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“Should” is a word that, at its core, is almost always a judgment:

You should go to college.

You should lose weight.

You should gain weight. 164 more words

'Should' vs 'Want'

Have you ever felt that your heart just isn’t in something?

Sometimes it can feel as though we are being overloaded with information about what job we should be doing, what interests we should have, what we should be eating, how we should be exercising … the list is endless.   304 more words


One Small Change: The Power of Words (part 1)

As I work with clients I enjoy watching them experience how even the smallest change can have a big impact internally and externally (relationally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, psychologically, and environmentally). 260 more words

Ramona Taylor

You Should Spend One Hour on Homework a Day . . . and Not a Minute More

Good news Students . . . a bunch of psychologists are giving you permission to be as lazy as your parents are every night.

Researchers at the University of Oviedo in Spain (of course in Spain *scoff*)  tested the optimal amount of HOMEWORK a kid should do every night . 79 more words


Yeah, They Just Don't Get It, and Some People Think They Do....

Having a baby changes your life blah blah blah… But seriously. You just don’t know until you have one. Worse yet, but not unexpectedly… Neither will your friends and colleagues. 1,095 more words

You Should Be Eating Powerfoods!

What is a powerfoods. A powerfood is a food which you can consume without feeling guilty and without it having too much effect on your health and weight. 263 more words