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5 Things I Love about Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is “THE” medical drama the 2000’s, coming after years of different medical dramas, Grey’s Anatomy beats them all!. Nothing comes close to the writing and acting that Grey’s anatomy provides. 307 more words

5 Teen Titans Stories We Want to See on TV.

If you fear you don’t have enough comic book based TV shows to watch, have no fear!  TNT is going to bring Teen Titans to the small screen.   747 more words


6/2/15 Show

Punchline Panic is now at Bar Celona! What?! DONT PANIC!!! Because we have an amazingly great deal of show and drinks to throw at you. Come get your minds blown with a group of guys and gals willing to step up to our challenge of 7 new minutes of material with only 90 minutes of prep time. 63 more words


Music Maketh the Film/Show

The movies and TV shows we watch would be nothing without the music featured in them. Music adds so much to the visual medium, invoking emotions in the audience that would otherwise have been inaccessible to us. 432 more words


Season 2 Of Empire Will Premiere....

Yeeeee!! It’s almost that time!

Season 2 of Empire is set to air September 23rd 2015.

The first season of Empire only featured 12 episodes, but season 2 will feature 18 episodes in two halves!! 36 more words

Teaching, Writing, Acting

I think there’s a reason that so many writers teach, and teachers write, and not only an economic reason.

As I’ve written before, writers find it necessary both to “show” and to “tell,” both to gift-wrap some knowledge–requiring the reader to do the work of unwrapping it–and to open-handedly bequeath other knowledge. 297 more words