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How is my future?

One of Ace Fortune Teller tried to perform data analysis on his prospect customer and found 100% of people visit them when in TROUBLE.

He organized a free session and found over 100 visiting him… 281 more words

It's Not Easy Being Green II

Friends, Romans, countrymen. I come to critique The Muppet Show, not to praise it. Really, I do. Yesterday I saw some anticipated criticism, more or less that the new version of… 515 more words

Sesame Street

Cover Your Ears, We're Shrieking

Our last post together, we talked about ears. Now, we’re going to talk about what goes into ears.

The Q-Tip, or ‘cotton swab’, was originally created in the 1920s by Leo Gerstenzang by attaching pieces of cotton to toothpicks. 1,023 more words


kiss the meaning goodbye

Tramvaiul zdranganea indiferent si incercai sa nu mai numeri statiile pana acasa, si incercai sa nu respiri pestilenta din jur, si incercai sa nu contabilizezi orele pierdute pe drumuri, si cautai ceva in geanta, si nu te descurcai in micul haos de maruntisuri, si te gandeai rusinata ca intr-o buna zi, cand te faci mare, o sa fii mai ordonata, o sa pui lucrurile in buzunarase separate, o sa ai mereu o sacosa de rezerva, o oglinjoara, o cheie franceza, in fine, ce mai au femeile prin posetele lor misterioase si grele. 437 more words

Pe Timpan

Muffled Voices

I scream, shout, and shriek
at the voices in my head
they don’t let me
keep my steadiness. For once,
I just want to sway and… 149 more words

String Of Words


I heard a blood curdling shriek from within my building and called my buddy Zach.

Me: Dude, I think someone is being assaulted in my apartment building.

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End of Conversation

A man in his mid-thirties was seated on a bench at the promenade. He was very thin but for a paunch and had a nose that was crooked and held rimless glasses on it. 933 more words

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