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Advanced Directives: Do It In Advance

One of the notifications that pops up on patient charts is Advanced Directives, aka Living Will, aka Medical Power of Attorney. Who’s going to make your healthcare decisions when you’re incapacitated? 222 more words


My Moana Moment

“You know, the Chinese were once great sailors.”
“Um sure, I’ve seen those Hong Kong ships.”
“No not Hong Kong, China! The Ming Dynasty! They had amazing ships and were going all over the world, waaay before Great Britain or Egypt. 267 more words


I Tried Laser Hair Removal and Here's What's Up

After getting my first paycheck, I went on a little Groupon spree that included: cryotherapy, microdermabrasion, hot stone massage, float therapy, and laser hair removal.  322 more words


The Gasoline Gang, Chapter 2

Xander and Pell are best buds. They drive around together, engaging in their humanitarian work. Because of their knowledge of women’s healthcare issues, they are acutely aware of the crisis of the trouser leg drought. 47 more words


What Dreams Are Made Of

Uniqlo striped t shirt | Vale cotton shorts | Charles by Charles David white sandals | Tote purse | Dolce&Gabbana rose earrings | Tech accessory | Bobbi brown cosmetic | Nars cosmetic


Rise and Shine (p1)

It took Lucas over half a day to come around to the idea of his birth. He had been pushed, pulled, twisted and prodded, all of which he handled admirably, the boy seemingly impervious inside his cervical cocoon. 530 more words