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My Share: AW Fashions I'm 21 Shot Glass - 21st Birthday Gift - Party Shot Glass- 2 Pack Round Set of Shot Glass

Great shot glass – my two sons are going to love getting these in their stockings. The glass itself is nice and thick and the design will withstand lots of washing. 35 more words


American Flag Shot Glass

Bullets are cool enough but with a flag imprinted on just takes it to another level!! Shots up!

Shot Glass

Ski Shot Glass

Perfect for Ski lovers and drinkers!  A cool shot glass sitting in a ski!

Shot Glass

Drunk Buddy Shot Glass

This Shot Glass is perfect for you and your buddy! This goes out to all people that gets weak after 10 shots and really to all drinkers! Its fun to have these!

Shot Glass

Odd Urinal Shot Glass

When we talk about odd stuffs, this shot glass is definitely on the freaking list! This Urinal Shot Glass is a pain in the sight for some! 9 more words

Shot Glass