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What do you keep as a reminder of someone, a place?


Research: Shot Lists

Shot lists are used in all films and short films, they are useful to ensure that you remember what shots you need to film and what equipment you will need to film the shots. 181 more words


Another Milestone

I should have known I was in for trouble when Mom got home and put my blanket in my carrier.  Yes, it was my turn to go the doctor lady’s house.   190 more words


Camera Shot Research

Camera Shots Website

Our main critique was that we need to improve our cinematography from our previous films. I have now started research into what camera shots and angles look aesthetic and what will make the film look pretty. 119 more words


Research into Poems

Thank You Poems

We have began research into the appreciation poem that we want the child to write. We have decided that we cannot have the older sister find the younger sister’s diary because it should be private so the older sister wouldn’t find it on the bed, also because the younger sister is only five, her writing wouldn’t be neat enough and therefore it would be too difficult to read. 148 more words


Immunization and Vaccinations Available at Urgent Care Clinics

One of many conveniences about visiting an urgent care center is that not only are you able to walk in for sick visits, you are also able to walk in to receive vaccinations. 182 more words

Bridal Shower—Happy Hour?

I love my friends. I would do almost anything for those in the circle I consider my lifers. Anything includes the one event I have grown to loathe (probably because my circle hasn’t hit “baby age” yet): bridal showers*. 611 more words