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Here is a list of some of the many species we know share living space with Great Gray Owls in some portions of the owl’s range across California, Oregon and Washington State: 414 more words

Great Gray Owl


This picture is of Lilac Cottage. Rosebud was a more attractive little shed.  These two sheds were my sisters’ and they had already grown out of them when I appeared on the scene. 827 more words

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Review: Over There by Steve Pilcher

Over There by Steve Pilcher

Shredder lives all by himself in the big forest.  He has a cozy bed in a matchbox under a maple tree, he has plenty to eat which means worms since he’s a shrew, and he has a pet acorn.  But acorns can’t talk and Shredder felt that something was missing.  So he sets off to see if there is something more out there.  Seeing a twinking in the distance, he heads out to see what it is.  After a long journey all night, it turns out to be a tiny silver boat and Shredder climbs aboard.  But the boat doesn’t float for long.  Happily, just as Shredder disappears under the water, a hand reaches out to save him.  It’s a mole, named Nosey.  As the two of them spend time together, Shredder starts to realize that he has found “something more” after all. 160 more words

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Out of jail at the death...

Northampton Town 1-1 Shrewsbury Town

League Two

Saturday, August 23rd 2014

For the second time in seven days the Cobblers have escaped a game with a point when all looked more lost than Alistair Slowe on a team sheet. 1,004 more words

Northampton Town

Crocidura trichura Dobson

Christmas Island-Spitzmaus (Crocidura trichura)

Die Christmas Island-Spitzmaus wurde im Jahr 1889 wissenschaftlich beschrieben, zu einer Zeit als die Art noch durchaus häufig auf Christmas Island vorkam, wie man in Charles W. 312 more words

7. Mammalia