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Jana Kramer - Route 91 Harvest Festival Interview

Jana Kramer is one busy woman. She’s juggling mommyhood, her career, and being a part of “Dancing With The Stars”.

Jana Kramer will be taking the stage tonight in Las Vegas, but as soon as she’s done she’s on her way to her next commitment. 127 more words


Scientists Urging People To Throw Out Their Loofahs!

Throw away that loofah! If it’s hanging around in your humid shower, it becomes a breeding ground for mold, fungus, and bacteria, including serious ones like staphylococcal (staph). Yuck.


Woman Hits Deer With Her Car And It Attacks Her [VIDEO]

This lady hit a deer on the highway so she opened her car door to get out and check on it. That’s when the deer got its revenge! 62 more words


REVIEW: Deepwater Horizon

Lynn Venhaus and I chat about the new Mark Wahlberg movie: DEEPWATER HORIZON

A real-life story action movie! Listen to the preview and review here: 7 more words


Does Carrie Underwood's Knee Look Like A Baby's Face? [PICS]

Carrie Underwood’s knee is a trending topic online today because some people think it looks like a baby’s face! See the pics…

And they’re saying that her knee doesn’t look just any baby, they say it’s Prince George’s face! 36 more words


Take The Test: How Annoying Are You On Snapchat? [Video]

Do you use the dog filters? Do you snap your food? Do you use the black screen with an angry emoji face to let everyone know you’re mad? 106 more words


Lanco - Route 91 Harvest Festival Interview

Lanco stopped by to talk with Scott, Heather, and Kelli backstage at Route 91 Harvest Festival when an awkward moment broke out.

Lanco had just flown into Vegas when they stopped by for a quick chat with Scott, Heather, and Kelli. 81 more words