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“The world doesn’t weep for the hearts that break,

we can only weep for ourselves,

we are just a bystander,

we can only watch it change slowly or drastically, 25 more words

Short horror story for a good night- 'sweet dreams!'


(written by- Ajinkya H. Naik)

With my sick wife’s medical bills piling up and loan sharks chasing after my life, accepting the odd job was my only way out. 292 more words

Saturday mornings.

Saturday mornings,
I always looked forward to.

There you went, into the wind.

Your time was up,
you left too soon.

You took the sun with you, 28 more words



April 17,2018

“Treat yourself right even though things don’t turn out as you planned…”

c.h.l 11:22 A.M.

I'm no longer ashamed of my legs - and you shouldn't be either

The UK has been hit with a heatwave over the last few days and while I hate Summer and any temperature above 5 degrees, my friends have managed to convince me to go outside *shudders*. 214 more words


Captain America: The Winter Soldier - A Paragraph Review

It’s time to talk about the best Marvel movie in my opinion. 265 more words