See the Ship of the Desert,’ screamed the banner in the market. The banner showed the image of a ship and then the usual camel and date palms. 217 more words


Last Summer

Foolishly he’d rushed to meet with her. It would have been wiser, he knew, to wait and be patient, then at least they would have had the time to talk and say their goodbyes. 462 more words

Jason Cockcroft

A Book That Changed My Life (Short Story Contest Entry)

Short Story

A Book That Changed My Life

My name is Markus Moore. I am writing this now at the age of 45. I look back on my life and remember the first time I opened a book a whole new world opened up to me. 2,138 more words


Dear Son

Dear son,

You would have turned thirteen today. Happy Birthday!! The stillness around me is disturbing; this is unlike any thirteen-year-old-birthday-celebrating home. I believe you are happy, not in an earthy, boisterous kind of way but with a grace of maturity. 2,607 more words

Short Story


Gemma strode past Wesley and hailed another employee standing behind him.

Wesley felt his heart sink as the smile slowly retreated from his lips. His left hand, which had been raised halfway in anticipation of her greeting him, now hung uncomfortably in the air for a few seconds before returning to its original position at his side. 554 more words

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