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Shout Out to glyndreka

I would like to give a BIG shout out to glyndreka because she has waited forever for me to add her and I always told her I would add her on Fantage but I always forgot so i’m super sorry for that, but I finally got to add her and I was really happy to meet her! 30 more words


2/22-2/28 Shout Outs

Hey guys so i’m doing advertisements this week and if you help, I will add your name to the list below!

Big Shout Out to… 83 more words


2/15-2/21 Shout Outs

OK so I’ve got an even LONGER list of helpers for this weeks advertisements so I decided to put all the names of whoever helped me, on this post. 227 more words



I was so amazed by everyone’s image essay projects today. They were all so different, but all so awesome! Here’s my little shoutouts…

Levi- your voiceover sounded very well-spoken. 342 more words

2/1-2/7 Shout Outs

Big Shout Out to…






For helping me advertise this week! <3 Thank you guys so much, i’m really glad you helped! 60 more words


Shout-Out To My BFF!

I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason.  At first, we don’t always see it, yet as time goes by the reasons, and the lessons, begin to reveal themselves.   139 more words


I don't understand myself, but that's okay.

When I’m upset, I write and when I write, this is the result.

I’m a happy little ray of sunshine, ain’t I?

He watched as her retreating figure faded; slowly but surely. 246 more words