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Giving Thanks For Total Recall

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I spent a lovely holiday weekend with family and friends eating, drinking, and being merry. This was the first gobble-gobble fest that I did not binge, or have a single dessert. 237 more words

Food Addiction

digital imaging final 1.4

This was definitely one my favourite images from the semester. Not only was my model stunning, but she was able to pull off three characters! The white clouds for the angel were pretty easy to make, but I remember having such a difficult time with the devil’s black smoke. 16 more words

My Own Personal News Hour

Life could use a ticker tape. You know that scrolling thing across the bottom of the screen during the news that has stock numbers, brief headlines and weather for major cities? 597 more words


Trust no one...

In this narcissistic, selfish, egocentric world it can be hard to find someone to trust. Sure we all have a vast collection of online friends, and a fair amount of real life acquaintances, but can you really trust them? 620 more words


The Angel and the Demon (A silent war)


    A war is being waged…. A silent but undeniable war. Fought each and every day in the hearts, minds, and souls of each member of our earthly  existence. 307 more words

Images And Words

Just A Little Humor To Brighten Your Day!

This is a video from a comedy sketch TV show that I am pleased to say, I can watch with the whole family! I love laughter, absolutely love comedy, but it seems that there are so few comedians, shows, and especially movies that don’t wind down a really crude road.   133 more words


Whispers In My Ear

Shoulder Angel, Shoulder Devil
Whispering in my ear words I don’t know
(Sometimes I wish I knew)

I’m lost without a pause, there’s no cause… 203 more words