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Life is Short

“Life is short”.

I know this statement or saying is so cliché that it has lost its effect but I want you to say it – slowly and meaningful… 487 more words


Driven Angry

I open my eyes. Outside the car, rain falls in heavy sheets. I can tell I wasn’t out long, because we seem to be driving through the same stretch of baron highway. 998 more words

Flash Fiction

Day #239: Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Man, I really love the fact that Octodad exists.  I also love that the Humble Bundle exists because I really didn’t want to pay 15 bucks for it. 238 more words

Video Games

Behind Me

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I was followed by an invisible man while out jogging.

I could hear his footsteps frequently, but he was never visible.

An old man with eyes like a fly’s watched me go by. 61 more words


If A [blank] Could Talk #2

Well, here we are again. You’ve come to use me.

It’s okay, I get it. I understand why you do this. You need me as much as I need you. 77 more words


If A [blank] Could Talk #1

If I had to describe myself in a word, it would be very sensible. Because that’s what I am – a sensible choice. I’m a sense of security in that you can have what you want without the struggle associated with sacrifice. 95 more words



People in general are like flies and mosquitoes: there is no getting rid of them. Too far and deep runs their stupidity.

It is no use complaining though. 60 more words