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how to have more female shrimp juveniles ?? some ppl say that water temperature will affect on shrimp's gender.

according to some European shrimp breeders, low water temperature will make more female shrimp-let.

to check this theory, I will check with my Blue bolt female. 39 more words

Shrimp Breeding Info

set up indoor breeding shrimp tanks

Tank size

2ft tanks  600 x 450 x 450 mm

I will introduce the best way to place 2ft tanks in aquarium stand or rack for shrimp breeding in particular. 87 more words


Unwelcome guest in my shrimp tank! (1) Miz-worm

1. Worms

Miz worm (miz means water in Japanese)

Harm: ★☆☆☆☆

They do not harm shrimp, but most people think they are gross.

normally they stay under substrate, the reason you have over populated worm is over feeding your shrimp. 25 more words


Common questions about breeding shrimp. (2)

Q. Are Red bee (CRS), Black bee (CBS), King Kong and Cherry shrimp the same species?

A. CRS, CBS, White bee, Taiwan Bee (Blue bolt, Pinto) are the same specie called scientific name as Caridina. 494 more words