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Seabass' Diary...Day 41...Execution

May 13, 2016-I gave the rest of the orders and sent everyone to their stations.It was dark by this point and we blended nicely into the blackness. 305 more words


Shriek and Finch

The first book in this series, City of Saints and Madmen, I reviewed here. City of Saints and Madmen. Hey look at that! I hope the link works. 361 more words



I don’t want to hold you
if you don’t want to
be held.

I don’t want to capture you,
tame you,
make you mine
if you don’t want to… 53 more words


Return from the dead in an empty multi-storey car park (Rousse)

BMcK emerged through the gloom of the bottom level of an empty multi-storey car park.

“Go away!” I shrieked. “You’re meant to be dead!”.

The Wind

The wind blows freely through the meadows,

Leaning on the sun-swept grass.

Softly does it fan the faces

Of the Indian and his son.

But ere the nightshades had a-fallen… 83 more words


The living ghost

Day after day, night after night
I see you and I see the bite,
The wound in heart, the pain on body
Makes ‘you’ relax and makes ‘you’ cozy… 89 more words


How is my future?

One of Ace Fortune Teller tried to perform data analysis on his prospect customer and found 100% of people visit them when in TROUBLE.

He organized a free session and found over 100 visiting him… 281 more words