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Keng King Kong: Kang Kung

Konon, makhluk yang dinamakan Kong menyerang suatu negeri. Ia hanya melahap tumbuh-tumbuhan yang pada akhirnya dapat membunuh binatang dan manusia secara perlahan. Demi mencegah bencana kelaparan terjadi, King Jaelani, pemimpin negeri itu memerintahkan Kang Dadang sebagai jenderal perang yang memimpin dua ribu pasukan untuk melawan si makhluk Hollywood. 270 more words


The Itsy-Bitsy Spider

I recently found an awesome prompt on Reddit and I just had to give it a try!

The prompt was : Re-write ‘itsy-bitsy spider’ as a high action thriller drama. 422 more words


The skies don't care

‘May the skies have mercy on you!’ He screamed in her ear and awkwardly jumped back inside their ship. He was the sad twisted blind date on a desperate lull back into modern society. 14 more words



He was the darkest part of the sea,

the last breath she had,

the most crowded street

and really,

the fire on a hot July afternoon.



“I’m sorry I’m so sad all over again.”
“I’m sorry I messed it up, again.”
“I’m sorry that I’m whining again.”
“I’m sorry that I keep talking about him/her over the same shit again.” 61 more words


“Another day ruined,” he said at eight o’clock in the morning.
He burnt the bacon.

That was my attempt at CS Wilde’s contest to see who could produce the best story in two sentences.