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Inside Out

As I go into deep thoughts, I realize a lot of what every one does is futile, superficial.

Not much is of much worth. However, what fills us is deeper than stuff. 126 more words

Ethel Loves... Figs In Wigs

You know that anyone who has ‘Wigs’ in their name are gonna raise Ethel’s antenna. And a group of women who look, sound, and play like they exploded out of Ethel’s head..? 247 more words

Ethel Loves

The Difference Between Show-Off & Self-Admiration, By Ibn Taymiyyah

Ibn Taymiyyah said when differentiating between self-admiration and show-off:

“Self-admiration is akin to showing off, but showing off is a kind of including people as a motive for one’s efforts, whereas self-admiration is including oneself with Allaah (swt) (in the sense that one remembers one’s talent but forgets that they all come from Allaah and by His help). 64 more words


The Widow’s Contribution

“The Widow’s Contribution”

Mark 12:43 – November 8, 2015

I have a friend who is recently retired. He goes around town, quietly, and does good. He was raised in the church, but that was a good many years ago. 1,380 more words

Shallowness in moments

Our mind is constantly on a look out to project our ‘so called good self’ and the funny thing about playing this game is – every cell of our being, each subatom in us knows that we are behaving unnatural. 121 more words


Forst Wyrm

Forst Wyrm: 77183

  • Company: Reaper Miniatures
  • Sculptor: Kevin Williams
  • Painter: Devin B.

October 12, 2015

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