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To Accept or Not To Accept

So you’re having a great conversation with someone when you receive a compliment from the agreeable little soul. What do you do? Deny it for the sake of modesty and seem like a person who disrespects the judgement of someone who took time to appreciate you? 318 more words


90 Days of (Lip) Color: Day 2

Atomic Rose by Rimmel

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this formula. It’s from Rimmel’s SHOW OFF Lip Velvet collection. It dries looking velvety, but still feels soft on your lips. 43 more words


Emotional showtime

You are happy, so let’s laugh loud. You are angry so let’s yell and scream. In the moment of sadness, just cry. That are our natural reactions on influences outside. 560 more words


If Kim Jong-un & Donald Trump had a lovechild. 2016.05

As the USA preliminaries and as the DPRK’s “rocket” tests go, on it has reminded me that the FATHEAD is essentially a mix of Donald Trump’s and former president Bush Jr’s minds inside Kim Jung-un’s body. 95 more words

Why do People Show Off?

Being social beings, we value the acceptance and love of those around us. Some people need a more clear acceptance and attention from others. Thus if a person feels that they need to do extra for a person to like them, then they start showing off. 355 more words

Show Off

Cinco De Mayo Workouts

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

We have 5 workouts specially designed for metabolic mayhem.

1 – 5 Min of….

Muscle Ups x AMRAP

2 – 5 Rounds of…. 56 more words


The Lebanese Show Off Attitude

Unlike most people, for me visiting my home country, Lebanon, feels like a chore, a duty that I have to do at least once or twice a year. 678 more words