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Sexy Shower Rod Fun

Senor Grey and I exchange mostly handwritten notes to each other when we plan our encounters or when we want to give each other masturbation fodder. 756 more words


What’s Sex Got to do with… LHHATL?

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) is one of the most popular reality shows out there. It involves different couples all in some way connecting with the music industry, but perhaps the most talked about couple last year was Mimi Faust and ex-boyfriend Nikko Smith. 419 more words


MiMi & Nikko: Don't believe the hype cuz that shit was WACK!

Mimi & Nikko…Mimi & Nikko…. URGH!!! I am so tired of hearing about this sex tape and so tired of talking about their asses! Look—the real deal is the INFAMOUS SEX TAPE IS WACK!!!! 660 more words


Complete This: I Am So Sick of this on Social Media ...

  • Homecooked Meal Mess
  • Nearly Naked Pics with Messy Backgrounds
  • Mimi & Shower Rods
  • Turning Up
  • “Haters” when you haven’t achieved anything
  • Paper Plates … No real plates anymore?
  • Constantly Changing Relationship Status … Decide!
Bet On Black

The Sex Tape

It’s good to me. It’s good to you. We love it. Shouldn’t we share it?


I am not upset that people are making love… I am upset that they are sharing it with the world. 404 more words

Diedra Perry

Bath: Hang Two Shower Rods

Hang two shower rods to hang towels to dry.

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Things You got to fathom sinusoidal Shower Rods

Shower Rods – Bathroom things and decorations have become a lot of well-liked today. it’s actually a priority for several folks to beautify their loos and maximize their areas the maximum amount as attainable. 576 more words

Bay Window Curtain