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Letterman - The Dork

If Simon Baker takes the job from an American actor, according to Lettermann (01-16-2012), then how about Letterman taking the job from a SMART and INTELLIGENT  host? 13 more words


Jon Stewart the cretin

Stewart the imbecile likes to call Hitler the most evil man who ever walked this planet (e.g. on the Letterman show on Sept 28, 2010). 239 more words

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Is David Letterman Senile?

I think he must be. Otherwise why would he tell the same jokes almost every night over the course of a week and beyond. Can someone explain that to me? 232 more words


The Cardinal Flaw of 24 (Jack Bauer)

I happen to like the TV series 24 about the ruthless agent Jack Bauer. It sure is pure fiction, it is well crafted and never boring. 117 more words