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Sketch 4/4: Unhinged

Try as she might, she could not eject him from her mind. Perhaps she never really tried all that hard, to be honest. Initially she came across his picture, an arm wrapped around a thin red-head, glass raised, foam sloshed over the edge on social media. 336 more words


Transacting life in memories

She keeps a tatty straw broom in the kitchen propped up against the back door to chase away stray cats. On her nightstand always sits a bottle of something made from cherries she uses to help her sleep on nights that her yesterdays, tomorrow’s, and today’s want to stay up all night. 250 more words

Creative Writing

Eight Stories, by Erich Maria Remarque

With some writers, it’s hard to separate the biography from the work. In Eight Stories: Tales of War and Loss, by Erich Maria Remarque, the brief stories and vignettes read almost like therapy. 434 more words


Road to happiness !!

Rainbow Housing Society housed not just indigenous people but also people from other nationalities.

One such couple which hailed from Australia was loved by one and all. 681 more words

Short Story

Queer !!

The man on the first floor apartment had an air of mystery around him. He walked out of the Society with headphones clung on his ear and a brown coloured backpack that hung low on his back. 649 more words

Short Story

The Trick

Randy had searched the Earth, and figured out the trick. He made a potion from eagle feathers, scorpion poison, and many other things. He stood on a rocky outcrop and drank, knowing he would become a god more powerful than the Titans. 94 more words

Short Fiction

A Glass of Lemonade

I don’t know when it happened, or how it happened, but I knew it happened. I knew I was dead.

I was okay with that. 1,267 more words

Flash Fiction