What IS Clinical Somatics?

Clinical Somatics (aka Hanna Somatics) is a simple process of neuromuscular re-education that allows you to regain voluntary control of all the muscles of your body so that optimal muscle function and comfort can be restored, and then maintained, for the long term. 471 more words

How A Knox County Chiropractor Alleviates Shoulder Pain Naturally

Aches have nowadays come to be an order of the day owing to the perplexing way of life. Most folks regrettably always settle for over the counter pills in order to axe any discomfort. 298 more words


Why typing annoys your neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists, and what to do about it

This post is a precursor to a manual of mine, A Guide To More Comfortable Typing (Upper Body). Below I’m going to cover the why behind typing, 3,660 more words


Trauma means 'Ouch!'

What is the Trauma Reflex and why must we be able to recognize it?

In my previous two posts I described Green Light Reflex which acts on the muscles of the back of the body, and… 564 more words

Manhattan Beach CA Chiropractor, Dr. Frank E. Kaden, Offers Safe Solutions For Shoulder Pain

Kaden Chiropractic & Wellness Center, and Dr. Frank E. Kaden, D. C., are concerned about whole health wellness and offer a free initial exam and consultation for new patients with shoulder pain. 281 more words

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Pain Free After Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

Sharon Hildrum, a 68-year-old nurse from Woodbury, had been experiencing shoulder problems for years. “I was in a lot of pain when I first came in to see… 200 more words

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