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5 Weeks!!!

Under 5 weeks Out!!!

Hey all, hope all your goal and plans are going well, posted a video to my Facebook page on Friday the 24th of July, so have a look at that as I can’t post videos on here… 557 more words


Last Breaths and Vital Prophecies: Unleash the Archers in Review

Yes, I’m late to the party.

With the upcoming release of their shiny new album, Time Stands Still (complete with Mad Max-esque opening video clip), it may be considered an odd thing that I’m going back to their vengeful little gem of an EP, … 474 more words


I did it

Well I pulled the trigger on a new 7………………

So far, its been great. Awesome neck profile, so comfortable. I usually take the gloss of the back of a neck to a satin finish and this guitar is no different. 111 more words


So not one shred of stupidity remains… (a poem)

Bonus round from yesterday. This one originated with a doodle of sorts… 98 more words


Grind Time!!!

This Week’s Plan – Monday 20th July

As Its nearly game time, I will be outlining my week rather then two, the only major difference this week is I will be doing 20 mins SS (Steady State Cardio) at least three times a week, possibly fasted if done in the morning but moderate intensity, I’ve also changed my high carb days to 2800 – 3000 it gives me a little more leeway with my macros, this is still around my maintenance calories! 582 more words


The Cons of Cutting

Guess who can’t dead lift 60kg anymore? This girl. Not being able to lift a past PR would usually get to me, but not this time. 172 more words