Shoulder pain during bench press: 4 things you can do about it today

Are you getting shoulder pain during bench press workouts? It’s really common and there are some simple things you can do today to reduce the pain and allow you to keep working out. 682 more words


Nerve pain go away

This morning I am stiff and sore and a bit grumpy! Normally I am chipper and happy and annoying! Today I want to put a sign up to tell everyone shop is closed. 376 more words

Health And Wellness

Remedial application of Yoga

Hi All,

Many of you have already experienced how the regular practice of yoga is health enhancing and healing, however, there are several situations where one would benefit from a remedial version of Yoga instead. 381 more words


There’s no question that Americans lead sedentary lifestyles, and that we spend way too much time sitting in front of our computers and TVs, or hunched over our phones. 246 more words

Doylestown Chiropractor

Restoring Ability To Reach Behind Back

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT faculty instructor Bill Temes, PT, MS, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT works with the shoulder to restore range of motion. 43 more words

Manual Therapy

Will Working Out Fix My Back? (Shoulder? Hip?) 

I know a lot of personal trainers that will claim that they can fix your problem(s). Can they? Well, it depends on the personal trainer, your individual issue(s), and what is meant by “fixing” it. 346 more words