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Ken Is Coming, But On A Different Wave-Length Than Counterpart; Ryu In Street Fighter V

Veteran street fighter Ken Masters is coming to Street Fighter 5, Capcom confirmed at its San Diego Comic-Con panel today. The fighter will play less like his shotokan counterpart Ryu than ever before, Capcom said after revealing the fighting game’s latest character. 130 more words


Smash Bros: Roy and Ryu!


Oh god, look…There’s no way we’re gonna keep up. So much mews is being thrown at us that we barely have time to digest it before the next article, announcement or live stream comes out. 793 more words


Sebadelhe Metal Fest

O Sebadelhe Metal Fest surge com o intuito de promover e divulgar o Metal no concelho de Vila Nova de Foz Côa. Uma iniciativa concebida por um grupo de jovens locais que pretendem criar um espaço de entretenimento e convívio.

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Street Fighter Special

こんにちは、友達, as Bill and Ennis Cosby would say. Today I have something pretty cool to talk about: Street Fighter. I’ve only talked about it twice, but for the record, I love it. 831 more words

Interview with April 2015 East Coast Player Spotlight Winner TempleNUT

Jemmillion: Congratulations on being one of the winners for the April 2015 East Coast Player Spotlight! How long have you been playing fighting games? Do you play any others competitively besides Uniel and Guilty Gear: Xrd? 970 more words


Post-KiT15 Interview with Ultra Street Fighter IV Winner WTHamad

Jemmillion: Congratulations on winning USF4 at this year’s KiT15. How were you feeling during grand finals and those last few matches?

WTHamad:  I actually started meditating not too long ago. 1,175 more words


Post #6 of 100

Lagging behind but coming back with a vengeance.

Published Date: May 16, 2014
Published Site: Shoryuken.com
Link: http://shoryuken.com/2014/05/16/kamehameha-developer-ronnie-balthazar-dieleman-talks-hyper-dragon-ball-z

In-depth interview with the contemporary sprites artists. whom attract Gen-X with its old-school sprites and playstyle.