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A little while ago, I invested in a paper shredder. Of course, it was solely for safely disposing of bills, bank account statements, etc, with important information on them. 282 more words

4H Tater Tote

At the beginning of March my youngest and I went to his monthly Cloverbud meeting. For those that don’t know, Cloverbud’s are 4H members eight and under. 339 more words


Donate your shredded paper

It’s tax season and though getting around all my documents for our tax advisor can be daunting, I often look forward to shredding my old documents. 103 more words


Priorities when buying Christmas colored shredded paper

Different packaging styles need different types of materials. When considering the products offered by PackagingSupplies.com – a company that provides shipment supplies accessories including but not limited to Christmas… 511 more words


Dampen Workshop Noise with Paper Pulp and Kool-Aid — OH YEAH!

If you’re fortunate enough to have a garage and a workshop, you probably also have neighbors. The truly blessed must work within the confines of an HOA that restricts noise, porch couches, and most types of fun. 239 more words


Catharsis in a shop front - shred your negative thoughts to create something positive!

Beyond Empathy is inviting everyone to be part of a community art installation that gives us all an opportunity to shred our negative thoughts and contribute to the creation of a positive community art work. 543 more words