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366 Poems: December 7th, 2016

Shower Thoughts

I get now why the heating vent grumbles in the night.

It’s just talking to the shower head,

and let me tell you they’ve been scheming for a while now. 173 more words


Dove Samples

Dove Samples

Get your FREE sample Here: http://tinyurl.com/sampledovesoap  Body Wash and Beauty Bars and Dry Oil Moisture Body Wash. Indulge in the rich lather of… 11 more words

Household Items

When should you stop being naked in front of your kids?

My girlfriend regularly walks around naked in front of her three and five-year-old sons. I know this because it’s sparked adorable questions.

“Mommy, where is your penis?” 280 more words




The cough has turned into a dry cough with a squeaky note. It woke me up and kept me awake. I felt like I hardly slept last night but as the clock seemed to move on very quickly I wasn’t lying in bed, wide awake, staring at the ceiling. 470 more words

Random Thoughts

Arnica Sport Gift Box - Buy 1 Get 1 half price

Ooooh, I’m excited about this one.  This is a favourite with my partner, who loves the arnica muscle soak after a hard day at work – it’s the perfect relaxation for the aches and pains of an active day (also perfect post workout). 16 more words

Skin Care

Snowcastle Soap (blog-mass #8)

I have this in the older for of Snow cake Soap which smells the same as the new Snowcastle Soap of 2016. So this review is based upon the soap I own and not this year’s version. 239 more words


4 Steps To Make Your Hair Better than Your Friends

Guys! Hair truly is a gift. A simple hairstyle can have a HUGE impact on first impressions. Do not settle for having an average hair style, make it stand out and look the best it possibly can. 389 more words