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Go With the Flow With This Golden Opportunity for Water Conservation

George Costanza’s motivations for relieving himself while in shower might be more slovenly and lazy in nature, but our favorite doltish character from the Seinfeld… 130 more words

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Cracked 5 ... July 28th, 2015

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Ways to Save Water During Drought in California

A. Wring out your washcloth to make morning coffee.

B. Recycle your spit. 75 more words

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Getting ready in the morning - orangutan and hairdryer

Taking ages to get ready in the morning…crimp, blow-dry, blah-blah-blah.

Just imagine its bath drain must be clogged up with tonnes of orange hair.

This one’s for the morning people! 10 more words


Random Thought About Shower

One day, I thought about a thing we call daily shower. I found the pattern revealed with these points in it.

  1. After shower: “I feel so clean!”
  2. 575 more words
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