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We have to awaken Christ within ourselves

” If you have to really come to resurrection then you must awaken Christ within yourself in the Agnya Chakra. If you cannot do it, all this enactment, even I have seen some people in Spain, they say, are enacting as crucified. 183 more words


Аbout (not) watching eclipses

“Like it is said in India, that if you see an eclipse of the sun then you get, and if you are pregnant, then the child becomes deformed.  43 more words

Sahaja Yoga

He wants you to enter into the Kingdom of God

“It is all within you and you have to just reach there somehow. You have to respect yourself. And you have to know that there is a meaning to your life, which is not for just wasting it like everybody else does. 92 more words


We have lots of powers

“Now I say we have lots and lots of powers. We are really very powerful. And also I say that these powers are to be enlightened within you so that they manifest, so that you feel your powers, so that you can maneuver your power, so that you can know that this power of love is the supreme, is the highest. 102 more words