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i don’t think i ever saw anything (worthy) in me, especially when i started becoming aware of myself, my existence and its relationship with the universe. 344 more words

Doomsday Dime

Doomsday arrived.

The mighty ranger packed his backpack and flipped his shovel.

His trusty weapons – a broad grin and a bellowing sigh.

It was do or die. 29 more words


She shivered under the weight of his gaze, reaching out she grasped his cold hands in an attempt to subdue his simmering rage.

She opened her mouth, but the words just wouldn’t come out. 648 more words


Dead of Winter: A short story

Inspired by a game of Dead of Winter I played, this is a story I wrote of two men in the zombie apocalypse.

Daniel had wanted to be a sheriff ever since middle school when he happened on Eureka, a tv show featured around Sheriff Jack Carter. 1,629 more words

Lauren Carr

Baby Grotesque

A grotesque and surprising story of love and lost done in a colorful, childish 59 more words


About soul recognition

I do not understand how, but each person I see seems familiar somehow. Maybe it is because the soul itself is just one and we share it among us. 134 more words