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It was around 7.30pm; I was standing at my desk with the laptop bag on my shoulders and the duffle bag with my climbing gear hanging on the side. 694 more words

Random Shots of our #manthan project

This Shots taken during our previous project called manthan, we have lot of fun and experince in this projects, We shoot Simutaneoulsy 20 Nights. #BehindTheScenceShots. 32 more words


Are You Feeling The Halloween Spirit?

Packing it up! Getting everything ready for our photoshoot tomorrow and I’ve got the jitter bugs already. I’m so excited! 
#VPB #Halloween #GetShorty

Egg update day 5

They froze 10 eggs today. 3 still don’t have blastocyst so they are giving them till tomorrow they said they have a 50/50 chance of getting it and then they will freeze them tomorrow.


Transfer canceled

The doctor called me a couple hours ago to let me know my transfer for tomorrow is canceled. My estrogen was too high. I’m to stop all my medicines and wait for my period to start and give them a call. 10 more words


Planning: Test Shot 1

The way in which I have decided to do my test shots is in a variety of different camera angles and mic movement in order to evaluate what works and what doesn’t, never the less, here is test shot one: 249 more words