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Muffled Voices

I scream, shout, and shriek
at the voices in my head
they don’t let me
keep my steadiness. For once,
I just want to sway and… 149 more words

String Of Words


I heard a blood curdling shriek from within my building and called my buddy Zach.

Me: Dude, I think someone is being assaulted in my apartment building.

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End of Conversation

A man in his mid-thirties was seated on a bench at the promenade. He was very thin but for a paunch and had a nose that was crooked and held rimless glasses on it. 933 more words

Imagine ()

Your name...

Broken and lost
Quite alone…
Long apart, 
away from you

In these sands
That rest down like our relationship.

the wind of fortune
Imitating the angels, 92 more words



Saturday evening I was sitting at my computer when I hear the most terrifying shriek! it brought me right out of my chair. It was followed almost immediately by a second, louder shriek. 420 more words

A Purr-fect World

no one to hear


There’s no one to hear –

Make me shriek as you plunge

Deeper – deeper

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The Bat Shrieks

She presses around soaked pain
Within hollow hours of this
A stained distressed moon,
She avoids the piercing glowing stare
From that scornful bat, residing… 220 more words