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Shoujo Saturday: Ore Monogatari by Kazune Kawahara [Quick Review Edition]

This week for Shoujo Saturday I’m doing another Quick Review on a series I’ve heard lots about, but only had time to read the first chapter of. 153 more words


Abel & Georgie


Ok, now I’ve really done, I needed to draw a little between yesterday and today.

This is the ending that I wanted for Abel and Georgie … their return to Australia with their child (which is not born yet) and their meeting with Arthur at their mom’s grave.

6 more words

I just can't stop thinking of "him!"

UGH. I can’t stop thinking about this guy I’m totally crushing on right now! He’s such a good guy! I don’t care about his looks even though a lot of girls totally think he’s hot… 669 more words

Candy Candy Manga Rambling Part II: Prince on the Hill - Beginning and the End?

Prince on the Hill. If you’re a Candy Candy fan you must know about this iconic character from the series. He’s the handsome teenage boy, whom a six-year-old Candy met on Pony Hill. 2,869 more words

Candy Candy

Candy Candy Manga vs Anime Part 1: Annie, Pony Home, and Prince on the Hill

When I decided to commence yet another round of reading the manga (while watching the anime), I didn’t think I would be heavily invested in the efforts nor did I think I would make any new observation/finding, considering how familiar I am with the story. 1,550 more words

Candy Candy

Candy Candy Rambling Part IV: Andrew, Ardley, Andrey, Audrey, or Ardlay?

The topic of the family name has been discussed and debated to death by various CC fan groups in the internet, and no one seems to agree on one thing. 337 more words

Candy Candy