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Nirvella– Rock Talk

“Woah, hold on,” Sen cut in. He shook his finger at Ms. Kim. “You said before that bags and containers don’t affect the charm. So how can can it make a difference whether you use a bronze or copper brazier for a rite?” 1,338 more words

Runa Beach

The Story - Chapter 154

I made a carry wrap out of my pullover. As soon as I placed the baby dragon into it the little critter curled into a ball and fell asleep. 147 more words


Thank you - The Story

Hi Haileybury Girls and Mr O’Dwyer.

I wanted to send a big thank you your way for enjoying The Story and for working so hard on your 3D designs of my characters this year – I cannot WAIT to see them! 31 more words

Snap Shot


I open another bottle. The pills I collect in the bowl laugh at me. I dilligently take my prescription, accept the dosage, then pour it with the previous ones into the big bowl on my table. 250 more words


On the film production project

Being a photographer in today’s industry is a lot more than taking pictures, as David McMahon explains in his blog post ‘Multi-functional creative’.  In the framework of this MSc Biological Photography and Imaging, I was asked to produce a 10 minutes video with two other students. 245 more words

CΩT (Part 5)

Carly gets home late that night and parks her truck, letting out a sigh as she shifts the stick to P. She reaches the second floor and stops at the top of the stairs, staring down the walkway to her door which is, once again, ajar when it should be closed. 982 more words