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DX Fanzine nr. 29 - January 2016

DX Fanzine, an electronic newsletter which was originally edited in 1999/2000, brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. 4,799 more words


Short Wave Communications Off Alaska Coast


Messages  are being monitored and are causing some alerts.


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4 Horses Of Apocalypse

Sleep Series: Part 2 - World of Color

I used to hear stuff about light and color influencing sleep (“Don’t look at TVs before bed!”) and thought yeah…doubt it. After all, why would light exposure PRIOR to sleep affect actual asleep? 742 more words



Woofferton | Peter Evans, Geograph

The Woofferton transmitting station is the UK’s last shortwave broadcasting site. Woofferton is near Ludlow in Shropshire. The station was originally built by the BBC during World War II to house six 50 kW RCA transmitters obtained by lend-lease. 93 more words


The End of a Skyline: Sackville's Radio Towers

Boardwalk’s themed Friday show – Be the News – hosted a full show this Friday on the theme of the CBC short-wave radio towers being knocked down. 83 more words


Number Stations; the ultimate low end hack [AUDIO]

A curious radio communication method that was used by spies during WWI and WWII, is still used by some to transmit secret messages today. These coded shortwave radio transmissions are know as “number stations.” The transmissions were in wide use by the Soviet Union, Cuba and the U.S. 239 more words