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SHRED 2.0 is coming back!!

I know – I have been neglecting blogging for quite a while – but I felt like I really needed those past couple months to learn how to deal with all the changes surrounding me lately. 306 more words


Workout 10 (I made it)

After oversleeping this morning and skipping workout times I promised I would stick it out when I get home from work.

I almost didn’t I will be honest, but I threw on those trainers and pushed on. 124 more words


TJ Rogers

(WARNING: the happy ending has been written yet)

A couple years ago I started helping my parents with their skatepark ministry. Every Wednesday night, my parents and additional members from First Baptist would bring at least 10 boxes of pizza, desserts, and drinks in a cooler. 696 more words

Critiquing a Free Shred Day Flyer - Should I Tear it to Shreds?

Every year, Bank of American Fork in Utah holds a “Free Secure Shred Day.” This year is no different; when in the main American Fork branch, I noticed flyers to inform customers about the date and the details. 568 more words


Day 7 and I lost track of the week.

during today’s workout I convinced myself it was Tuesday and today was day 6, but I could remember calling my last post day 6 so I was very VERY confused, all the jumping must be killing off my brain cells! 128 more words


Day 6 and oh god why do my legs hurt so bad?

When I woke up today I thought ‘ooh I’m feeling good’ I wasn’t aching which was a huge shock! and then I started the workout.. 92 more words


Back from a break (a very, very long break)

So, I didn’t realise it has been (oh god) over two years since I completely gave up on getting fit and disappeared from the face of this blogging planet. 390 more words