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I Swear I'll Start Getting In Shape...Tomorrow.

For the past 6 years I have been putting off something really important. Getting into shape! I wouldn’t say that I am extremely unhealthy but six years after having my last child, I think I could use a bit of exercise. 82 more words


Stars above and skies below

You are the sun –

Bright and brilliant and beautiful.

And I am the moon.

People only see me because of you.


The Fire Chief Hires an Elephant

He starts to regret it. The elephant can’t slide down the pole or fit on the truck. None of the uniforms or equipment fit the elephant. 207 more words



When the first rain shower hits
The ground and you inhale the wet
Sand and it reminds you of how
Your senses heighten when you… 82 more words

Trying to put life into words.

It is a fusion. A mixture. A clash. A diffusion. Of everything you have ever dreamed of, Imagined, felt, seen, heard. And every single thing that was opposite of it. 246 more words

Short #002

When I saw you at that wall,
you gave me a look that made me a bit uncomfortable.

I didn’t mind.

I guess I was drawn by some strange¬†force to you that… 84 more words