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Whimsical Gardening for Dads and Kids

Can you picture recycling a plain platic bottle into a planter -with the handle as a tribal warrior’s nose? Think out of the box (as well bottle and container) for whimsical looking potted plants that will brighten up any space.  341 more words


Last Night's Nightmare

This is my nightmare from last night. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve had one – and how my brain made up for their recent absence.  753 more words


E-Mini S&P 500, 3/1/15

ES, Short, Discretionary
Entry: 2104.50
Stop: 2113
Target: 2088
Risk/Reward Ratio: 1.94

Along the same lines with my previous E-Mini Nasdaq trade (that didn’t work out), going to take a small stab at S&P this time, another discretionary trade based on my bearish bias. 43 more words


Heart and Soul

three little babes

in a swimming pool

moving too fast

but saved by helping hands.

too critical

all day long

fussy minds

must find a calm path. 11 more words

How many times has this line been drawn in the cold, wet sand, that sinks beneath our feet?
How many times have we been here of late?

142 more words

The Story - Chapter 134

I scratched a line into the rock wall. Two lines. Two days.

“It’s been 7 hours.” The witch complained behind me.

I didn’t bother to turn around. 145 more words


Mother Of The Arts

I do worry in highlighting comic strips that I get too relentlessly snarky and downbeat on them. For one, I really do love comic strips, even though the syndicated newspaper comic strip is not a form of art that’s near a creative or commercial peak. 231 more words