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There are 300 urinals present.

Just the first and last are used at all.

If one of those two isn’t open

Non-sociopaths use a stall.


Forgotten, Yet Forgotten.

Deluge in bursts of flavourful the simplistic sauteed garlic, my hands gripped my trusty ladle, stirring the wok in order to maximise the fire. Not more than a few seconds, the fire roared gloriously as I added a copious amount of ginger into the flavour party, reminiscing the bread crumbs of the past. 400 more words


3 Snakes (but really films) on a Plane

I spent most of July in the U.S. It was my first trip out of Europe & I wasn’t really expecting much. I stayed at a local university, our dorm located two blocks from the White House. 685 more words


It’s in the marrow,

And coils the soul.

It’s bound in wire,

Around the bone.

Blood holds the body,

To the body, the soul,

And to the soul, the heart. 23 more words



I fucked up when I desired and pursued

When my discipline says channel and attract


And Then I Thought About Fun

I know there’s exceptions to this next statement. But, generally, going to an amusement park is fun. I mean for the people going to the park for the purpose of fun. 166 more words


Until the last drop


Starting from mind, from nothing, because I am merely nothing

A poet is merely one willing to expend energy to create, to give life… 42 more words