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Spoiler alert: I eventually showered

When I was still in high school, maybe a junior, I was dating a guy who was a freshman in college (the college I would eventually attend). 174 more words

ITR Camp Geiger - 1967 - Tanka 70+

Showers stay hot

with hundreds of eyes crowded

turned to me at cold:

those eyes mill and stamp in turn;

herd soon after cold again!


"ITR Camp Geiger -Winter Morning Showers"

must showers* go cold

with hundreds of soapy eyes

turned to me alone

*(In late November, 1967, the Company P showers at Camp Geiger had a habit of losing their hot as herds crowded each of the known-hot showerheads, while I by choice chose a quick and chilly – downright damn cold – shower all to myself…in and out in but 60 seconds to soap and rinse! 10 more words


Blend of Elegance and Efficiency with New Bathtub Faucet Designs

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Things you wish you’d asked about before banging the door shut

I guess you could say that I’m not a happy traveler. I much prefer staying at home where there are no surprises to horrify me, especially at the end of a long day. 730 more words