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Over and over we have touched
Every created thing on this earth.
Some moments –
As gentle as goose down.
Other times we shriek
As if we have a score to settle.

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Nature Is As Nature...

with that shrill shriek
Mr. TreeBird somehow
draws the chickies


© Steve Mitchell 2018


Spider Under Glass...

Let me begin by stating that I am very fond of spiders.  When they are NOT inside my house.  They eat other nasty bugs.  They are very interesting looking.   638 more words

Only Two Left

only two left!
I never heard anyone shriek
so hard for so long
and the lake will be stiller now
near the mother goose

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Hide and Shriek! Review

7/10 Steam – 68% Metacritic

If you’ve watched my streams before, you’ll know I’m a real wimp when it comes to games with jump scares or anything relatively tense or scary.

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The Noise

It rumbles through bones, teeth and jaws

down to the ground, past all six floors.

Shaking the doors, cracking the windows

disturbing old dears absorbed in their bingo. 32 more words



In deep twilight, ghasts and ghouls emerge to haunt

In the depths of the world, all too horrid and gaunt

Ripped and ragged, their weathered cloaks they flaunt… 209 more words