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Cinematic Shots, Camera Angles and Camera Movement

Here’s a handy guide for film-makers of the different camera shots (and their various names, and abbreviations), camera angles and camera movement. These are the building blocks of a film, any film is made up of a variety of different angles and shots…using different shots helps to make the film more visually interesting and will keep your viewers engaged. 1,062 more words


St Paddy's Day

Although originally intended as a Christian Feast Day celebrating Ireland’s patron saint now the 17th of March is one of the greatest days on any drinker’s calendar. 194 more words


Drug Houses

My sister told me that my mother said my house looks worse than the drug houses she use to clean out. I am not sure what houses she is talking about or when she done this but this is what she said. 1,534 more words


Splatoon 2's Snipers Are Pulling Off Incredible Shots

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Image credit: Nintendo

This weekend’s global testfire for Splatoon 2 is live, and players are already picking apart the new changes in the squid-shooter sequel. 214 more words


Nier With A Difference

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Cosplay by  Leon Chiro | Photo by FTPH

All of the Nier: Automota cosplay we’ve featured so far has been about 2B… 88 more words


Quaffer Shots

We decided to try something a little different for our shot recipes this party and purchased a set of Quaffer glasses to create some interesting double-decker shots for our guests. 22 more words


Pick an Easy Major in College

You only live once and you are only young once, so don’t spend your prime years in a dark library with a bunch of autistic kids from a different continent. 579 more words