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Chapter 2 People

*there will be sub-sections for this chapter obliviously

Funny faced people
now this chapter can be made into a full book or several because there is a infinity number of people that we dislike from the most hated to the one that just happens to have a funny face or one that said that one comment we you were in a bad mood but i will only touch on this, beginning with the funny faced one because why not. 195 more words

I Don't Like to Show Off...

Picture these scenarios: you’ve won a medal, you’ve got all As in your exams, you’ve got your dream job, you’re doing something wonderful that merits a social media update. 1,434 more words

Women In Sport

Advice: "How have you been?"

Now, I’m not sure about the rest of you but often I get questions like “How have you been since I last saw you?” followed by “What have you been up to? 774 more words


“Sometimes glass glitters more than diamonds because it has more to prove.”


These days the status is being more important to people than anything.

648 more words

When it's free of charge

So lately he’s really been craving more exposure. He really is turned on by people knowing what a desperate slut he is. I like anonymous voyeurism but I’ve been trying to decide how comfortable I’d feel like if people in our regular life knew. 149 more words