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April Top Ten

Here’s a new regular feature that I’ve decided to start on the blog. We write a lot of posts about a lot of bands, and quite often a blog post about something we absolutely love can easily drop out of view. 603 more words

On The Spines Of Old Cathedrals

On the spines of old cathedrals – Shrag

…girls with expensive cameras pose. It is not the last song on the album (well it is if you play the B side before the A side), and there were a few singles and compilation songs released afterwards, but this how i see Shrag left us: A perfect, driving song of such correctness and determination, promising and setting everything right with the world, with music, with me, with you. 49 more words


Shrag call it a day

After ten years, Shrag have finally called it a day. Sussex Heights Roving Arts Group will rove no more. It’s been on the cards for a few months – Their gig at the West Hill Centre before Christmas was their last Brighton date, they had their last BBC session with Marc Riley in January and last Friday the band played their closing concert at the Lexington in Islington. 678 more words

Kick in the Fire Escape

 Chips for the Poor set it off at 8pm

4 become 3
Sadly we announce it’s MF Benno’s last guitar stand with CFTP too 

(2008 – 2013) 10 more words

Nourishing Information

Ghosts Before Breakfast

Ghosts before breakfast – Shrag

Is it really such a bad thing when bands end? Shrag have been one of my favourite bands in the world these past few years and have recently announced they will soon break up. 127 more words


Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar / Day 21 / Shrag

Today’s post was meant to be a celebration but I fear it’s going to be a bit of an obituary. I wrote a lot of the Advent Calendar blog posts before November was even up but held off writing about Shrag because I had a ticket for the Riots Not Diets Christmas Party at the West Hill Centre that they were headlining on the 8th of December. 313 more words

Weekend Gig Picks

Fancy going to see a Brighton band this weekend? Here’s who we recommend:

Our pick for Friday is Lout’s regular Brighton Rocks night. This week  152 more words