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The Bat Shrieks

She presses around soaked pain
Within hollow hours of this
A stained distressed moon,
She avoids the piercing glowing stare
From that scornful bat, residing… 220 more words




Welcome back, Karen. I thought that for today’s training session, we’d see if we can’t get Iggy to calm down when he sees other dogs. 431 more words


Wye Oak: Shriek

She went all bass/electronic on this one. It doesn’t work. She never makes the bass rock. The songs aren’t bad, but they’re pretty damn boring.

Crazy Canuck Clouds

(internet photo)

Clouds come tumbling

crazily over ski slope

grey whiskey jacks shriek


Cry out

“Off to the right along their path, Pallas Athena sent a heron gliding down the night. They could not see it passing, but they heard its cry; and heartened by that fisher bird, Odysseus prayed ‘O child of Zeus who bears the storm cloud, hear me….

21 more words

Fearsome Watchdog.


What the —


Iggy! What’s going on? It’s three in the morning!




Is someone outside?

“AAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!” 130 more words


Favorite Albums of 2014: Shriek, by Wye Oak

“We’ve always really enjoyed the organic next to the synthetic and the beautiful next to the ugly,” says Wye Oak‘s Andy Stack; that’s the perfect summation of the contrasts that persist through… 129 more words

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