Do I Have A Rotator Cuff Tear?

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Shoulder pain can be debilitating. Not only are you dealing with the constant pain, but it can limit you from performing typical everyday tasks, especially those involving lifting. 698 more words

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My first video - Hanna Somatics for releasing Upper Trapezius

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Will I ever be ok? 

As I near the end of my 4 months of yoga therapy, I’m starting to wonder… Will I ever be ok? It’s been a long 4 months of 90min yoga therapy sessions 5-6x a week that has been specifically designed to meet my needs. 754 more words

Chronic Pain

Shoulder Pain Rotator Cuff

Shoulder Pain Rotator Cuff

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The shoulder is the one of the most flexible parts of the human body. 580 more words

Exercises For Shoulder Pain

As a Professional Physiotherapist I’ll show you the “Fastest and Easiest Way to Relieve Your Shoulder Pain”.

If you’re tired of the constant pain and stress due to your painful shoulder, I want you to pay close attention because… 460 more words

Exercises For Shoulder Pain

Office job induced shoulder pain

The shoulder consists of several joints that connect to various tendons and muscles. The complexity of the shoulder is what enables you do so much with your arms. 88 more words


Can the Neck Cause Shoulder Pain?

Can the neck cause shoulder pain? Many doctors have found that shoulder pain can not only come from injury to the shoulder itself, but from injury to the neck as well. 539 more words