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Playing the Street Fighter V Beta

A few weeks ago the SFV Beta became available for people who preordered the game. Having done so myself, I was among the many people who got to enjoy the game in it’s glorious and laggy pre-release rendition. 263 more words

Uppercut Life

Face down on the ground.

“Can’t.” He looked at me and said,

“You can! Sho-ryu-ken!”


The "Terms of Services" of Shoryuken

Upon creating my account on Shoryuken.com, I had to check the little box to indicate that I agreed to their terms. Funnily enough, I didn’t actually have to click on the link that would take me to their terms. 292 more words

My Chosen Community

I chose to follow the Shoryuken forums as my community. I’ve recently gotten into fighting games with some friends that I’ve made since moving up here. 229 more words

Material investigation/Fire elevation

I was practicing with clay and matchstick’s, trying to find what other possible shapes I could create using these certain materials.

The shapes I made were quite interesting (to me at least) but the most fascinating part for me was the fire functions that these maquette’s possessed. 132 more words

Sculpture Idea: Shoryuken (The Rising Dragon)

I am planning on going back and creating another metal sculpture, but this time I am planning for it to have a function. I was thinking of creating some sort of ‘outdoor fire place.’ 181 more words

Ken Is Coming, But On A Different Wave-Length Than Counterpart; Ryu In Street Fighter V

Veteran street fighter Ken Masters is coming to Street Fighter 5, Capcom confirmed at its San Diego Comic-Con panel today. The fighter will play less like his shotokan counterpart Ryu than ever before, Capcom said after revealing the fighting game’s latest character. 130 more words