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Not sorry

It was a Tuesday when the men came.

Dad just came back with a boat full of fish and Mom was out the back door with her laundry. 472 more words


A Love Letter To My Mother On Her Birthday

Sweet Mother mine,

Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Mum.

Wow. I miss saying those words.

You would have been seventy-two years today – and I cannot help but think what your day would have been like. 1,466 more words


Paint me like one of your french girls

It was blue, it had always been blue. So why not?

The thought had occurred to me like a self-evidence. A statement that needed no explanation or demonstration, a universal truth. 359 more words


Awful Feelings, Awful Days

This is one of those awful feelings

This is one of those awful days
I feel a ball growing in my throat

I feel my mind disintegrating… 311 more words


Project BMG - Chilly choice of outfit in summer

This is my little moment dedicated to clothing or fashion or whatever you want to call it, as it is not mere fashion or fashion news or what’s hot or not right now. 537 more words



He sat on the floor,
Legs, aching, throbbing from his ten minutes on the treadmill.
It was one of those days, maybe a Wednesday, when life seems like a never-ending ordeal. 158 more words

The Cavern Below

“Careful,” warned Sly Sara. “The Mayans had loads of traps.”

Captain Jack nodded at his companion and took a slow step down the stairs. The stairs led down a slim stone corridor going deep into the ground and the walls looked like they could press down and suffocate him at any moment. 991 more words