Making Straight Paths For My Feet (or brain)

Last night at Bible study, before we dug into the book of Hebrews, we each shared our “Red Dot” – where we are right now, as it pertains to our Christian walk and to life in general. 539 more words


Slouching for healthy shoulders and good posture!

At Physiokinetic we see a lot of shoulder injuries.

They are most prevalent in people that complete activity in the overhead position.

Quite often this is also the main symptom that people will seek physiotherapy, 307 more words

Thoracic Endo Options & Consultation Update

It’s 2:30 am and I couldn’t sleep because I was in too much pain. (I never was any good at sleeping when  uncomfortable.) My mind has been percolating this predicament I find myself in, and I’ve been weighing my options. 836 more words


Everything You Need to Know About Headaches

Headaches (HA) are not fun. We lose interests on things we love and they make our daily tasks more difficult to do. The more you know about the types of headaches, the easier for you to find ways to improve them. 339 more words

Common Disorders

Scap Squeezes: Lower Traps v. Upper Traps

Scap squeezes are a common exercise prescribed for patients with neck, shoulder or upper back pain. The intention is to address the patient’s forward, rounded shoulder posture. 843 more words

Back Pain

Do I have a cuff tear?

One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is a rotator cuff (RC) tear. To determine just how common this is, one study looked at a population of 683 people regardless of whether or not they had shoulder complaints. 284 more words


Hidden shoulder fixes (what you may be missing)

The shoulder is a very interesting joint.  It has to move and function in nearly all directions.  You need it for:

  • carrying the kids
  • lugging the groceries in the house…
  • 470 more words