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Dee and the Grand Brothers have finally released their debut full-length collaborative album under Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite — CANYON DIABLO — available now!

Imagine a vintage Shelby Mustang — with a touch screen and USB port — and you’ve got Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite and their debut full-length release, CANYON DIABLO, available today. 425 more words


Madness Is The Gift That Has Been Given To Me

I feel like I did a lot of dance things this weekend, but not much actual dancing. And then I did not do much else the rest of this week, because I got sick. 2,376 more words


Paint Showcase: MENG World War Toons Sherman M4A1

Picked up a ‘World War Toons Sherman M4A1’ by MENG and thought I’d do a quick build and paint. First attempt at pre-shading with an airbrush and have mixed feelings on the result – definitely need some practice! 24 more words

“LOVE”-By David Drebin@Galerie de Bellefeuille-Wed.,May 23rd,2018

Photography by A.J.Lam
David Drebin was born in Toronto, Canada and is based in New York City since his graduation from Parson School of Design in 1996. 417 more words


Minimalistic Games on Steam


Much to my excitement, there’s actually a ‘Minimalist‘ tag on Steam, which means you can browse games with a minimalistic style, and that’s pretty awesome. 921 more words


BrownBox Productions Seeks Directors Panel for June 23 Showcase

BrownBox Productions is looking for a panel of local directors for a June 23rd Showcase.

Looking for new talent? Look no further! This showcase will to feature local artists as well as new talent looking to break into the theater… 61 more words


Eldar Howling Banshees Showcase

Buy Eldar Howling Banshees on Amazon

Let’s wrap up these 12 Ulthwe Howling Banshees!

Beautiful, but inconceivably alien and vicious! Just like my ex! Heyoooh!

247 more words
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