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UNBOXING: Bessatsu Friend July 2016 & Kyon Nendoroid - Disappearance Ver.

Hàng về, hàng về!!!!!!  


Hàng được giao đến từ hôm 16/08 mà lười bây giờ mới chịu làm bài unboxing ;P Cảm ơn chú shipper vẫn giao hàng cẩn thận đến tận nhà cho cháu dù trời mưa bão đi lại khó khăn!
461 more words

Takagi Shigeyoshi (高木しげよし) - Itsuka no Haru (いつかの青春(はる))

I haven’t read anything new from Takagi-san since Film Girl so I was super excited when I caught wind of the new compiled volume.

Itsuka no Haru was serialised in Bessatsu Hana to Yume and contains the title story (4 chapters + 1 extra) and a one-shot called Irotoridori no Sekai. 360 more words


Everyone's Getting Married

24 year old Asuka has made a successful career for herself. But she has a secret – she really wants to jack it all in to be a wife and full time homemaker. 390 more words

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Coffee & Vanilla

Ongoing                    Translated by: Chibi Manga

A rush hot love with a salary man

CH1: Sendspace
CH2: Sendspace
CH3: Sendspace
CH4: Sendspace
SideStory: SendSpace <- UPDATED!



Ongoing                 Translated by: Sweet Indulgence

Hanaoka Sanchi married Saionji Koichi from the same high school because of the recent death of both her parents. But will they truly fall in love with each other along the way? 7 more words