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And the winner of this week's DRAFT Six Word Story Challenge is...

Welcome to Friday and the conclusion of this week’s Six Word Story Challenge.

This week, I left you the prompt of draft to engineer your story around. 241 more words


Anniversary Gift

Excerpt from something I wrote. Names have been changed.


“I’ve got an early present for you,” Ivana said through her giggles.

Roy lifted a brow and ran his hand down Ivana’s smooth back and looked under the sheets. 281 more words


10.21.16 - white wind (1)

I open our white gate, slamming the wood pickets against the latch. I pick up speed footsteps pulsing against the dirt road and just kept running. 477 more words


Watch "Spy Bird" on YouTube

A very short story about a bird that came to a writer’s window regularly. Feel free to make your own very short story out of the video in the comments section.


"Sheep's Clothing"

A short story by David Pierdomenico

With eager anticipation, Oliver waited for the tiny numbers in the corner of his monitor to change from 4:59 to 5:00.  2,461 more words


13 Tales of Terror: Eternal Thirst

Malcolm was a vampire.

He hadn’t always been a vampire, of course. In fact, he’d only just become one last night. Before that, he led the simple life of an accountant, managing his company’s books and compiling expense reports. 557 more words

Short Stories

Excerpt from "The Parking Lot"- Margaret Fitch

Though it is slightly embarrassing to admit, the majority of my time when I am outside is not spent training, but just being. There is frankly no other time in the day when I am alone with my own thoughts; that is my justification. 423 more words

Short Story