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Flimsy the Frog King

Flimsy Flotsom Filtreet, herald he,
a frog that sits on yonder tree,
a frog of strength, and might words
a frog who speaks to men and birds. 89 more words


Fashion Police Bulletin #2

It has become apparent that a second Fashion Police bulletin  is required, due to recent disquieting developments. Please note that the  first bulletin is still applicable, and that the Fashion Police reserve the right to be totally arbitary and whimsical in their judgements. 511 more words



I studied her figure with a critical eye, my hand gently holding a small brush that was riddled with paint.

The model that lay before me was so beautiful that at times I had to stop looking at my painting and admire her instead. 739 more words



Channeling the delightful Francis. #dirtydancing

Body – H&M. I. Love. It.

Shorts – Vintage, love.


Short: Marketing by Hospitality

It is so common to see huge commercial billboards and television spots for advertisements that we tend to forget that other forms of marketing exist. The salesperson technique is undoubtedly the oldest and, to this day, the most effective form of marketing which demands spontaneity and a lot of skill. 49 more words


Summer Essentials

Here are some essentials to have in the summer to change up your wardrobe and create some really cool, new looks!


The ones here are the same exact ones I have, and they look very chic and fun. 248 more words


Item(s) of the day: Best of the Dorothy Perkins sale

Another day, another sale. I couldn’t pick just one thing for today’s item of the day so I’ve got a little collection of favourites from the Dorothy Perkins sale. 75 more words