Folk Remedies, Cold Wind, & the Miracle of Cultural Knowledge

I’m not usually inspired to blog about anything non-food related.. yet when you wake up in the morning feeling well after literally crying yourself to sleep with pain the night before.. 707 more words


June 27, 2015

Linda’s hands understand me. They sense my pain and my tension, and though they are petite they are powerful, able to apply many pounds of pressure to knots between muscles that need to be pressed and rubbed and melted away. 343 more words


How can acupuncture help with neck pain?

Neck pain is very common and can originate from various different causes. It can be caused by poor posture, muscle strain, stress, abnormalities in the joints, etc. 244 more words


The Problem is Not Your Shoulder – It’s Your Bag

Big handbags are the style now and no one loves a great big handbag more than I do.  On top of that, for anyone working in an office of any type, you know you can carry up to no less than three bags at any time – your handbag, lunch bag, and work bag or tote. 236 more words

Fashion Statement

Last Night's Dream


Well my dreams lately have been strange first I had one that happened twice. It was that I was running late for a plane ✈ but I just made it on time. 221 more words

Why is my shoulder hurting? What your doctor may have overlooked!

Is your shoulder giving you problems? Have you tried seeking treatment for your shoulder to no avail? Are you sick and tired of dealing with that constant nagging ache? 887 more words