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The Blanket: Addendum

the blanket we loved

has forgotten you,

and perhaps,


I should, too.


Have you seen Jake?

Have you seen Jake?

Maybe, what’s he look like?
Ahh… Yeah, more like a Dave. Yeah, definitely a Dave. Have you seen a Dave? If you see Dave, tell him Steve is looking for him. 107 more words


Upside-uʍop 9/11/10

Upside-uʍop 9/11/10

I was riding my bike the other day,

And before I got to the corner down the road,

I hit the curb and fell on my head. 195 more words



No alcohol in my system but my heart is burning,
just a soft, gentle warmth from the fire.
No caffeine in my system but my heart is racing, 123 more words


The World We Live In

This world is really weird. When children are small, they want to grow up quickly to do things adults do. But when these same kids grow into adulthood, they want to remain at a certain age and forgo wrinkles and hormonal changes. 386 more words


We are the Witches. 

We are the Witches. A thousand years ago when our ancestors sprung from the scorched earth at the feet of mount Vesuvius, clothed in brimstone and weeping ash, we turned to the sea and watched the storms there swallow the horizon. 138 more words


The rules are set by the people who follow them.