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How It Works: Medications- Part 1

It came! My big ol’ box of medications arrived this morning. I’ve decided to start adding pictures to my posts when I can, so here you are. 515 more words

Surrogate Journey



Second Life

3/26/15 Patience

I’m finally getting excited. I’m 8 days into IVF.  I am surviving the numerous shots even though I hate them. The other day, two of my medications increased, so I had to double my shots plus add a new one (Ganerelix). 193 more words

Just a random night

An Evening with blinking companion above…

-Just one of the Tassie Evening-

It might not be great,
It might not be perfect,
It is just a random night I had, 26 more words


Genius Just Invented A Keurig For Jell-O Shots

At one point or another in life you have probably had a Jell-O shot. The only problem is it takes forever to make them.

Well this guy, just solved the problem for us. 26 more words


Football League update: 25th March 2015

Firstly apologies for the drop in output and lack of responses on Twitter of late. I’ve finally managed to squeeze in a bit of time to update to the attack and defence graphics for the Football League, probably for the last time until the end of the season. 981 more words


Nothing can mess up my hormones and emotions like a birth control shot can….and I literally mean, Nothing! My face randomly gets hot now. I’m always having a “

45 more words