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This picture is symmetrical. It was taken in the student union at LJECHS. I was hanging out with one of my friends (Belsie) and I noticed her nails, so I decided to take a picture of them. 179 more words

Selena Gomez Cries During Acceptance Speech

Yea! YES! All the cats in a cradle at last week’s American Music Awards. Here are some set recaps from last week’s performance. Thanks so much for American Music and these incredible rockstars who make it all possible! 30 more words


The Eszailha Interview

All pictures in the following article are owned by the artists Chris and Ren. They are reproduced here with permission.

– Interview two is here and this time we have a creator of worlds, a breaker of hearts, a portal to dimensions of unspeakable turmoil and beauty also known as a fellow writer. 2,148 more words


Celebrating the Little Things! | Tag

Random Fact of the Day: Half of all Americans over the age of 55 have no teeth.

Hello sunshines! 🔆 In spirit of today’s holiday, I decided to Celebrate the Little Things! 623 more words


The Crawling Interview

All pictures in the following article are from The Crawling City or related material and owned by the artist, Paroro. They are reproduced here with the artist’s permission. 1,739 more words

Welcome to Sharesville: Population Everyone!

So yesterday was my first post featuring the work of other creatives, something I’ve always had in mind as a goal for this blog, and I’m still buzzing from it. 359 more words



I was having a really bland day. Nothing bad was on the horizon, in fact I had the delivery of my new  4K HDR TV to look forward to, but I just felt like there was nothing in my life. 599 more words