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Rimbaud To the Rescue

Workweek to workweek, it’s necessary to rest and recharge and I still can’t get over how hard that can be.

No rest for the weekend. I worked through half the Saturday and then only came down from the urgency by Sunday afternoon. 598 more words


Nosferatu Goes on a Cruise

When Nosferatu stows away on cruise he turns it into a floating buffet.

This piece originally appeared in my Monster Mashup Part 2 short fiction collection. 530 more words




His short story, “THE RAIN”,

About riders on a train…

Preachers weaken

Not knowing they’re seeking,

Subconsciously sin untrained.

84 more words

By Jonathan Caswell

Bar Fight

There was a need in me. Not something that could fully be described, but simply a need. There was no more and no less. A need to become something else, a need to see something else, a need to find something else. 527 more words


Edaline Jumps Out of a Plane

Edaline double checked the chin strap on her helmet.

“Does this look right?” She asked the instructor. She screamed to be heard over the roar of the plane engine. 562 more words



There were pots: Lots and lots of pots. There was water in a tank over the pots; there were wolves and wild buffaloes drinking water in the tank over the pots. 415 more words


Short Story: The Starfish

Sean Dennison, BFR Editorial Staff


                        Another day, another hundred errands. Could you please take Robbie to the beach? I’ve packed some snacks for you. For dinner I’m thinking pizza. 788 more words

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