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USA Open Sadhana Satsang June 25-28, 2015


Under the divine guidance of our beloved Sadgurus, Shree Ram Sharnam is pleased to announce its 6th Open Sadhna Satsang to be held at… 167 more words


Mahatma Gandhi Ji and Prem Ji Maharaj - What is common among them?

Two great leaders and servants, we celebrate your birthday today.  Both of them served their countrymen and mankind.  Swami Ji Maharaj influenced them both.  He gave Gandhi Ji a Mala and asked him to do Ram Naam practice in a disciplined way daily.   130 more words

Ram Naam

Bliss - Anand, a series of dialogs between two sadhaks called RRJ and EW

RRJ:  Namaste EW.  Imagine you are having Leela in your mind.

What would you like to gain from or experience from practice of Ram Naam? 241 more words


Mere Ram Meri Ma

Kripa Karo Mere Ram Kripa Karo

Mere Ram Tujhe Main Kaise Janoo, Kaise Pehchanoo

Na Tu Dikhta Hai, Na Tu Bolta Hai

Par Tere Naam Ka Gun-Gaaan To Teeno Lok Main Hota Hai… 79 more words


Jai Shree Krishna - Divine Love

Divine love is the true love.

Physical love between two bodies is called lust.

To love God is to love all.

Shree Krishna represents Supreme Soul as Divine Love.  

98 more words

Our relationship with Shree Ram and with our Gurujans

Shree Ram is the source of life, mother of universe, source of divine love, source and infinite reservoir of all powers.  We may or may not get the bhavana or the feeling to connect with Shree Ram with love and devotion by thinking in these ways. 382 more words

Ram Naam

Bring Mind in line ... Teachings of our Gurujans

Dear Spiritual Seekers,
Let us bring our mind in line with the teachings of  our Gurujans.
Pujya Maharaj Ji in one of is discourses said that we have grace of the Lord, scriptures, and saint souls.  103 more words