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February 11, 2016: "Situation"



to take a shower.

Erasure A Day

Saying Thank You

An appropriate gesture when holding a party or reception is to share with your guests a little something to say thank you.  The following are more various party favors that can be used for just that time. 59 more words

Party Favors

Story of the Day

(Blow Away) These Days of Dust 



Daryl is trying to be discrete even though Beth insists their relationship is public knowledge. Despite his discomfort, he doesn’t fight to keep Beth from following him into the shower. 41 more words

Bethyl Fanfiction

Improper Shower Installation

You’ve hired someone to build your tile shower in your bathroom, but how do you know he or she’s doing it correctly? How do you know that it won’t leak? 552 more words

Evening Shower Routine

Are you more of evening showerer or a night-time showerer? I love having my shower in the evening. It makes getting up so much easier knowing all I have to do is get dressed and I’m ready for the day. 324 more words


Baby Caymen Baby Shower

Today I am happy to showcase a baby shower sweets table fit for a Prince!! Not just any prince but prince Cayman!! Cayman got his name from being conceived in Grand Cayman!!   245 more words

New Home

I’m thoroughly enjoying living in my new home so far. Today, I had my first bath, had my first orgasm, made my first meal, picked up my first dog poo and done my first load of washing! 347 more words