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Warren Buffett Says You Should Ask This 1 Question to Become the Best Version of Yourself

(Source: www.inc.com)

Warren Buffett is well known for his finely honed ability to spot immensely profitable investment opportunities. 

Besides his sage advice for investing in companies, though, … 547 more words

Money Matters

fever dream

I am at a conference with a poet I admire. In my dream. In my dream, I am at a conference with this poet. He isn’t the keynote speaker, or even a presenter. 416 more words


A short​ introduction to positive psychology || Psychology

In today’s post about psychology, I want to share with you what is positive psychology. As you may already think it is about positive aspects of our life. 303 more words

Nigri Felis

In The Garden

One hot day in July, the mother was in the kitchen removing peas from their pods. She had opened all of the windows to let a breeze drift in and out. 409 more words


The Best Grenade

I can still remember at that unforgettable night, our team had a deadly battle with the enemies which lasted for 34 mins! But nobody had ever got hurt during it. 160 more words