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French Toast Egg Cups

A sudden craving for French toast paired with a leftover baguette led to a new approach to eggs cups this morning.

In each cup of a muffin tin, crack one egg and add a splash of almond milk (vanilla works great for a French toast flavor, or unsweetened for a savory option). 65 more words


U: U and You

Hello one and all!

Why do we replace entire words with letters?  It seems to be a common theme in text messages and personal emails, and I have even begun to see this in professional advertisements. 194 more words

February ABCs

Your order for life

What do you really want? I’m not asking you to think about it but maybe write a few wants down. Rationally, we only can change our surroundings and ourselves, so scratch off any unrealistic wants. 301 more words


No Shortcuts

I’m writing this post on my phone as I lay on my tummy with a warm bean bag on my back. So yesterday evening it was my task to do the dishes being the lazy bum that I am decided against washing by hand. 309 more words


vim: cleaning up mixed indents

Thanks to the wiki for this.  If you run across a file that mixes tabs and spaces (ewww!), set the tab settings the way you want (e.g., ts=4 sts=4 sw=4 et ai) and run… 82 more words

Tech Tips

ShortX: A Hotkey Program for Windows

This post introduces a new program I wrote in Go and C named ShortX. ShortX allows for the creation of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to trigger other keys or commands. 188 more words