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WordPress School: Shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes are abbreviated code placed into the WordPress Visual or Text Editors that expands into a larger code structure. As we continue with Lorelle’s WordPress School free online course… 1,205 more words


Using Markdown and shortcodes

Using the right Markdown ensures that I can type out a code in my HTML posts and prevent WordPress from converting it into HTML.

It has been a somewhat difficult using the Markdown function to indicate code blocks in my HTML articles… 85 more words


Google Hangouts on Android adds five more new emoticon shortcodes

(Source: 9to5google.com)

Ahead of its transition to becoming a business tool, many expected Hangouts to be totally neglected in terms of new features. Recently, though, Google decided it was time to add new features to Hangouts for Android in the form of five new emoticon shortcodes, for some reason… 181 more words


Massive List of WordPress [shortcodes]

Below are roughly 32 to use in your WordPress website.  These shortcodes work with Premium & Free WordPress websites.  Thanks to WordPress, they are below and can also be located… 5,929 more words


Rich Email Content via Jetpack Subscriptions

If you post regularly on your blog you probably use various shortcodes to embed content on a regular basis (and if you don’t, learn more here… 190 more words