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A Fire that Never Stops

I stepped outside for a cigarette. I don’t think I’ve ever had one during the day. I could only smoke when I was out with friends, or during the night. 1,401 more words



I am both.
I am empty
Like space.
Like time,
I am endless.
Like grace.

Glowing Short Term Furnished Housing in Tallahassee!

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An Analogy

Writing a book is like building a house: you start with the foundation (ideas), then set up the frame (outline). Next, you add the walls and windows (piece together the plot and conflicts). 25 more words


#195 (newronal islands)

 dancing letters

 piercing my irises

sprouting newronal islands

floating like sea rose petals

on grey matter

© Matthias Geh, 18th January 2018