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She's a Lady

Don’t get it twisted, this car will absolutely scratch your eyes out and pull out your weave if you even think of looking at her man. 8 more words

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Mobile Home Sweet Home

Home is where you lay your head…or where you jimmy rig the bed of your truck with a likely stolen canopy, a touching mountain scene, and a dilapidated couch. 9 more words

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Tag the Sky(lark)

When Grandma eventually comes out of the Super 1, she’s gonna be pissed! 11 more words

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Breesus Saves!

Jesus may have died for all the sins on the world…but can he throw for a perfect quarterback rating against the Patriots on Monday Night Football? 6 more words


Birds of a Feather...

..are flocking to the Express Lane at Wal-Mart.

Comedy Pyramid for the comments…what does the Kenny Powers lookalike’s shirt say? 7 more words

Wal Mart

A Christmas Tailgate

Santa mentioned to Billy Bob, in passing, that he thought Dale Jr. was overrated…things did not end well for St. Nick. 6 more words


Mel Blanc's Dream Finally Realized

The Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator has been found in Shreveport…on a Mercury with 22 inch rims. 7 more words

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