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Writing Prompt | No Turning Back

Hi, fellow human beings!! So today I was very stuck on what to write. I write a lot of creative pieces in a little notebook of mine, so I thought, remember that time I posted a poem? 344 more words

The Hotel Room

Just stretching the storytelling muscles in my brain, not sure where it will lead…

Jack sat there, lightly stirring the whiskey in the tumbler, listening as the ice shifted in the amber liquid. 602 more words

Erotic Story

Secret Love

”What do you do when no one else understands you, or you at least think they don’t? Do you sit and try to explain exactly what is going on inside your head or do you hide it away and put on that brave face? 1,264 more words

The Damn Pirate Hat

(Important note: things in italic are written on paper by the person “saying” them.)

Felix: “Ahoy mate!”
Miko: (Doesn’t even look at him but knocks the big pirate hat of Felix’s head.) 258 more words


Modern Art

Characteristic of modern art: freedom. Freedom of ideas and their expressions. Anyone is free to express whatever idea however they like, and claim that it is art. 443 more words


Want To Be Amused?

So, my super incredible husband, Trey, has started 103 more words