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What’s in the Box: Nomadik February 2017

Apparently I am a difficult person to buy gifts for owing to my general lack of things that I “need” and a vehement insistence that people do not need to buy me things to celebrate milestones like birthdays.  559 more words


shot glass

she was old books
and new words
he liked to crawl into her mind
and lean against the gears
just to feel them turn
she contained every poem… 49 more words

Drink: Stormtrooper Decanter & Shot Glass

Adult Star Wars fanatics who like to drink alcohol will enjoy these two items from The Fowndry – The Original Stormtrooper Decanter and The Original Stormtrooper Shot Glass. 85 more words


Cat (an acrostic poem)

Counting one one thousand, two..

As the half-filled shot glass completed its journey from the table to the floor

Thus proving the acceleration of gravity is still approximately  9.8 m/s^2

Acrostic Poem

Shot Glass, 18

Cavities remind me

I’m putting off pain.

But for today,

for convenience,

before moments

yet to happen

find a way to sniff me out,

let my presence be unbound. 21 more words