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Travelling with Fibro and CFS/ME-Accommodation and creating your itinerary

Welcome back to the second part of travelling with Fibro and CFS/ME – Choosing your accommodation and creating your itinerary. You can still travel when you have auto immune illnesses, however you just have to do things differently from other people. 1,050 more words

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Breakfast and snack prep.

Sometimes, I want something different from bacon and eggs? What? I know right.

This amazing smoothie really hit the spot this morning and I added some chia seeds to keep me fuller for longer. 144 more words

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My vitamins

The one thing that has really helped me has been the change of vitamins. I used to use a brand name but kept feeling meh! When I started using the doTerra oils, I started using their Life Long Vitality pack and started noticing the difference with my energy and well-being. 405 more words

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Traveling with Fibro and CFS/ME

I know that travelling when you aren’t well is very daunting. There is so much that you can’t control, however there is a lot that you can. 537 more words

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Baking. Do you like it? I love it when I have the energy plus it helps me
relax. So, while I had the energy yesterday morning, I did some baking. 213 more words

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LCHF Nachos!

Easy dinner again tonight with LCHF nachos!

This is really the easiest of recipes. Cook 250gms mince and 1/2 a small onion (diced) until cooked. Put on about 1 tablespoon of Mexican spice and 1/2 a cup of water, then simmer for about 1/2 hr until the water has nearly evaporated. 73 more words

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Dinner in 20 minutes? Yes please!

Don’t you just love an easy dinner? This tasted amazing and was ready in 20 minutes! Coconut based, vegetables, chicken and just plain healthy. Yummy! Also, it wasn’t spicy at all. 6 more words

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