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Should I Work For Free?

Should I work for free? A simple question, answered by this great flow chart by Jessica Hische. Start in the middle, and work yourself to the logical conclusion. 41 more words


Design Competitions, Yea or Nay?

I’m havingĀ  a bit of a philosophical debate with myself over the thought of entering design competitions. I’m really on the fence here. Part of me really likes the idea of the exposure, the cheaper-than-advertising self-promotion, and of course the ego boost that comes with placing in a competition. 569 more words


Should I Work For Free?

Thought I should share this cute little diagram that Jessica Hische created about if you should work for free or not. Click here to download the original jpg.

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Jessica Hische is fantastic

For one of my classes we had to chose a professional in our field and write a magazine like article about them. Mine is below, it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself, I mean, I think. 688 more words


Should I work for free?

Hell no! Unless it’s for good reason. Which it rarely is.

To tell the genuine from the not-so, and to reaffirm the statement ‘I am not a slave’, check out the full diagram by Jessica HischeĀ here.

That is all.

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