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Jamila Woods - Holy (Reprise)

Singer, songwriter and poet, Jamila Woods gave us this beautiful song in 2017 on her album HEAVN. Holy is a personal favourite of mine especially considering the fact that it’s about not depending on anyone or anything else for your happiness but yourself. 61 more words


Orionid meteor shower 2018: When to see the Orionids peak this weekend?

The Orionid meteors peak in intensity every year towards the end of October, giving stargazers an unforgettable show.
The Orionids are the cosmic remnants and orbital debris of the renowned Comet 1P/Halley – Halley’s Comet. 18 more words

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Soapy best buys

Bath bombs aren’t my jam, but soap is baaeee!! Don’t get me wrong I love bath bombs! However, I don’t particularly enjoy baths, just laying there in the water waiting to get cold. 240 more words


Back to the Primitive

Strategy refreshed: Al dente Podcast and Modern Italian Grammar book; just like how I self-taught at grade 12. Nothing else. I only want to understand the language as much as possible, to approach furniture design. 217 more words



I’ve been fairly busy with stuff, which is either not that interesting or of which I forgot to take any pictures of.

I’ve sorted out the wiring to the shower pump, so that I can switch the pump on and off from inside the bathroom, not have to go to utility room and plug it in. 558 more words


Windy and rainy

9.12 am: I’m learning Information Literacy at my school library and the skill it gave me so far are amazingly helpful. It is adding “and/or/not”, special words and symbols like “…” and * to adjust the amount of results indexed. 407 more words


After Shower Electric Itchies: My Experience of Restless Legs Syndrome

I have been formally diagnosed and treated for Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS), a neurological condition that causes terrible sensations or a need to move the legs when a person is trying to relax or sleep. 1,309 more words

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