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Ain't No Shame

Last night, I told myself I was going to stay up long enough to watch all of Jeopardy.

Yes, the Jeopardy that’s been on since 1964. 225 more words

General Musings

What You Should Know About Vintage Postcards

There are many people who like vintage postcards, and even more who tend to collect them; some of them are not avid collectors, but they tend to buy postcards from the places they visit and keep them forever. 22 more words

3 Completely Dumb Things Guys Say to Girls - Brain Dead Things That Guys Should Never Say!

It’s really crazy to think about how many guys totally ruin their shot with a girl by saying the wrong thing. You’ve really got to be out of your head to say this stuff, because it will completely destroy and chance you might’ve had. 14 more words

Purging The Shoulds


That fucking word.  I swear to Christ.

It haunts us with things left undone. With potential.  An endless stream of what-ifs, could-haves, and maybes that meld into a theatrical chorus of “You are not good enough as you are”. 829 more words

Kat Downs

Beyond the dreaded "shoulds:" declaring a should-free zone

Shed your shoulds. { Make your yeses count.} – Regan Walsh
Expectation is the root of all heartache. – Shakespeare

Ah, the dreaded “shoulds.” We live by them and for them, but they don’t feed our soul. 758 more words


Six Eating Habits Should Be Avoided

Not to eat freakish eggs, fish and fruits
When buying fruits and vegetables, you will find that the shell of some egg is not smooth, there will be a small lump on the shell. 23 more words

What You Should Know About Vintage Skateboard Prices

During the nineteen sixties, and again in the nineteen eighties, a craze for skateboarding swept the nation. During that time Vintage Skateboard Prices made a huge impact on everyone and unless you had the real thing then none of the other teenagers wanted to know you. 9 more words