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Candy Candy Manga vs Anime Part 1: Annie, Pony Home, and Prince on the Hill

When I decided to commence yet another round of reading the manga (while watching the anime), I didn’t think I would be heavily invested in the efforts nor did I think I would make any new observation/finding, considering how familiar I am with the story. 1,547 more words

Candy Candy

Candy Candy Rambling Part IV: Andrew, Ardley, Andrey, Audrey, or Ardlay?

The topic of the family name has been discussed and debated to death by various CC fan groups in the internet, and no one seems to agree on one thing. 337 more words

Candy Candy

Candy Candy Manga Vol 9: The Ending

Here’s my first attempt to translate the CC manga from the original Japanese tankoubon. I picked the final scene from the manga since the English version seems a bit off. 171 more words

Candy Candy

Candy Candy Rambling Part III: A Random Parody or A Leak ?

Still not convinced of the ending of the Candy Candy manga?

Look at the image above. Who do you see?

Albert and Candy. Together. :D 317 more words

Candy Candy

#FreeComicBookDay2015 Bayan Beasties`First Free Comic Book Day

Hello Sweeties!

I love komiks, I learned to love reading because I grew up being encouraged to read comic books by both my Mom and Dad. 580 more words


Akatsuki no Yona Anime


Akatsuki No Yona is Lurveeee!!! 💕💕

Akatsuki No Yona or Yona of The Dawn by Mizuho Kusanagi is a Shoujo, Historical, Adventure, Harem and Comedy manga and anime. 520 more words

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