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Post-KiT15 Interview with Ultra Street Fighter IV Winner WTHamad

Jemmillion: Congratulations on winning USF4 at this year’s KiT15. How were you feeling during grand finals and those last few matches?

WTHamad:  I actually started meditating not too long ago. 1,175 more words


Expect More Hadoukens and shoryukens during Taipei Game Show 2015

Although Street Fighter V for PS4 has just been announced last month. We have seen some footage already of Ryu and Chun-Li, but there’s more, we can expect some new footage soon at Taipei Game Show 2015. 140 more words


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Lagging behind but coming back with a vengeance.

Published Date: May 16, 2014
Published Site: Shoryuken.com
Link: http://shoryuken.com/2014/05/16/kamehameha-developer-ronnie-balthazar-dieleman-talks-hyper-dragon-ball-z

In-depth interview with the contemporary sprites artists. whom attract Gen-X with its old-school sprites and playstyle.


Hakata Ramen Sho Ryu Ken

Following a night of Halloween festivities, Kevin and I had lunch at Hakata Ramen Sho Ryu Ken (5321 Yonge Street), a newly opened and small-ish ramen place in North York. 425 more words


Interview with Pro-Fighting Gamer Tom Brady

Jemmillion: The first tournament I ever attended was Summer Jam 7 in 2013. I had the great opportunity of getting to speak with you. At the time, I had known you as the guy who played Aquaman in Injustice: Gods Among Us. 1,163 more words


Ryu: The World Warrior

By far,  hands down,  no question,  without a doubt,  to be honest,  I’m just saying,  in case you wanted know,  FYI,  my absolute favorite street fighter,  RYU!!!

Geoff Schumpert

My Rolento Combo Video Was Featured on Shoryuken.com!

Next up, we’ve got another compilation of practical combo options for Rolento. JettInThirdPerson makes use of all the tools at the mercenary’s disposal in this demonstration.

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