Status Report

I realized I haven’t updated y’all on where I’m at with my recovery, so for anyone who’s interested, here’s a little status report:


Brain-wise I’m feeling really good, and have been good for the past several months. 456 more words

Chronic Pain

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain (or persistent pain) is long-term pain that lasts for more than six months. There are different types and causes of chronic pain. 115 more words


Swimming is a fascinating sport. It is not a sport where you can simply put your brain on the shelf and just “go.” To excel at the sport you must be in tune with your body, what it is doing, where it is at in space, and anticipate the next movement. 1,212 more words

Shoulder Issue - Conclusion From MR

I received a letter from my doctor the other week where he requested me to drop by to have a look at the MR scan results of my left shoulder. 224 more words


Open that Upper Spine!

For a lot of us, the lower spine is more flexible then the upper spine, so in back bending postures the tendency is to let the lower back do the work while the upper back just comes along for the ride. 656 more words


Frozen Shoulder and Playing Bass

For the last couple of months I’ve been suffering with extreme pain in my right shoulder. Some x-rays and tests led to a diagnosis of frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis. 242 more words

Bass Playing

Shoulder Pain Relief Accelerated By Chiropractic In Pasco County

A high number of reasons for shoulder pain exist. They range from injury in an accident to osteoarthritis. The person who is suffering for more than a few days should seek care for it. 341 more words

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