Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Injuries Subluxation Dislocation Instability

The Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint is the small joint on top of the shoulder where the clavicle attaches. If the AC joint is hit head-on, such as when falling off a bike or tackling somebody without shoulder pads, the clavicle may detach, raise up and become noticeably ‘out of joint’. A

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Half-Arsed Haiku - Wed 20 May, 2013

I’ve mentioned on here before about the slightly upside down universe I inhabit alongside others dealing with cancer (and probably any other serious or chronic illness whereby things that would normally illicit sympathy or concern from others in any world tend to be met with a strange celebratory reaction in our land.  568 more words


Beautiful Biceps

Muscle of the Month: Biceps brachii

Biceps are one of the most recognizable muscles. Long before the bulging biceps of Popeye, the bicep has been a symbol of strength. 377 more words

Monthly Muscle

Finding Reliable Chiropractors And Pain Management Services

The musculoskeletal system is very crucial to the daily functioning and mobility of humans and animals. However, it can also be a source of much distress, inflammation and pain that is unbearable. 501 more words

Ankle Pain

"Get FREE Kinesio-taping or Cupping with 90min massage of your choice during May 2015!"

May 2015 – this month’s special offer:

Treat yourself to free Kinesio-taping or Cupping with any 90min massage of your choice.

Terms and conditions:

Kinesio-taping or Cupping will be restricted to 2 body parts i.e.: shoulder & hip, or upper back & knee. 20 more words

Massage Cardiff

shoulder pain

Excellent video about shoulder pain and instability

Shoulder Pain

Who love your small chests?

I love my small breasts, just absolutely adore them. And I’m probably one of few flat chested women who’ll say this so blatantly, I guess :). 556 more words