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How to Actually March

My moment this also. If you really want to march for freedoms, this is the way to do it, and after all, freedom isn’t free. God bless all military men and women who do it for us. 9 more words


And there i stood
In that same yellow wood
On the trail
On which we all walk-

One path was well versed
And yet somehow I knew… 70 more words


Shout Out To The Terrible Savers

You know who you are. You are constantly having that battle between savingĀ for the future and just living in the moment spending your money on memories and materials… and food, lots of food. 220 more words


- SHOUTOUT - "Japan Reviewer"

I don’t usually review blogs because I feel it’s not right for me to judge other reviewers and what they review, but I feel that this one deserves more attention because she likes what she does. 139 more words


Thanks for the follow Unime :3

thanks for the love and support. Please take care of me lol :3 I look forward to discussing our favorite anime/manga with you and others. Thank you again

Noor Shirazie

the instinct to destroy punishes you.

you rage through cities and forests alike,
afraid that your environment
will not be as harsh as the hell… 53 more words