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To beauty #bblogging @itslittlelauren

Being a male writing a cosmetic blog has its drawbacks in some areas, especially since many of the products are just left up to the feedback from how the women like their applications, and for those looking for the next level in sophistication and beauty blogging, then it is time to introduce @itslittlelauren !!!! 51 more words


I'm sooo sorry!

Hey guys! I’m soooo sorry! I was just wayyy too lazy to make a post about the party. Over the last 5 days (gosh, it seems longer!) I haven’t posted. 72 more words

Animal Jam Starswirl

Shoutout to knmarcot!

I would just like to give a quick shoutout to knmarcot for making this wonderful drawing of my arctic wolf! She (or he, IDK for sure) made a painting of my arctic wolf for my drawing of a bunny! 66 more words

Not Important

Local Shoutout [Columbus Commons]

This summer we are excited to have partnered with the Columbus Commons!  They host a wide variety of events, several of which are fitness related. 321 more words


Lil' bit o' love fo' our 50 falawas.

Milo here.

So, I know this may seem laughable, but we’ve reached 50 followers. In light of that shizzle, I’d, and Reuben probably would as well, like to show a little bit of love to all of the people, new and old, who’ve read, hated, tolerated, perhaps been a little bit aroused by all the crap we’ve created over the past year we’ve been doin’ this. 261 more words


What is this?

I’m a sucker for Youtube! I spend more time than I should on it. On this page, I’ll showcase the Youtubers I love and videos I find that give meaning to my life. 21 more words

That time of week has finally arrived!

Hey guys, it’s Amy! It’s time…. For a Shout-out Sunday!!! I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I have a few websites and posts ready, so I thought it was about time. 829 more words