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Desire shortcode Bulksms and Shortcode Provider

Bulk SMS is actually a mobile messaging support service that allows business owners as well as business send out SMS in bulk amounts to 1000s of clients swiftly as well as successfully. 596 more words


My Very First Blog Post

Welcome to my very first WordPress blog Post!!

What is 2*2*2+122+12000






How Tsu Join

Sometimes we click on a link and don’t really know what to do when we get there.

How much information do we have to give away to sign up… 197 more words

Social Media

Hide media in tweets

Twitter embeds are cool, just like everything else on WordPress.com. You just paste the link to a tweet and the editor auto-magically embeds the twitter card. 233 more words


Fool Proofing Your Site's Google Ads in WP (Part 1)

Foolproofing your site’s Google Ads in WP is a two-part guide on how to ease the pain of Ad blockers. In the first part we will encourage your website users diplomatically to disable their Ad blocking software. 15 more words

Wordpress for FREE - my top tips

I’ve been using WordPress for three weeks now.  For free*!!  Getting my voice out into the world.  Writing and reading and exploring in my spare time. 741 more words


Escape shortcode of Wordpress

WordPress provides a plenty of useful shortcode for publishing your post easily and speedy, such as or . For example, the tag can embed a Youtube film into your post: 51 more words