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Level 50 Is HERE!

That’s right, we’ve got a Level 50 update on our hands! let’s see what’s new…

Character/Building Combos:

-Helen Lovejoy w/ The Municipal House Of Pancakes… 58 more words

TSTO Events

Revisiting Rosa: A Tribute to Skateboarding's Long Lost Icon

I normally try to avoid making sweeping generalizations about skateboarders, (“we’re like individuals who all do the same thing, man”) but when we’re not gabbing about what AVE’s upcoming part will be like or quizzing each other on what Gang Starr song Koston skated to in “Falling Down”, we’re usually telling stories about chicks and sex, some of which are true, most of which are totally embellished and or completely made up. 731 more words


HKSG Update - 3 in, 1 out

Not the most exciting update to the Hell’s Kitchen Survival Guide, but an update nonetheless.  I keep trying new places, and looking for hidden gems which turn out to be just hidden… Puff Cha, B-Side, all sorts of new Mexican, and Puff Cha Ramen formerly known as Puff Cha (little identity crisis, that’s all.  167 more words


Shorty Awards: Best TV use of Social Media

The Shorty Awards may sound incredibly foreign to some but to others they are widely known for the past 7 years. This year they had a category for the best television use of social media. 205 more words

I am a farmer... Friday , October 30, 2014 / Barenbach, Germany #SchwervonPoetry

I am a Farmer
Slicing up the air
Like bread
I am a warrior artist
Harvesting the wind

You have a choice
Unlike the mud… 145 more words

It's a small world out there!


How an encounter gets “real”

After flying into Seattle we caught the number 13 bus to our hotel. On the ride a conversation arose between us and a Raiders fan. 132 more words

skateshops in SB

This skateshop is a really good place to come to if you need help getting a skateboard, shoes, or clothes. They have really good skateboards and clothes here. 236 more words