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Man Killed by Gorillas after Young Gorilla Fell into His House

By Hardwick Gustaffson

A family of Gorillas today shot a man after an unsupervised young gorilla fell into his house. The man, David Castlewick, 32 originally from Dunbartonshire but now living in Gabon, West Africa, was shot to protect the gorilla child from any harm. 316 more words


Protein jab brings hope for heart attack victims as it repairs damaged tissue

From the Daily Express


HEART attack survivors at risk of a fatal repeat seizure are expected to gain a new lifeline 783 more words


'Mommy loves you!': Boy rescued after gorilla is shot at zoo

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CINCINNATI (AP) — Panicked zoo visitors watched helplessly and shouted, “Stay calm!” while one woman yelled, “Mommy loves you!” as a 400-pound-plus gorilla loomed over a 4-year-old boy who had fallen into a shallow moat at the Cincinnati Zoo. 950 more words


Pregnant Woman In Critical Condition After Being Shot Multiple Times In San Bernardino; Suspect At Large

SAN BERNARDINO (CBSLA.com) —  A pregnant woman was critically wounded after being shot multiple times in San Bernardino Sunday evening, according to authorities.

The unborn baby’s condition was unclear. 105 more words


Cincinnati Zoo Keepers -- Bunch Of Pathetic, Snivelling COWARDS!

by Anura Guruge

If I were a zoo keeper who worked with these great apes on a daily basis I would have gone inside that enclosure in an heatbeat to intervene in someway. 164 more words

Anura Guruge

Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Killed After Boy Falls into Exhibit

4-year-old child crossed over the barrier at the Cincinnati Zoo and fell into the moat inside of Gorilla Enclosure. You can see how the Gorilla looked and touched boy and seemed to try to help him up and hear people screaming and the mother is yelling “Be Calm, Mommy’s here” 63 more words