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Speaking simply and from the heart
I am merely a snippet of you
As you are utterly made up
Of complex body parts.

A brief flash… 17 more words


Addiction: Part Two

Well, he was alive – this she knew for sure. If it was him, that is. No-one had yet challenged her entry into the flat, so her only hope was that he was sleeping soundly somewhere, though she knew her mind was giving her false hope. 2,752 more words

Short Story


I frequently baptize myself
when no one else is around.
Christening myself with a halo of Universal knowledge,
I try not to drown
While pulling unusable pieces of myself out… 12 more words


How can you be so lonely?

How can you be so lonely oh darling!
Why do you despise your own sweet company?
You’re a thousand galaxies, the moons and the stars… 49 more words

Creative Writing

Feast (2014)

2015 #28a
Patrick Osborne | 6 mins | Blu-ray | 2.39:1 | USA / English | U / G

This year’s Best Animated Short Oscar winner is a charming little tale of a dog and his owner. 294 more words


scent of rain

seven billion people and you appear under the same piece of sky.
what a shame it would be if i’d never know you because ‘i was shy’. 14 more words