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Here is another short I’ve made for my class.

Snow. Dish washing gel. Random guitar strums and slides.

Life Rants


Chelsea always wore stripes because Michelle said she looked better in them. Michelle always wore sparkles because Ella said she looked fabulous with them. Ella always wore scarves because Layla said they were life saving accessories. 50 more words

Short Story

What Is Wrong?

I watched her for what seemed a decade, for what was a decade. I loved her and she loved me but not for the way I wanted her to. 271 more words



She was what she was.

A whore,

a lady of delight where morality was lost.

She  carried filth and debauchery in her stride,

delighting in the paper that filled her pocket. 120 more words

Random Words


Gertrude was always looking outside her window. She made coffee and always happen to have an additional cup. One would go cold, cold as her own heart. 202 more words

Pensioners and Wildly gyrating Markets.

The last few months have seen the price of oil dropping to $27.- a barrel. Some years ago, it was ‘peak oil,’ with dire predictions of shortages. 597 more words

Gerard Oosterman