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Excellent plot…..yet to be discovered more.The movie simply lies on one statement – we  should value what we have and look at those who dont even have that much. 92 more words


Dakota one of the Best Dressed at HFPA Private Dinner

Gaga, Halle Berry, Emily Blunt and Dakota Johnson were among dozens of celebrities appearing at a private dinner.
Thursday The HFPA hosted a 90-minute star parade at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, as one actor after the next came up to read about the 55 grant recipients. 25 more words

SELFIE-short movie

one of the best I  have come across !! the plot of the story is “common man” and what all he goes through his daily routine.A strong message have been delivered-we know ourselves better than others and we should select ourselves than the rest as   who we are makes us strong and confident rather  than what other think we are.people tend to hide themselves behind make-up,branded clothes and other outer accessories ,but our inner-self is our true-self,no Armani and gucci can help us being a good human.it might make us appear presentable but thats the outer layer .we should have self-respect and be confident about our personality irrespective how other treat or think about us, because we know ourselves the most.5/5 *****……excellent plot,excellent direction.7.04 minutes of movie describes out decades of years passed. 6 more words


FREEDOM-short movie by manoj bajpai

Up to my expectations!…manoj bajpai is a good actor and I was expecting a really good piece of work from him .He and raveena tandon both have  justified thier roles.In short the plot was new-i.e freedom that we have almost forgotten and have started taking for granted! 120 more words


Breakthrough Inspiration Video. For you.

We tend to do what society/family expects from us.. forgetting what we really want.. Trying to do stuff which others want us to do… This is one of the videos which crashes your mind and forces to think. 34 more words


That Day After Everyday on contemporary issue eve teasing directed by Anurag Kashyap

The movie is an answer to all those bastards and male chauvinist think,that women are objects to play or tease, dont treat them the way  they want themselves to be treated and all those who want their wives,daughters or sister to sit back and rely on them for every thing since they cant make them fell protective  and cant let them be self-dependent and be the person they are or think women are just meant  for domestic chaos .anyhow coming to the crux-story of three friends who faced eve teasing and instead of escaping the culprits they faced the situation and fought back-with a bang bang!!! 61 more words