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The life

Seek no attention you are in no competition, travel your road knowing attention seeking distract your speed and focus


When a tree falls
in the forest,
it always makes a sound.
Unless it’s primadonna
as fuck.

Showing off
for the hearing.
Putting on
an auditory show. 84 more words


Show off is evil

Show off is the worst feeling or desire of mankind. The need to show off will make you work so hard to show people and make them notice what you have or achieved and when you dont have it makes you feel like the whole world needs your reason. 128 more words

Picture Haiku : Flowers Pose

When colourful flowers eagerly pose 

to show off, vying with each other,

it’s cheese sparkling all the way!


Ashok Misra


Smile for me - ยิ้มสิจ๊ะ

Facial expressions is prohibited for Ninja.
That’s why we masked.

but for us, The Fetish Ninja.
We would do every expression to make you pleased.
and make you cum.

การแสดงออกทางสีหน้า เป็นสิ่งต้องห้ามสำหรับนินจา

แต่สำหรับ นินจาสายเสียวอย่างเรา
และขอให้คุณหลั่งน้ำ แตกออกมาได้ ก็เป็นผลงานที่น่ายินดี

Show Off

Yes You Can

My son had his first piano recital yesterday.

He is NOT someone who relishes being in the spotlight, on stage, watched intently in any way. 1,012 more words