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Summer Time Arrival

Two days ago, Southern California was stroked by a step angle, decent-sized south swell. This is early in the season and may be foreshadowing an active Summer. 208 more words



Over the weekend, my friends and I decided to take a day trip up North to Big Sur. Personally, I think the best part of being a teenager is the ability to have freedom and do things without your parents all of the time. 167 more words


What you need

There are many things you need to ride a skateboard. First of all a place to skate, either a skatepark, street spot, or pool, any of those work. 269 more words


Photography, As Surfers

Surfing, one of the most picturesque and beautiful pastimes, is deserving of photography. Encountering a fully natural force, out in the ocean, and capturing you or your friends harnessing that natural power is something magical. 225 more words


Jackpot Hit In Front Of The Casino, OSW3

In late January, locals of Santa Barbara saw a legendary run of swell light up the 805’s favorite spots. I decided to spend my time at Coral, its name deserved of the Coral Casino that sits above it. 223 more words


Bad grinding day

¬†Well yesterday was a good skateboarding day overall, but a terrible grinding day. I had many hard falls but these 2 pictures up top had to be the hardest I’ve had in a long while. 145 more words


My weapon of choice. A swiss hunting knife.

“Oh no babyyyyyyyy… I can’t come here. I’ll ruin the bed. Pleaseeeeee Noooooooooooo!!!“. I was relentless. I wanted her to squirt. Non stop. And BOY she did. 1,422 more words