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Thoughts on Shredding

I got to thinking about shredding today because I need to clean up a lot of paperwork and old mail and I wondered if I really need to shred anything with my name and address on it. 434 more words

Giant Nest

Wet and rainy so we decided to make a GIANT nest!

I cut up some cardboard to be the twigs, shredded paper to line the nest with and I put a little yellow chick in each balloon egg before I blew them up! 21 more words


Shredded Paper Chicken Bedding

It’s simple. Just ask your friends and neighbors for their shredded paper. Don’t buy wood shavings! You really don’t need to. Since shredded paper can’t be recycled in most municipalities, and your friends will be happy to give you theirs. 133 more words

"But the adjectives change," said Jimmy. "Nothing's worse than last year's adjectives."

Gracie and I did some sightseeing yesterday. It was mostly to get us out of the house. We didn’t see much. I had brought my camera but¬†didn’t use it. 396 more words