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should you start freelancing?

It’s a common notion about freelancing that it is a risky business. You can never know when you’ll get projects and will you be able to sustain yourself. 492 more words



I haven’t posted anything on this blog in what feels like forever. Occasionally I have ideas; after all I’m a writer and that’s what I do. 848 more words

You Should Use Frontline Flea Treatment

I previously a animal and even a cat. Each of them start to scratch. I was terrified. What could I do? I start off to consider it. 37 more words

19 Jokes For Introverts That'll Make You Feel Better About Spending The Weekend On Your Couch

Being an introvert comes with a set of social traits that make one a bit more reserved. Taking breaks from conversations to recharge because small talk is an ordeal. 534 more words


Yovanna Ventura - In Bimini, Bahamas 🇧🇸 where should I shoot next? || by @lkbp... Vanity Fair

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A book.

There’s a book I need to read,

But in order to succeed;

I mustn’t know the story,

Through the fear, the book might bore me, 72 more words