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Liberals Produce  TV Show that allows bullying of little people and Koreans. 

The Show Two Broke Girls, the writers and the Producers should be ashamed at how they bully that little Korean Guy on there calling him hurtful names but, hey like usual liberals say one thing but do another. 54 more words

Craving Comedy TV Binge? Then Look No Further Than 'Duck, Duck, Gun!'

Craving comedy? Then look no further! Watch an all new episode of One Wife to Give HERE!

Need a little more convincing that this will tickle your funny bone? 97 more words

Finally Falling Into Place

“If you do not try, then how will you ever know about the extraordinary things you could possibly do.”

If you do not know me then you would not know that for a while I was striving to graduate with two degrees, one in Spanish and the other in Communication with a minor in Film Studies. 362 more words